Three months later...

Merlin grinned as he and Arthur positioned a bucket of iced water just right, and, on the count of three, let the contents fall onto the head of the unsuspecting Gwaine.
"Bring it Gwaine!"
"Oh, that was mature Arthur. What if I went and joined his team?"
"Nah, you'd play both sides against the middle. That way you would never lose."
"... You're gracing me with that much intelligence?"
"Don't let it go to your head- Oh, sorry, what was that Gwaine?"
"I said, you just got Doris wet as well!"
Merlin gulped.
"Drat... You just wait till nightfall. She'll hog-tie you with your own cloak..."
"Why just me!?
"I have magic. And I don't have a cloak."
"... I hate you sometimes."
"I know. Oh, looks like Gwaine's making the Prank War official. Better go round up some recruits."
Arthur sped off, and Merlin grinned before hopping over the wall, using his magic to land-very gracefully if he did say so himself- and high-fived Gwaine.
"Worked like a dream."
Gwaine laughed.
"Yeah, this should liven things up."
"Yep. Oh, sorry for getting you wet Doris..."
The invisible flying pig, who Merlin was barely able to see, shrugged and fluttered her wings with an evil smirk.
Merlin cringed for Arthur's sake.
Pretty lady, but she had a hell of a vengeance streak... and the abilities to match.
He didn't envy the king...
"So Gwaine, what's first?"
"Okay, I need a ladder, some rope and a bucket."
Merlin conjured some from thin air and gave a snappy salute.
"Excellent... Hey! Bedivere! Elyan!"
The two knights strode over, as Merlin went to shrink there stuff, and Gwaine grinned.
"Prank war between me and the Princess. Bed, I'm going to need to borrow Twinkle Toes. That rabbit is a criminal genius, especially since Merlin gave it a voice. And Elyan? I'm going to need your help, so can you tell Scarlya that you'll be back late? As in next week late? Unless we're caught and spend the next month in the dungeons?"
Elyan nodded.
"Sure thing. Gives her more time to come up with Riddles anyway. Man, she's one hell of a-"
"Yeah, we know. One hell of a Sphinx. You've said..."
"137 times..." Bedivere butt in, before he gave Gwaine a salute.. "Sir Bedivere, Codename Revere, reporting for Duty SIR!"
Elyan followed suit.
"Sir Elyan, codename Brother, reporting for duty SIR!"
"Sir Percival, codename Pierce, reporting for Duty SIR!" The huge knight added, jogging over.
"Hey Perce, you want to join?"
"Do we have a Merlin?"
"We do indeed. Oi! Magic Man! You done?"
"All set."
They all shared grins, and Gaius, who was walking past, groaned before speeding up. As soon as he reached his quarters, he barricaded the door and set about preparing tonics for nerves, headache cures and various other necessary items, all the while pitying any fools who tried to get in their way...

Arthur grinned as he crept out to the stables.
"Psst! Hear there are a few in here who want vengeance on Gwaine?"
Every single person in the stalls stepped forward, and the head stable boy spoke up.
"Stable hands of Camelot, reporting for duty Sire!"
Arthur grinned. Right, with the people he already had who had a grudge against Gwaine, which included half the kitchens, half the servants and all of the stall holders, he would like to see them crawl their way out of this one...

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