This is the novelization of a fanfilm script I have been writing since late 2012.

Unlike my other TMNT fanfics, which are set within the Fred Wolf Cartoon universe, this story takes place within its own unique continuity, although it is peppered with many characters from the comics and the original cartoon, as well as some original players. I hope you enjoy this. I've had a lot of fun being immersed in this world.


Disclaimer: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are trademarked by Nickelodeon. Original cartoon characters are trademarked by Fred Wolf. All original characters are mine.


The heavily active New York city streets were coated with heavy traffic and frantic shopaholic citizens. Behind the wheels of some of these vehicles were drivers of quick and immediate temper.

Waiting, demanding, that the red traffic lights turn a bright green. Impatience soon got the better of one driver at the very front of the traffic, as he tried to push his car forward, stopped only when a tall lanky woman in a grayish coat that seemed far too long for her, suddenly walked out in front of it.

"Watch where you're going ya dozy flake" heckled the driver

"Hey, I'm sorry alright. I'll wait 'till it goes green next time I'm early for something, right now I'm late" the woman replied.

"Just move it before I start seeing red" the man said

"Yeah, yeah" the woman mumbled, and quickly walked over to the next street.

Finally, the lights turned green and the busy pile-up began to flow as smoothly as it could manage through the city.

The woman continued her journey, she turned right and approached a series of apartment buildings. She pulled out her cell phone and punched in a few numbers.

"Hi, Mr. Fenwick? " she said as she got through to someone on the other end, "This is Irma. Irma Langenstien. Listen, can you cover for me for a few hours at work tomorrow morning? I've got to return something to a friend of mine and she lives downtown, I don't have any money for a ride back so I'll be driven in to work by her in the afternoon. That ok? I know it's only my third day, but I'm 99% sure this won't happen again"

As she talked, a man ran up behind her, and tapped her on the shoulder

"Excuse me, can I borrow your phone?" he asked

"Get lost" Irma replied, and continued to walk down the street, picking up some slight speed to try and distance herself from the man, who was'nt about to take no for an answer and he began to catch up on her. Seemingly restless, he e put his hands in his pockets, then as quickly took them out again, then put both hands on his head and looked at the sky . Slouching slightly, he composed himself and cut in front of Irma.

"It's urgent." he said.

"Shoo already" Irma replied

At his wits end, the man made a desperate grab for the phone.

"Just gimme it" he said

"Hey, let go" Irma yelled, struggling to maintain possession of her phone, but the man eventually won out,, As soon as the phone was in his possession, he quickly seized an opportunity to run. Irma tried going after him, only to be hampered by one of her heels snapping off, causing her to trip.

Picking herself up, she tore the broken shoe off her foot, scooped it up, and tossed it at the thief, but it barely registered a mark.

"Asshole" Irma screamed. The thief paid her no mind and before long, he faded from sight. leaving Irma alone.

"Great...just...ugh" Irma said, spotting a fire hydrant next to her. Aggravated by the situation, she motioned to kick it, but eventually relented.

Mad with anxiety, and starting to lose his breath from his panicked running, the thief stopped to collect his breath. Stopping at a nearby bridge, he leaned gently against the barricade and pressed several numbers on the phone he had just "acquired".

He locked in the final number and gently placed the phone to his ear, awaiting an answer on the other end. Finally, he got one, a sense of euphoria came over him

"Hello..." came a voice.

"Maxwell?" the man said, snapping back to life and into action, "It's Prince, listen, tell them not to..."

"...Please leave a message after the beep" the voice concluded. Prince groaned and cursed under his breath.

"Who in this goddamn century uses an answering machine?" he said, before realizing he was still talking into the phone. He composed himself and started again

"Max...WHEN you get this, tell them NOT to go through with "Magic Monday", you gotta..." he started, before stopping dead in his tracks as a long shadow loomed over him, he looked up, placed one hand over his head and gulped.

"Oh god" he said, still talking into the phone, "They've found me"

A hand grabbed Prince's ill-gained phone and crushed it in one tight grip.

Prince attempted to make a run for it but was tripped up. Prince tried to crawl away, but was soon lifted high into the air by the scruff of his neck.

Prince soon came face to face with his attacker as it stared intently at him. It was a near featureless figure attired in black , wearing a purple mask.. Its eyes glowing an eerie yellow.

Prince closed his eyes, giving into his fear. He began silently whispering some semblance of prayer. His attacker clenched it's right hand, forming a rock hard fist.

Suddenly, an unsheathing of metal could be heard. Sensing the presence of another, the figure turned around, and, in doing so, was met with a fierce and swift punch to the temple. Reeling back, the figure dropped Prince to the ground .

As Prince gathered himself and gazed upwards, he spotted a heavy looking figure in a long trench coat wearing a brown hat. In his hands were a pair of sais.

Prince's attacker turned its head, revealing that its face had been partially split open by the attack.

The purple hooded attacker turns its head, revealing that it's mask has been slashed. The contents beneath the mask were fascinating, they showcased a slightly damaged metallic cheek with loose wires and small sparks igniting from the gash.

The attacker stood before Prince and his rescuer, revealed to both as some sort of robot.

It moved forward to attack, but it's attacker quickly retaliated with a swift roundhouse kick, once again aimed at the head. The robot responded by lunging forward and grappling with its opponent, eventually launching into a series of moves commonly associated with mixed martial arts tactics.

High kicks, uppercuts, and for a few manageable seconds, ground and pound, all of which were countered seamlessly by the stranger.

After several minutes at war with each other, the two became temporarily deadlocked and came to a standstill. Each waiting patiently for the other to make the next move.

The stranger in the trench coat utilized the same roundhouse tactic, only to make the crucial mistake of underestimating his foe as the robot blocked it this time, grabbing the foot and applying pressure to it. It's opponent yelled in great pain.

Remembering his sai, the mysterious stranger hurled one of them towards the robot's right eye and scored a direct hit, successfully impairing it's vision.

However, for all the damage done to it, the robot maintained its hold on the figure's foot.

In a sudden burst of courage, Prince ambushed the robot from behind, delivering several blows to its back.

"Get away from him" Prince said, caring little if his punches made any difference, so long as it diverted the robots attention and allow his would-be rescuer the chance to recover and possibly respond.

His gambit paid off as the robot let go of its opponent.

He continued reigning down blow after timid blow, but the robot shook off the attacks with ease and grabbed Prince by the throat.

Suddenly, the metal sai shot through the robot's chest, slipping through its delicate circuitry like a butter knife. The robot's attacker continued to turn the dagger ever so slowly into it.

Prince felt the grip of the robot loosen, and before long he found himself on the ground as it dropped him. The robot's eyes flickered between yellow and grey, sparks ignited from its chest wounds and a tiny fire broke out. Finally, it kneeled over and ceased to function. Its exhausted opponent sank to the ground as well, as he did, his hat fell off. Prince bent over to pick it up, offering it back to his rescuer

"Hey, thanks man" he said.

The stranger got up and brushed himself down

"Watch your definition pal, "man" I ain't'" he said

"You doping or something?" Prince replied, "You..."

The stranger titled his head up, Prince took a few steps back.

The stranger's features were distinctly not human. His face was green, he looked almost reptilian in nature, his eyes were covered by some kind of red bandana.

Prince rubbed his eyes and double-checked to see if his vision was playing tricks. It was not.

Standing before him was, incredibly, a giant Turtle.

"You're...you're not.." Prince began, trying to finish the sentence but was too overcome with fright to finish.

"Yeah yeah, to be or not to be. Can you get over your spazzing-out and tell me why this hunk of nuts and bolts was attacking you?" The stranger replied

Prince responded by making a run for it.

"Get away from me man, just get away" he yelled as he fled

The stranger put his hat back on his head and sighed.

"Yeah run, just remember who beat the Hare to the finish line. Deadbeat" he said aloud to himself.

He walked over to the robot and picked it up, throwing it over his shoulder, and began a long journey back over the bridge, the robots weight making it difficult to walk.

"Donny will want a look at this" he thought to himself.

As he looked upwards at the sky and stared at the stars, another thought came to him.

"When did life become such a cartoon?"