Outside, Raphael and Michelangelo darted out, a lot of smoke pouring out of the theatre as they did so. They found firemen had already been called in.

"I wouldn't go in there dudes, not unless you want a real shock to your system" Michelangelo told one of the firefighters.

What the hell are you two supposed to be? Kermit's karate instructors?" the Fireman said, examining their outward apperance.

Donatello and Irma approached the two, hugging them.

"Has anyone gotten out?" he asked. Michelangelo remained a little too fixated on Irma's state of undress.

I...erm, know I haven't seen much of you lately Irma, but I think I'm seeing a little too much of you now" he said.

"Somebody get this woman something to cover herself with" Donatello yelled aloud.

"I'd rather be coated all in green" Irma soothingly spoke.

"In case you can't tell, I'm red all over at the moment" Donatello said.

"That's ok. It's living color. Just the way you like it" Irma said. The two then exchanged a tender kiss, which seemed to melt Michelangelo's heart.

"Well, what do ya know..."

"I've gotta get me one of those" Raphael added.

"Knowing your luck you'd prefer locking lips with something that smiles and doesn't talk back, like the Mona Lisa or something"

Bishop approached the two, a phone in his hand

"Splinter made it back to the Technodrome, I've informed him the situation is cleared up, he'd like to congratulate you, said something about his sons being silent in this age no longer"

"Great, a phone call from the folks, this won't be a short conversation" Raphael remarked

Leonardo soon put other fears to rest by coming out from the left side of the building, the Turtles huddled towards him and hugged him tightly, even rubbing his head.

"Leo…where is that...that...Shredder?" Donatello inquired.

Leonardo looked out at the blaze.

"Dust" he said

Raphael gave Donatello an awkward look, "Shredder? "

"How else could I describe him? Cheese grater?" Donatello replied.

"Anyone who dresses like that nowadays has got to be cheesy in some way" Raphael said, and proceeded to talk to Splinter on the phone

As everyone collected their breaths and cleaning up operations began, Bishop approached April, eager to apologize for their earlier altercation.

"Ms. O'Neil…" he said.

"Agent Bishop" April said, a tinge of sharp coldness to her voice

"Looks like everyone got what they wanted" Bishop said

"I still need a going to let me tell it for once?" she continued, her vocal tones becoming noticibly warmer again.

"Don't worry. Starting tomorrow, The Technodrome, or at the very least it's enhanced robotics division, is officially public record and they'll take full responsibility. They'll be no more magic tricks…all we ask in return is that…"

"…I know…we keep well away from our 'giant alligators'" April said

"Pardon?" Bishop asked

"Something my ex used to tell me" April said

"Funny you should mention that…you see, there really ARE giant alligators. One to be exact. He's given us the slip for quite a while now…no casualties as of yet., but so long as it's out there the risk is there…perhaps you could 'persuade' your little green machine to…well…"

"...I'll ask nicely" April said

"Good, that's good, well...I'd best be off then. We'll be watching you and your friends with great interest Ms. O'Neil"

Bishop walked away, taking out his phone and punching in a few numbers

"Cole? It's Bishop…now is maybe a good time to reopen the Leatherhead file…"

Michelangelo walked over to April, placing one hand on her shoulder, she smiled.

"Hi" he said, "What's Uncle Fed be telling you?"

April wrapped her arms around him, smiling

"According to them, I'm interesting. Lucky you" she said. Michelangelo grinned back and kissed her passionately, their embrace was swiftly interrupted by a series of high-pitched howls of approval. The pair turned around and were greeted by Zach and his friends

"Get in there Mikey. Woo" Zach yelled. Michelangelo beamed, he and Zach bumped their fists together and hugged. April smiled warmly at the sight. She looked back at the burning theatre and at the amassed crowd. She was suddenly tapped on the shoulder, she turned around to be greeted by a man with a very pleasant expression on his face


Sure enough, there was Casey, accompanied by Gabrielle, and in her own arms was a playful baby. Their child.

The time had come to grow up.

"April, meet Junior" Casey said proudly

"Oh…it's a girl, Casey, Gabby, that's wonderful...wait,… you didn't name her 'Junior' did you? Reminds me of that Arnie movie" April said.

"We took to something a little trendier…'Shadow'" Casey replied.

"Thank you. For Casey, for're right to wear yellow, you're definitely a golden girl" Gabrielle said

"Take care of yourself babe" Casey said, kissing April on the cheek and turning to leave. As he did so, he took a gander at Michelangelo

"Yo, Kermit" he said, "Screw her up and I'll kill you"

"Threat on my life noted" Michelangelo replied

Irma, now wrapped in a towel., took the time to talk to April

"So, April, after all this, you still feel adrift?" she said

"A little...but I don't mind" April said, gazing at Michelangelo lovingly, "I've got quite an expert sailor"

Michelangelo walked back over to his brothers, who had been exchanged their tenth group hug of the last thirty minutes.

"Woo guys, I am BUSHED. I'm falling in love with pepperoni toppings all over again" he said.

"Forget it. You think better on an empty stomach"

"Aw c'mon Leo, who wants to think at THIS stage in the game? We've only gone and saved the day. And the city. And a third of civilization as we know it. Besides, I've got a girlfriend now, she can pay for us." Michelangelo replied

"Mike's got a good point….times are pretty graceful right now" Raphael said, putting the phone down, "Time to be a bit merciful, at least according to Splinter, I'm sure Leo knows what I mean, don't you?"

"Yes, but…what did you say?" Leonardo said. Raphael sneered and began moving towards him. Leonardo backed away

"Now Raph, don't get any ideas..." Leonardo uttered. His caution, however, came too late, Raphael grabbed him in a headlock, Raphael placed a finger in his mouth, removed it and proceeded to stick it in Leonardo's ear.

"Come on, you know what to do" he said

"Let me go" Leonardo said,

"This age of grace demands a certain word. Say it and it's all over. Say it, c'mon" Raphael said

"Alright, alright…" Leonardo said, and spoke the word under his breath

"Mercy" he said

"Good, say it again" Raphael requested


"And again...LOUDLY this time" Raphael gleefully continued

Their fun was swiftly interrupted by a panicked voice from across the street

"Help! Someone help me, I've been robbed!"

Raphael let Leonardo go, the Turtles all stood completely still, they put on much sharper demeanors, they felt the urge to answer the call.

"Sounds like trouble" Donatello said

"What a coincidence. We ARE trouble." Raphael added

"I'm gonna have to start thinking again aren't I?" Michelangelo said

"Leo? What's the plan? We gonna stick to the shadows for this one?"

"Shadows are good. Shadows have power. But now…now, so do we." Leonardo said.

"Makes sense. We are Turtles, and we have power. Turtle. Power" Michelangelo added, "See? I AM thinking again"

"Turtle…power. I like it." Raphael said.

"…It's logical, I'll give you that. Turtle power" Donatello conceded.

The four looked at each other, all in agreement, a unified front, they yelled their new found catchphrase


And with that, they darted down the street, heading towards the source of the distress, as they rushed down the huddled street, they catch the eye of Delgado Prince exiting a taxi, returning to the city after an attack of conscious, eager to give testimony to the authorities on his earlier findings. He watched them rush past him

"That had better be a mirage" he said.