Who Taught Sherry How To Drive?!

Summary: Much to Chris and Piers' horror, Leon has regrets.

Pairing: Implied Chris x Piers [Awkward fluffyness]

A/N: I wanted to lighten up on the damn angst and creat a funny treat. This is what happens when you don't sleep.. Ever..

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters, purely fan made.

Oh, dear god.. Sevral years of combat training, more years of professional training and double the years of survival endurence-Nothing could prepare either of the BSAA memebers the pure horror of Sherry Birkin's driving!

The back of the large van had no seats, nothing to grab onto.. Just metal walls that hurt like hell being thrown against. And Piers had done alot of the ragg dolling with each turn Sherry made. But he wasn't alone in the indirect assalt, oh no... Chris was right there with him, like a good partner; A good Captain.. Being tossed around like some sort of garden salad. Piers didn't know who had it worse, he and Chris or poor Leon clutching whatever his white knuckled hands could grab and squeeze the life out of in the passenger seat. Leon was always so good with masking his emotions, much like a god damn robot.. But this wasn't very Leon like.. The look of pure horror plastered to the man's face was enough to make Piers laugh..

But he was instinctly reminded that he too, was the victum of torment when Chris' large body slammed into his and Piers could feel the bite of the cold metal as he was slammed into the side of the van with Chris on top of him.

Oh yeah, they definatly had it worse.

Piers had anticipated his head knocking into the harsh metal but the force had been pillowed.. By Chris' hand. A look of gratitude flushed through Piers' system as he let out an agitated puff, looking up into his Captain's hopeless stare. He opened his mouth to say something, however; Sherry had made another sharp turn. Throwing the two soldiers to the other side.

This time Piers had slammed into Chris, dragging a short gasp from the both as Chris' hips gored between Piers' thighs. Belt clad and all made the younger man see stars.

"A..Are you alright?" Chris had mannaged through a gasp as Piers struggled to sit up on Chris' chest, but that did nothing for them when Sherry had slammed her foot on the breaks sending the two men rolling forward. With a groan, Piers shifted again against the larger man. It was Leon who had saved the day.

"S-Sherry, maybe I should drive..~"

Piers and Chris' groans joined in agreement at the innocent blinking girl behind the wheel.

"Seriously, who freakin' taught you how to drive?!" Chris felt the question being muttered into his chest, he looked down at Piers who hadn't bothered to move off of his chest. His limpness was similar to him waving a white flag.

Sherry shrugged as she threw a glance at Leon with the most gentle of smiles that simply could tear at any man's heart; her statement was simple:

"Leon did.."

I think secretly, Sherry Ships Chris and Piers. 8D It was all apart of Sherry's plan!