2 years after Breaking Dawn

Bella POV

"Bella. Come on. Please." Alice was trying to cajole me into joining her in her weekend expedition to Seattle-though she hadn't directly said it, I knew it would involve shopping, lots and lots of shopping.

"Alice. No. I told you. I'm seeing Charlie this weekend anyway." I was determined to remain firm on this point-I wasn't going to let my undersized pixie of a sister-in-law change my mind for me.

"Bella," Alice whined. "You know you need an entirely new wardrobe if you're going to play a college student in our next move." I rolled my eyes.

"You have my measurements if I need new clothes, I-" I stopped midsentence. Alice's eyes went blank; I could tell she was having a vision. I waited a moment, motionless as only a vampire can be, for the sight to return to her eyes. When it did, she was disgruntled.

"Well," she huffed. "I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Looks like nobody will be going anywhere this weekend after all."

"Why? Is it sunny?" I desperately wanted to see Charlie. We were moving in four months to West Virginia, and I wanted as much father-daughter time as I could get.

"No." It was Edward who came up behind me. He must've seen the vision in Alice's mind. "We're having a visitor," he murmured in that perfect velvet voice that had, if at all possible, become even more perfect after I changed.

I pouted. "But what about Charlie?"

"Don't worry, Bella. You can still see Charlie," Alice said resignedly. "I won't be shopping, though. This one is too important to miss."

"Why?" Again, I was curious. Alice and Edward exchanged a wicked grin.

"You'll see," they said in unison. Uh-oh. It was never a good thing when Alice and Edward ganged up.