A/N: Dialogue in italics is taken from the episode "Point of No Return" in Season Five.


"You know there's no other choice - there's never been a choice..." Zachariah said.

"Stop it! Stop it right now!" Dean pleaded.

"In exchange for what?"

"Dammit, Zachariah... Stop it, please.. I'll do it..."

"I'm sorry? What was that?" Zachariah put a hand to an ear.

"Okay, yes. The answer is yes..."

Dean hated the way that Sam called his name; hated the way that his brother was looking at him, but he had to do this.

Can't you see, Sammy? This is the only way. And I'll make him protect you, too. Michael wants to win this war. So if he protects you, Lucifer can't win without his true vessel. And I won't let him get me until he protects you, Adam, Lisa, Ben and Bobby...

"Do you hear me? Call Michael down, you bastard!"

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"Do I look like I'm lying?"

Zachariah said the incantation in Enochian that would call down Michael from heaven.

Dean so wanted to go to Sam, to comfort him, but he kept his face carefully composed.

Sam's eyes looked back at him.

He hated the look in Sam's eyes. So sad, so betrayed...

It's okay, Sammy, Dean thought. Big brother has got this, okay?

He winked at Sam.

Sam looked at him in surprise.

"He's coming," Zachariah said. He sounded relieved.

"Of course, I have a few conditions," Dean said.

Zachariah turned towards Dean. "What?"

"The few people whose safety you have to guarantee before I say yes."

"Sure; fine. Make a list."

So Dean made his list in his heart.

Because I know you can hear me, Dean thought.



Lisa and Ben.


You have to protect them. Keep them safe. Do you hear me?

"But most of all, Michael can't have me until he disintegrates you."

"What did you say?" Zachariah asked, shocked.

"I said, before Michael gets one piece of this sweet ass he has to turn you into a piece of charcoal."

Zachariah tried to laugh. "You really think Michael's going to go for that?"

"Who's more important to him now? You or me?"

Zachariah grabbed Dean "You listen to me; you are nothing but a maggot inside a worm's ass! Do you know who I am? After I deliever you to Michael...?"

"Expendable," Dean growled.

Zachariah laughed again. "Michael's not going to kill me!"

Dean felt that Zachariah should have known that he was dead meat the minute he grabbed Dean.

Normally, an angel grabbing a human? Human feels like they've been hit by a Mack truck.

This time? Zachariah barely budged Dean.

And now, Dean felt the angel blade slide into his hand, and a voice was inside of his head, and it said one word...


"Maybe not - but I am!"

Looking into the angel's grace as it poured out of the eyes of its vessel should have burned Dean's own eyes out, but it didn't.

He looked straight into Zachariah's eyes as he died.

The backwash of power that hit him did knock him off his feet.

Quickly Dean got up, and he grabbed Adam, then he got Sam, and got them out of the doorway of the Beautiful Room.

The room was shaking and there was a loud high pitched noise that made Dean stop, and look up at the ceiling.

::I have kept my word::

I know, Dean thought.

He looked at Sam and Adam, who were looking back at him, comprehension dawning in their eyes.

"Goodbye," Dean said.

The door slammed shut.