Thor and Gabriel landed outside the door of a tin-roofed burger joint and bar called Odinson's, in Wahalla, Victoria, Australia

"I think it would be safer to meet somewhere not so public," Thor said, looking around at the all the tourists thronging the bustling historic town.

They had changed out of their suits - Thor had to do the honors as Gabriel was still "on lockdown." Thor was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, with his long red hair braided down to his shoulders. Gabriel was dressed in tee shirt that had a picture of a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, a plus sign, and a picture of an oar on it; a pair of jeans and sneakers.

"All part of the plan," Gabriel said. "Remember, we want Lucifer's little demon lackeys to think Odin, Freyr and Baldur are still planning on meeting back in America."

There was a "Sorry, We're Open" neon sign on the door of Odinson's. As the two went to the door they could smell burgers cooking and hear the sound of laughter coming from within, as well as Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" on the jukebox.

Thor and Gabriel walked in, and were immediately greeted by a scraggly bearded man, with a pencil stuck behind one ear. His tee shirt read, "Am I barding you? ", which he wore over jeans and leather sandals.

"Well, it's about time you two showed up," Bragi said to Thor and Gabriel. "Baldur is about to pitch a fit that he has to be in a real bar instead of one of those tarted up gin-joints he's become used to."

Thor slapped Bragi on the shoulder, and Bragi went "Oi! Watch how you handle the merchandise!" "Good to see you, cousin," Thor said.

Bragi looked at Gabriel, and gave him the once over. "Hello, Loki. Look, try not to rile up Baldur too much - oh, who am I kidding?"

"Now where's the fun in not getting Baldur riled up?" Gabriel asked. "Besides, you love it when I rile people up - you get your best material for the sagas that way!"

Thor clapped a hand on Gabriel's shoulder. "Don't worry; I'll vouch for him."

"Ouch," Gabriel said.

The three went over to the bar, where the bartender, who was Heimdall, nodded at the three of them, as they headed towards the back room.

Once through the door, it was no longer a bar, but a wooden hall, decorated with the shields of fallen heroes upon the roof, and the spears and swords of heroes as well upon the rafters.

This was not the true Valhalla, but a representation of it, much like the pocket universe that Gabriel created as "TV Land."

Suddenly, a huge snarling wolf appeared in front of the three, causing Bragi to jump, and Thor to reach for Mjolnir.

Gabriel let out a laugh, and said, "Now is that anyway to speak to your father?"

The wolf stopped snarling, came over to Gabriel, put his giant paws on Gabriel's shoulders, then transformed into a young man with dirty blond hair, pale brown eyes that almost looked yellow - and who stood at least three or four heads above Gabriel.

"Only when my father takes his time coming back home," Fenrir said.

"Oh for the love of - !" Thor yelled, covering his eyes, "Put some clothes on!"

Fenrir grinned. "You're just jealous, uncle." Fenrir snapped his fingers, and he was instantly clothed in a tee shirt which read "Hungry Like the Wolf? Eat at Odinson's!" and a pair of jeans.

Thor peeked between his fingers and let out a sigh. "Younglings."

Gabriel smiled and hugged his second oldest son. Fenrir hugged him back. "Now where's your brother?" Gabriel asked.

"Slippy? Oh, he's around here somewhere," Fenrir replied.

"I heard that!" Sleipnir yelled, barrelling down the hall, and sliding to a stop in front of Gabriel. He hugged his father and dope-slapped his brother in the head at the same time.

"Quit it!" Fenrir growled.

"Behave the both of you and let me look at you," Gabriel said.

"Yeah, look at us, all walking and talking and not being ridden around or tied up til the end of the world," Jormungandr said, stepping out of the shadows. "Oh wait...maybe that's why we're here. That whole end of the world thing." He rubbed his hands together. "Have you come to lead us into battle, Dad?" He pointed at Thor. "Uncle Thor, I choose you!"

Thor let out a huff. "Your children have your sense of humor, Loki."

"Jor, stop antagonizing your uncle and give your old man a hug,"Gabriel said.

Jormungandr hung back for a moment, then went over and allowed himself to be hugged by his father.


Dean and Donnie landed in a bleak, war-torn landscape. Buildings were burnt out and looked as though they had been hit with small arms fire. In the distance, smoke climbed from smouldering ruins.

"Okay, this? Was not what I was aiming for," Dean said.

"What is this place?" Donnie asked, looking around. "Someplace not good… We need to get out of here…"

Donnie spotted the word "CROATOAN" written on a wall of a burned out gas station.

"Wait… Dean… is this what Zachariah showed you?"

"Yeah, the future…2014... We need to get out of here before the Croats get here and ... "


"I can't watch this again, not even in my memories…"

"Dean, this isn't real," Donnie said.

"I know - it's my…"

"No, Dean. This place. You think Zachariah took you to the future, but Dean… this world doesn't exist. This is not the future."


"This world is a construct - Zachariah wanted to convince you to say yes to Michael, and he constructed this world to convince you to do that."

Dean looked at Donnie, shocked. "But…"

"Dean, this isn't real. This world is not the future…" Donnie let out a sigh. "What you saw, was only one possible future. One possible outcome. It doesn't have to be that way…"

"So Lucifer doesn't wear Sam like a meat suit? That hippie-stoner Cas wasn't real?"

"The people you saw there weren't your brother, weren't Castiel… Zachariah just wanted you to…"

"But it could happen…"

"No." Donnie's voice was firm. "Because you won't let it. Because Sam won't let it. Because Castiel won't let it and because I won't let it." Donnie put his hand on Dean's shoulder. "That world will never happen because none of us will let it."

Dean swallowed hard, and nodded his head. "Okay… okay man."

Donnie nodded. "Now, try again."

Dean closed his eyes and the two of them disappeared from the devastated landscape.


The light that was Castiel watched as the two humans disappeared from sight.

He didn't like this place at all. He wondered why the two humans chose to come here.

He concentrated on following the two humans and he too disappeared.


Meanwhile, in Australia, Castiel wondered why he was dreaming about Dean traveling with Raphael's vessel, Donnie Finnerman.

He didn't like sleeping, although Gabriel assured him that it was normal because "your batteries needed recharging"... it didn't feel normal.

It made him feel weak and he hated that feeling.

Also, he didn't like dreaming. Castiel had dreamed while he was in the hospital in Louisiana, and he didn't like those dreams at all...

Dean was a six winged archangel, with wings the green of his eyes…

Archangels don't have six wings, he thought.

But before Castiel could finish pondering this mystery, there was a crash, and he sprang out of his chair, fully awake, his angelic blade in his hand.

Balthazar was holding a bloody and bleeding Abdiel in his arms. His eyes met Castiel's and he yelled, "A little help would be appreciated!"


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