Title: Sexual Deviance

Beta: drarryisgreen

Pairing: Harry/Blaise

Creature: Incubi

Word Count: 1,715

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: slash, monster cock, rimming, dirty talk

Summary: The Minister of Magic has some unflattering things to say about Harry's relationship with Blaise.

Disclaimer: This creation is based on characters and situations created and owned by J. K. Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros. Inc. No money is being made, no copyright or trademark infringement, or offense is intended. All characters depicted in sexual situations are above the age of consent.

Author's Note: This is the first in what I hope to become a series of ficlet sequels to Law of Averages. If there is a an aspect of Blaise and Harry's life or a scenario within the Law of Averages universe you are interested in seeing written, please do not hesitate to ask either in the comments below or by PM or email at . I cannot guarantee that I will write every suggestion I get, but I will certainly take them all under consideration.

Harry groaned into his hands in exasperation. A lecture was the last thing he needed at the moment. "To be completely honest, this isn't any of your business, sir," he said with as much patience as he could manage. He could tolerate quite a bit of interference in his personal life, but this drew the line.

Trowlsmith gave him an impatient look of his own. "I cannot have the head of my Aurors seen cavorting around with a sex demon. I don't care what you've done in the past; this isn't acceptable."

"All right, first off Blaise isn't a sex demon. He is a Ministry-recognized magical creature who obtains sustenance from sexual energy. He is not evil or demonic, nor are wizard/incubus relationships illegal. Marriage equality was granted to us all in the Equal Rights Act of 1998. Secondly, I was not 'cavorting' with him. We went to dinner, as we have done on several occasions in the last few weeks. We are in a relationship. It is what people in relationships do. It is also absolutely none of your business."

"It is when it makes it to the front page of Witch Weekly."

"It's unfortunate that you care so much what Witch Weekly has to say about me, but it won't change the facts. I am in a committed relationship with a man who happens to be an incubus. I will remain in a relationship with him regardless of your or the public's opinion on the matter. My personal life is not up for debate."

"I have had fifteen owls and three howlers about this incident this morning alone. I cannot ignore the public, and they are demanding answers."

"I reiterate that my relationship is not up for debate. I don't owe you or the public anything except my continued service to the Aurors. And I will not be ending my relationship simply because it makes you uncomfortable."

Trowlsmith gave him a stern look, clearly unimpressed with Harry's life choices. Harry remained firm. "I want you to make a statement to reassure the public that the rumors of your sexual deviancy are unsubstantiated."

Harry barked out a laugh. Really, this was taking this too far. "My sexual deviancy?! You cannot be serious. Exactly which part of my relationship with Blaise Zabini is sexually deviant: the part where he's an incubus or the part where he's a man?"

Trowlsmith froze, the realization that he may have crossed the line written all over his stricken face. "I..."

"I will make a statement because I recognize that the rumors will only become more sensational the longer Blaise and I are seen in public together, but I will not be denouncing my relationship. Blaise is a part of my life now. You and the public will have to get used to it."

Harry's tight mouth and crossed arms didn't give the Minister much leeway to protest. He sighed and nodded reluctantly. "Fine, do what you want. If this comes back to bite us, it's on your arse."

"Thanks. Is there anything else? I've got a department meeting in ten."

"No, that's it."

"Good afternoon, then," Harry said, standing and walking out. He was more annoyed than he had vocabulary to express. He stalked down to his office and slammed the door.


Harry was still annoyed when he arrived home that evening. He found Blaise lounging in his favorite chair, reading a finance magazine. Harry didn't even bother saying hello before collapsing into his lap. Blaise put the magazine aside and pulled him close, kissing him in greeting. "Why so grumpy, love?"

"The Minister of Magic is an arse," Harry growled, burying his face in Blaise's neck.

"He is indeed. I don't know why anyone voted for him. What did he do to put you in such a mood?" Blaise had already begun stripping away his Auror robes and was trailing kisses down his neck.

"He called our relationship sexual deviancy and told me I needed to deny it to the press." Harry scowled despite the tongue in his ear and the hand stroking down his bare stomach. "I'm not even sure if he wasn't being homophobic."

"I think what I am about to do to you would rate high on the sexual deviancy scale, love."

Harry snorted. "Stop it, you're supposed to be as righteously indignant as I am."

"I apologize. Would you like me to turn you over this chair and show you just how indignant I am?" Blaise purred into his ear, his fingers stroking over the bulge in Harry's pants.

Harry's breath caught and his fingers clenched at Blaise's neck. "Yeah, I would." He turned in Blaise's lap, kissing him hard, his fingers working at the buttons on Blaise's shirt. "I want you to fuck me until I forget all about the Minister," he said against Blaise's lips.

Blaise's throat emitted a low rumble as he picked Harry up and reversed their positions, propping Harry up on his knees on the seat cushion and pulling the rest of his clothing off him. "Mmm, I could spend hours eating this gorgeous arse of yours," he hummed, slapping Harry's bare bum lightly before spreading the cheeks to reveal his winking hole. He took a moment to admire it as Harry whined and squirmed under him.

"I'd say take a picture, but I know where it would end up," Harry muttered after a minute of his arsehole twitching under the exposure of the cool air without any movement.

Blaise chuckled and brushed a thumb across it. "Why would I need a picture when I could bend you over and look my fill any time I want?" He licked a stripe up the exposed flesh, slapping Harry's arse again as he moaned his pleasure. Blaise stopped teasing and pressed his lips to his hole, sucking hard. Harry cried out, bucking into his tongue. He obliged the obvious request and probed the entrance, gradually needling his way inside. Harry was still a little loose from their fuck that morning, but he would need to be stretched again. Some men would consider requiring their lover to wear a plug so that he could be entered at any time without preparation, but not Blaise. He enjoyed this play as much as the fucking, loved tasting his lover, watching as his mate slowly opened to accommodate him. It didn't hurt that Harry enjoyed having a tongue inside him nearly as much as a cock.

Harry rocked back onto Blaise's tongue, clutching the back of the chair in white knuckles. Soon Blaise had three fingers inside him and was massaging his prostate in intense circles. Harry couldn't hold himself together under the onslaught and cried out his orgasm, come showering the chair cushion. Blaise grinned against his skin, slowing his finger thrusts until the after-shakes had settled before pulling them out. He pulled a small pot from his trouser pocket before shedding them and standing. He opened the pot and dipped his fingers in, pausing with them at Harry's entrance to ask, "And how are we feeling about the Minister now?"

Harry grumbled and pushed his arse out towards Blaise. "You're supposed to be fucking me, not reminding me why I'm pissed off."

Blaise smiled to himself and spread the lube over Harry's stretched hole. "As you wish," he answered as he stroked the lube over his erection and aligned himself with Harry and pushed in. Harry melted into a puddle of moaning flesh beneath him, boneless with pleasure as Blaise slowly pushed in. He enjoyed the stretch and the rub of the nodules against his prostate as much as Blaise enjoyed tasting his arse.

"Mmm, I've been waiting for this all day. Don't stop, I want all of you in at once." His voice was shaking with need. Blaise didn't stop until his bollocks rested against Harry's perineum. He clamped onto Harry's neck and pulled him backwards against his chest, arching his back so far that it shifted his position inside Harry and caused his shaft to rub hard against Harry's prostate. Harry whimpered, clinging onto his wrist with one hand and his hip with the other.

"Is this good enough for you, love?" Blaise purred into his ear.

Harry nodded, moving his hips forward a little to encourage him to thrust. Blaise took the hint and pulled back, nearly out, before thrusting back in again. Slow went out the window. Harry fell forward, gripping onto the chair back again for leverage to push back against Blaise. It wasn't long before he was trembling in orgasm again, clenching around Blaise and surging his body with orgasmic energy enough to push him over as well.

He felt drunk on Harry's energy, so satiated that he was finding it difficult to stand. He pulled out gently and collapsed to his knees on the carpet. Harry glanced over his shoulder, smiling drunkenly himself. He slipped from the chair and into Blaise's lap to kiss him lazily. "And what do you think of the Minister now?" Blaise asked, running a finger down Harry's crack to dip into his dripping hole.

Harry squirmed, grinning, and kissed him again. "The who?"

"It appears I have succeeded, then." He lifted his wet finger up to Harry's lips, eyes flashing red as Harry sucked it clean. "Are you hungry?"

"Starving. I'm not going to be able to stand, though."

"Stay here. I will bring your dinner." He set Harry on the hearthrug for warmth and went to get the dinner his elf had left for them. When he returned, Harry was sprawled out, stretching his arms above his head. His body glistened in the fire light. "You are truly a treasure to be had," Blaise said as he joined him, setting the plates next to them and crawling over Harry to lick the drying come from his chest and stomach. Harry arched up into him, humming in pleasure.

"You make me feel like a kept boy sometimes."

"I would like nothing more than for you to be just that. And as my kept boy, I demand that you let me feed you." He pulled Harry up and held a piece of bread to his mouth. Harry raised an eyebrow, but let himself be fed. He was too well-fucked to argue.