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EXTRA : Virtual kisses

Somewhere under a dusky sky, in a town sleepily blowing out its lights, in a dark room.

An unusually tall teenage boy with midnight blue hair sprawls over his bed, staring unseeingly up the ceiling, when his cell phone vibrates. He reaches for it automatically, stretching through the swirling boredom with a resigned sigh.

As far as Aomine Daiki is concerned, phones are essentially annoying.

He thinks it is a troublesome necessity in all honesty, connecting him to persons who do not seem to have anything better to do than tap away at those pestiferous little machines all day long. Read: Kise and Satsuki.

He flips the phone open assuming he will shortly be wasting time reading something pointless along the lines of "Goodnight Aominecchi~" or "Don't be late for practise tomorrow! Seriously. I'll kill you. Ps. Do you think Tetsu-kun likes strawberry cake?", but that is not the case.

The sender reads: Tetsu.

That admittedly surprises him. It is really not a regular occurrence, his former shadow texting him. Slightly befuddled, he opens the message.



He copies the alien signs into a random search bar, because it is freaking annoying not knowing what they mean. It turns out they have a simple significance.


. . .

Somewhere under the same darkening sky, in the same drowsy town, in a different room.

Another well-built teenage boy with dark-red hair lies in front of the TV, body ungainly spread over the couch, when his cell phone beeps loudly. He reaches for it, scowling, distractedly wondering who wants something this late.

As far as Kagami Taiga is concerned, phones are essentially troublesome.

He thinks they are an unfortunate inconvenience for the greatest part, shipping him problems he would rather not be dealing with. Read: Alex.

He goes to the inbox suspecting another pleading, (connivingly) cute text message like "Taiga baby! It's boring here, Tatsuya is so cold! Please let me move back in, I promise not to kiss you again XXX. Ps. Those don't count!", but is proved wrong.

The sender reads: Kuroko.

That sort of perplexes him. He usually only receives text messages from his shadow if a match is coming up and he needs information on meeting points and time schedules.



He scrolls through the phone emoticon list and their meanings, because the only thing he does understand is that those symbols are supposed to make some sort of sense. He finds the answer under 'expressions of love and infatuation'.


. . .