Order of the Phoenix

Chapter Six: The Much Anticipated Really Late Chapter From Down Under

Freakishly Annoying Narrator: Hello, and welcome to the much awaited chapter six that has no point except it is Halloween and *continues to babble*

Harry: *has long since pulled the magnet off his back* Happy Halloween!

FAN: Yup, it is. And there in the common room and and and.... *babbles*

Ginny: Is she alright?

Hermione: I don't know. All I know is that I am SICK of Ron changing my hair. When I get my hands on him I'm going to....

Harry and Ginny: Snog him?

Hermione: *can't answer, Ron walks into the room, flanked by Fred and George*

FAN: It's Clipse and Pharell of N*E*R*D......I love them! *babbles*

Merusa/Red Vixen: We'll take over. Ron, Fred and George are going to rap for us.....can't you picture Ron rapping?

Ron (aka Pharell):


My name is Ronnie


Pharell is better than me, I'm not him!

Fred and George:

Fred and George,

Featuring Ron.

Ron loves 'Mione

This is the remix!

Hermione: *looks torn between being horrified and happy*

The Rest of the common room: *cracking up*


Ya know F+G have got some problems

This song has no point

Definitely not that, 'Mione.

Hermione: *looks disappointed*

FAN: And they're rapping, and they are rapping, and Hermione's yelling, Harry are snogging, er, laughing.... *babbles about the rest of the common room*


*Wormtail and the real Voldie, who is out of the hospital, are discussing football and sipping coffee*

Merusa/Red Vixen: Ahem. The scene is starting.

W/V: Meep!

*they scramble*

Voldemort: SNORThahahahahaHICCUPhahahahaCOUGHmwahahaha!

Wormtail: umm, right.....

Voldemort: *turns on the TV* OO! DAYS OF OUR LIVES IS ON!

Wormtail: ......

Voldemort: No, Stephano! YOU ARE SO EVIL!

Wormtail: Oh, by the way, Dumbledore knows where we are going to strike next.

Voldemort: Chloe! Chloe! No, Chloe, don't fall for it!

Wormtail: *sighs, thinking about his next line* I'm going to tell the Minister of Magic that you like cheese then perform in a Hogwarts talent show dancing to Shakira's Objection Tango.

Voldemort: YES!

Wormtail: *bangs head against the wall* I GIVE UP!


Dumbledore: Minerva, you've got to spin on your head. *demonstrates his break dancing skills*

Minerva McGonagall: *is wearing a black leotard to practice in* Ok, Let's try this again. *demonstrates her growing skill*

Dumbledore: *looks pleased* Very good. *turns to the side of the stage* *whines* Merusa, can I have the cookies now?

Merusa: *exchanges looks with Red Vixen* Ok...

Dumbledore: YAY! *dives onto a plate of cookies offstage*

Minerva: *shrugs* Whatever. *spins on her head*


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