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Episode 01: A different beginning

Ranma Saotome or "Ranko" as he called his female form, was working at the Cat Café. It had been two weeks, two weeks of dealing with the old ghoul, with Akane being angry at him, Shampoo insisting on dates and Mousse trying to kill him. Really not the best way to spend the summer. Genma believed that like it had happened before, Cologne was extorting him with something, like a cure to his curse. Ryoga had yet to appear in the two weeks Ranma has been doing this, meaning his rival was due to do his usual "Uh, Where I am? Ranma! For you I know hell, I will kill you!" routine any time soon.

But the truth was, Ranma was doing this on his own free will, he didn't even have the excuse of doing this for training. His excuse, was one he didn't wanted anyone to find out, cause it made him feel... weak, and embarrassed him to no end.

His excuse was his mother, Nodoka Saotome, who Ranma could only meet in female form due to a stupid contract his father had made sign him when he was a little kid. Basically if Ranma proved not to be "A man among men", his mother would kill him and his father. So Ranma could only be with his mother pretending to be Ranko, Akane's cousin. The problem was, Ranma wanted to spend a few days with his mother, even if it had to be as "Ranko" and knowing Ranma luck, hot water was gonna get in the way and try to change him to a guy, so he needed to do something about that.

That was why he needed money, to buy a special kind of soap, one the old ghoul could get him.

Now, his shift was over, and it was the end of two weeks of torture being "Ranko" for ten hours a day. Ironically, now Ranma was gonna be a girl full time for a few days. So, besides the minimum pay, Cologne have him a single bar of the soap, box included, there was just one problem.

"Wait, this doesn't look like the usual waterproof soap, I mean is pink!" Ranko said, he had been scammed too many times to ignore blatant differences like this, even if he didn't knew the language the soap instructions were written in.

"That's because is a special kind, this is waterproof beauty soap, it lasts more, keeps your skin nice and soft, and smells like strawberries." Cologne said, it was hard to tell from her face, but it seemed like she was enjoying this, not like she only have him that soap because it was the only brand available or because of some mistake.

"But... but... no way I am gonna use something this girly!" Ranko protested, using a whining girl tone despite himself... or herself... having spend so much hours a day as Ranko willingly was messing Ranma gender pronouns.

"Son-in-law if you don't use this, your mother will probably insist that you use a more girly soap, maybe even switch the bar of soap, is her house the one you will be staying for a few days, after all."

"Wait, you know? But... I mean, why are you helping me? Is not like you want me to stay as a girl or something, do you? Maybe you have some grandson you want me to marry?" Ranma started to panic, if Akane found out the "pervert" wanted to stay as a girl on purpose for a few days then... Oh who was she kidding? If ANYONE found, Ranma would be in a world of pain.

"No, but family is important, why else you think I am taking care of Shampoo? The girl may have skill in the art, but her mind, well... "

Rannma calmed herself down and nodded, Cologne had just said her granddaughter was dumb, at least that was something both could agree on.

"Besides, being with her a few days will help you to try convince her that Ranma Saotome is manly, even if sometimes he is a girl." The old ghoul winked, making Ranko step back in surprise. She finally understood, Cologne needed Nodoka approval if she ever wanted Ranma Saotome, man among men, to marry Shampoo, it was Amazon law.

"Well, whatever, I will take it." Ranko saved the soap and money in her backpack then walked outside, Mousse was waiting for her, she frowned, she was not in the mood for another of their battles.

"Ranma, thats why you been working here for two weeks? So you can be with your mother?" Mousse asked looking curious, Ranko face palmed, at this rate everyone would find out in mere hours.

"Yes, now if you excuse me, I have a train to Juuban to catch!" Ranko ran away at an amazing speed, leaving a surprised Mousse behind. Instead of climbing to the train and holding to the side like "Ranma" would do, "Ranko" paid her ticket and went inside the train. When she finally arrived, it was night already.

Then Ranko looked around Juuban's train station and remembered something important "Dammit, my mother never told me where her new house in Juuban is!"

Ranko started to wander around Juuban, after all, men didn't ask for directions, then she face palmed. Wasn't she supposed to be pretending to be Ranko, a girl? Still, Nodoka had just moved a month ago, finding someone who knew one Nodoka Saotome would be hard. Wait, didn't she had one of the letters her mother had sent to "Ranma"? Ranko jumped to a rooftop, opened her backpack and started to unpack, there it was. Thankfully it was sent from her mother new address, now all she had to do was...


What the hell was that? It sounded like an angry demon or something. It was the duty of a martial artist to protect the weak, she should go and see what it was about.

Ranko looked to where the roar had come from, and heard another one that was even louder. She picked her stuff back into her backpack and started to jump rooftops to see what was going on.

After a few blocks, Ranma saw two girls in embarrassing revealing dresses that were basically girl school uniforms with short skirts, fighting a lizard monster. Their fighting style was terrible, the girl with blue hair just seemed to avoid the monster attack in a very scared way, while the blonde with two long ponytails was crying and saying she didn't wanted to fight, someone seemed to be yelling at the blonde, hiding behind a trashcan.

The blonde girl threw some sort of disk to the monster shouting "MOON TIARA ACTION!", but the monster grabbed it with its strong hands, stooping it, the monster hands were hurt, bleeding black blood, but besides that, it didn't seem to have taken much of a beating. Wait, was that disk... a tiara?

Ranko drooped her backpack and jumped at the lizard back, kicking it and making the monster growl, what the heck? Her leg hurt and it felt like it had lot a lost of chi, and the monster barely moved with the kick!

The monster drooped the tiara and looked at her... this monster drained chi, so direct contact and energy attacks were out. Well, she could at least annoy the hell out of it, right?

"Hey ugly? Why are you fighting weak girls with skirts? Do you fear to fight a real challenge?" Ranko yelled and sticked her tongue out to the monster, the monster roared and started to chase her. Damn, running with one limping leg was hard, Ranko was no idiot when it came to the art of fighting. Those girls seemed to be some kind of monster hunters, and that tiara attack looked like magic, so she was just distracting the monster until...


The monster roared for the last time as it turned to dust, Ranko looked back surprised. Such a powerful creature and it only took one attack? Still, she had seen the girls fight, they really needed help, and well, she needed something to do besides girl stuff so maybe...

"Who are you? Why did you try to fight the Youma? You could have died!" Asked a talking black cat, wait a minute, a talking... black... cat?

"AHH!" Ranko yelled a girly scream, jumped back to the rooftop, graved her backpack and ran out of there. Her leg hurt like hell for the strain she was putting in it , but no way she was gonna let another talking demon cat get her, one was bad enough, thank you!

"Was something I say?" The talking cat asked confused

"Well Luna, maybe you should have let us do the talking first? The poor girl almost got killed by a monster and the next thing she sees is a talking cat." The blue haired girl said, the blonde was confused and staring to where the red head had just been, then she finally said "Maybe it was another senshi?"

"Maybe." Luna said, since she was hiding behind a trashcan, not only they would probably give her a bath, but she had also lost sight most of the fight.

When Ranko finally stooped running, she was in the other side of the city, and her leg hurt like hell. She looked around, was that a Shinto shrine? Then, just to put salt to the wound, it started to rain. Maybe she could ask refuge there? The rain was a good excuse, and if she arrived to her mother home with her leg like that she would make her worry. Then Nodoka would ask her how she got her leg injured, and then she would tell her than what she did was pretty stupid, and so on. With no better option at hand, the read head walked to the shrine and knocked the door.

Someone opened the door, Ranko saw a familiar face and froze "Ryoga?"

No! Not now, not after how tired she was and with her leg like that, no more of this dammit! It was bad enough she had to be rescued by two stupid girls in fukus and their evil demon cat! She didn't want to fight, she wanted to take a hot bath, she wanted to sleep. She wanted to...

What would a girl do?

"Uh, Ryoga? Can we postpone our fight for later? Is raining." Ranko then looked at Ryoga again, he was just staring at her like he just saw a ghost, what the hell was going on? Where was the usual face of anger?

"Well..." Ryoga seemed to think for about a moment "I just had a warm bath, so yeah, I can wait." Why did Ryoga sound so... relaxed? That's it, it must be a trap! Then Ranko looked at her chest, it was raining heavily, and while she was wearing a bra, her shirt was soaked. That means the reason Ryoga had looked at her like that way was because...

Ranko entered the temple and started laughing, being watched by a very confused Ryoga.

"Ranma, are you ok?" Ryoga asked worried, why was Ranma laughing? Was she laughing at him? No, when Ranma made fun of him he usually called him P-chan. The boy looked himself over, then touched his head, then looked around. "Ok, I give up, what's so funny?"

"You... hahaha... you find me cute!" Ranma said and forced herself to stop laughing, "You were looking at my chest right? Only that because you know me and I am fully clothed you didn't nosebleed."

"WHAT? NO WAY, YOU ARE A BOY, I AM IN NO WAY ATRACTED TO YOU!" Ryoga yelled, his face full of anger, the only thing stooping the boy from attacking Ranma was the fact he had not insulted him, the fact Ryoga was a guest in the shrine and didn't want to destroy the place, and the fact that with so much rain girl Ranma would defeat him in mere minutes.

"Is okay, I just had a bad day, I needed a laugh, thank you" Ranko said smiling

"Wait... you said.. thank you?" Ryoga eyes opened wide, what the heck was wrong with Ranma?

"Yes, I did. Besides, I am injured" Ranko pointed to her leg " Is raining, and a real master of the art knows when to fight and when not to."

"That sounds... so unlike you." Ryoga said "Did something happen? Did you hit your head or something? Are you possessed? This is a Shinto shrine, they can exorcise you if a demon is in your body."

"Well, you also not seem like yourself, normally you would be attacking me now, even with the rain. Lets just say... " Ranko winks at Ryoga " Remember that time when I was weak and helpless and everyone was attacking me? You defended me, you cried because you saw me being weak, you are a true friend."

"What? No way! I just was following the code, to protect the weak, to protect those who can't protect themselves!" Ryoga protested, but then... did he really hate Ranma so much? It was true that it was because of Ranma he was cursed to turn into a pig with cold water, it was true that he hated him because Akane loved Ranma and not him. But then, if Ranma was really his enemy he would have told Akane that he was P-chan long ago.

Damn, thinking this was so hard! Normally he would not be thinking these things but he had been in the Shrine a few days, they were nice to him, they did not care if he turned into a pig, he helped with the heavy work and they allowed him to stay and have him food in return. The temple was like a second home to him, he honestly didn't want to run away because he and Ranma destroyed the place.

"Okay... I guess... we are friends, just don't tell anyone!" Ryoga said "And don't think I have up on Akane! If you ever make her cry I will kill you!"

"Sounds good for me, can I take a bath? If I stay wearing this wet clothes I will catch a cold" Ranma seemed so... dammit Ryoga, don't look at her like that, Ranma is a boy, not a girl!

"Eh sure... just follow me, and please don't break anything." Ryoga said looking down, dammit Ranma, why you had to act so friendly while being a girl? It was very confusing!

Ranma had a hot bath, only that when she exited the bathroom, Ranma was still a girl, and it was a girl that did not care to cover her chest with a towel.

"Ranma dammit, don't do that!" Ryoga turned around covering his nose, damn girl Ranma giving him a nosebleed, why was Ranma still a girl? Thankfully he had bought a box of paper handkerchiefs.

"Sorry, I used waterproof soap, I will be staying with my mother and you know... the whole she only knows me as Ranko stuff, right?" Ranko asked, not knowing if Ryoga was aware of the whole deal.

"Kasumi told me, are you gonna tell her the truth?" Ryoga asked, still not looking at stupid girl Ranma breasts that made him think Ranma was a real girl and not a boy.

"I don't know, thats why I am in Minato. Maybe... maybe my dad tricked her, maybe she just holds to that stupid contract because she was alone for ten years. I wanna find out what kind of woman my mother is."

"Good luck" Ryoga said "I can't get an extra futton without waking someone but there is a couch you can use, and please cover those things, this is a temple!"

"Uh?" Ranma looked at her chest, then covered it with her arms "Sorry, is there someplace I can change?"

"There are a few empty rooms but I don't wanna wake up anyone, I been using the living room, I just wake up early in the morning before they need it." The boy led Ranma-chan to the living room "I won't look, I will just stay guarding the door in case someone comes." Ryoga did just that, his right hand trembling for some reason, maybe he was nervous?

"What? I don't need your help P...Ryoga... thanks" Ranko grins, maybe thinking what a girl would do wasn't so bad? In a way, this whole situation felt good.

While Ranma got dressed, Ryoga Hibiki held his right hand with his left hand, Why was Ranma-chan was making him so nervous? What? When did Ranma become Ranma-chan? No way! He wasn't thinking that! It was one thing that he and Ranma had become friends but to even thing about... nosebleed again. At this rate, he would run out of paper handkerchiefs.

"Done, you can look now" Ranko said, Ryoga looked at Ranma, both relived and disappointed that Ranma was wearing a night gown that was a bit big for her and not very revealing. Wait... night gown?

"Where did you get that?" Ryoga had heard about Ranma wanting to stay a few days with her mother as Ranko, but since when Ranma did sleep on a night gown?

"Aunt Nodoka bought it for me, this is the lest risque and more comfortable one I got. " Ranko said smiling "Now, since I am a girl, we can't sleep in the same room, as you said, this is a temple."

"Fine" Ryoga took the futton and moved it to near the entrance door then came back to the living room "Are you aware this may be the strangest thing we have done? Even more weird than that time with the age change mushrooms? "

"I know, this is crazy, maybe I will follow your advice later and see if I am possessed or something" Ranko said, no longer smiling as that seemed to make Ryoga nervous, and she needed to sleep, it would be good for her leg.

"Good night Ranma"

"Good night Ryoga"

Finally alone, Ranko accommodated herself on the couch and quickly got asleep, the fact she had been chi drained, was tired and used to sleep anywhere really helped to that.

When Ryoga was alone in his futton, Ranma-chan words sounded in his head "She has more risque night gowns?" That was it, he passed out with a nosebleed.

Ranma woke up in a good mood, it was quite strange, he looked around, he was a couch, in a living room, that seemed to have space for several people, the sun was shinning, and Ranma... was wearing a night gown.

Ranma looked himself all over, then noticed "he" was a girl. Ah right, traveling to Juuban, the monster, the weird girls, rain, waterproof beauty soap.

Ranko smiled, why was she so goddamn happy? She changed clothes to wear a blue jean and a red t-shirt, then put on her shoes, and went outside. It was a beautiful day, no stupid panda fighting her at the morning, no fights with stupid panda for the food, no uncute tomboy yelling at her. In a way, it was paradise, it was amazing how a good nights sleep could improve her mood. Her leg was still a little stiff, time to fix that. She sat down in front of the shrine in a lotus pose, cleaned her mind and concentrated in extending her chi to the leg that had been drained. Then she focused in harmonizing the flow of chi in her body. After a few minutes she was done.

Ranko mind went back to the youma, that thing had been pretty dangerous. If it had drained her so much just by kicking it, then a regular person would have fainted and with a few minutes it would have been drained to death. And yet those two girls in fukus had defeated it with a single attack. For someone like her it seemed unfair, Ranma Saotome had trained more than a decade to perfect her art, and she had been only a mere distraction for that monster.

It sure wasn't like the demons Ranko had to deal in the past, that youma was some kind of chi vampire, so she guessed that killing it had been inevitable. All her life, she had never used the art for killing, but this youma the Senshi fought were predators, and their prey were humans, it was a matter of kill or be killed.

While she stood up and she focused in a basic and slow kata, she wondered what to do next, having breakfast with "Aunt Nodoka" sounded good, but it was still to early. Her mother might know a few things about the art, but she didn't seem to practice it, so she guessed she was still sleeping. Besides, it would be rude to leave without saying goodbye, after all, girls were supposed to be polite.

"Hey Ranma, care to help me?" Asked Ryoga in a casual way "I got some errands to do around here, but we can have breakfast first."

Ranko looked amazed at Ryoga, he was wearing the white robes of a male shinto priest only without the hat "You are a priest now?"

"No, but my clothes... the priest said they smelled." Ryoga seemed uncomfortable wearing such loose robes "Anyway, want breakfast?" Ryoga was surprised he had to ask twice, after all, this was Ranma they were talking about, Ranma never missed free food.

"Yes that sounds good, I don't have to dress like a Miko, right?"

"No if you don't want to, you are lucky the priest had to leave in a hurry, he would have tried to recruit you. It seems he is desperate to get cute girls to be maidens in the temple."

"Well, I guess having cute girls as Shinto Priestess would attract clients." Ranko knew a real girl would have blushed when the lost boy had said she was cute, but this was Ryoga, and she had made him nervous enough last night. Ranko didn't knew how long nice Ryoga was gonna last, but she preferred him this way. Plus, she may be pretending to be a real girl but better not to take the act too far.

"Yeah... why... why are we being like this? Just talking like old friends? Is the air here or something?" Ryoga said, to be honest, if he and Ranma didn't start to trade blows soon he was gonna to freak out, plus he needed the training.

"I have no damn clue, but we can fight later if you want." The lost boy nodded and Ranko went inside, looking for the kitchen, letting her nose guide her. Ryoga had made breakfast, It smelled so good, she guessed that maybe Kasumi had been giving lessons to him or something.

Ryoga sat in the table, far away from her, it was a big table, Ranko wondered where everyone else was. Ryoga had said the priest had to leave in a hurry, but where Ryoga and him the only people around? It made no sense. She finished eating before asking "Where is everyone else?"

"They went with the priest, as I said, it was an emergency, some rich guy insisted her daughter was possessed. Master Hino decided to go with his apprentices so they might learn something. They are four of them, but only one seems real interested, the other three just take it as a summer job."

"So, are you gonna become a priest or something?" Ranko asked, curious

"No, but this place... I feel good to be here, Master Hino even knows about my curse and doesn't care. At least I have people to talk to, while in my house, there is never anyone there."

"So... I been thinking... how much are they paying?" Ranko asked, unsure why she was even asking that question, maybe because she had no idea what else talk about.

"That's the problem, is minimum wage, and many people don't come here, but Mikos get a part of the money people wastes here, too bad we don't even have one."

"Really? How much?"

"He said 3% but if you do your cute girl act I bet you can make him go for double of that."

"What? Me? A Miko? No way, I am not even a real girl!" Ranko protested

"So, what? You have used your girl form to get money and free things before, besides that way you can have an excuse to come here everyday so we can practice." Ryoga sounded... smart, was this how the lost boy was like when he didn't let his emotions get the best of him?

"Really? Practice? No fight to the death?"

"I don't want this place destroyed, besides this isn't Nerima, I don't want the sailor Senshi attacking me thinking I am a youma or something."

"Sailor Senshi?"

"Two girls in sexy outfits that fight monsters, they been doing that for a while. I think they are called Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, Moon seems to be a dumb blonde, and Mercury has blue hair and is the brains of the team."

"Ah, ok whatever." So thats how these two girls were called. Just basic sparing with Ryoga wasn't gonna cut her boredom, but fighting youma was out of the question unless Ranko could use magic. And for what she knew, unless you got a favor from a Kami or a magic weapon, learning magic took decades.

After helping Ryoga around the temple, Ranko promised she would come tomorrow for some practice, picked her bag and left. After taking a bus like a real girl would, instead of roof jumping, Ranko arrived to her mother house.

"Hi aunt Nodoka!" the red head hugged the woman that was really her mother, stupid contract, maybe she could make some panda stew when she went back to Nerima.

"Ranko! I was expecting you to come yesterday, did something happen?" Nodoka Saotome was glad that the girl was wearing something else for a change. She even noticed Ranko was wearing a bra, that was an improvement, but she still had a lot to do to make Ranko a proper lady.

"I... I ran away from a youma attack, so I had to rest in a temple because it started to rain." Ranma Saotome was usually a bad liar, he was terrible bluffing, and at card games, but "Ranko Tendo" had got a lot of practice using being a girl to cheat and get stuff, beside that had been close enough to the truth.

"You poor thing! Are you hungry? Come inside I will make you breakfast!" Nodoka quickly looked at Ranko, she didn't seem injured, her clothes were clean and haven't been destroyed, but if she had been drained by a youma she must be felling tired.

"Breakfast sounds good." Ranko needed to replenish her chi reserves and besides it was free food. The girl was glad this was her second breakfast, now that she wasn't hungry, she could eat slowly and like a lady, she knew that would please her mother.

Nodoka and Ranko talked for a while, the red head saying they haven't let her take mister Panda by train, and that that dumb panda seemed to be more comfortable at her uncle's Dojo anyway, so she had let it here. Nodoka had believed the lie that Genma panda form was actually an almost extinct combat breed of panda, that explained why it was so smart and why she sometimes saw it fight with Ranko.

When Nodoka questions went about Ranko Tendo personal life, the girl was happy she had paid Nabiki to make up a believable story to tell aunt Nodoka. Ranko was an orphan, her parents having died due to a car accident, since she was the heir to the " Tendo Combat Panda style" she tended to go his uncle Dojo a lot, as it helped her to train. When she became an adult and got married, she was gonna inherit her family money and her dad Dojo, meanwhile the Dojo was just rented so she had enough money for living.

"I had no idea, it must be really hard to live on your own." Nodoka looked at the red head girl, maybe thats why she had been so nice to her, because she had somewhat knew the poor girl was alone and needed some love.

"One gets used to it but I am glad to have you auntie." If they found out that Ranma Saotome was being all girly and hugging her mommy like a little girl, well thats not good.

"I know how to cheer you up, lets go shopping!" Nodoka said and Ranko groaned, she had hoped that by dressing like all girly she could avoid just that, but it seemed one Ranma Saotome didn't knew her mother so well.

Later, at Juuban shopping center, in the second floor, Nodoka made her try several dresses. Remembering one of the lines she had prepared in a case like this Ranko said "This is too girly, I am more into the cute tomboy style."

"Ranko dear, there is nothing wrong with wearing a beautiful dress." Nodoka insisted

"I am a martial artist, I have to wear clothes that that allow movement." Just then, there was lots of screaming, maybe another youma attack?

Ranko used the distraction to grab the two outfits that she could tolerate to wear and push them to Nodoka arms. "These two are ok, tell you what, you can make me wear two dresses you like and in exchange you can buy me these two outfits, ok?"

"Four dresses I like and we make a deal."

"Fine." Ranko wondered if maybe the reason her mother was like that with Ranko was because she always wanted a daughter. While her first impulse had been to go and try to find a way to defeat the youma, she knew only magic worked and she wanted to keep her mother safe.

It turned out it was quite lucky Ranko had decided to ignore the monster this time, because, in the first floor of the shopping center...

"You foul beast, do you dare to ruin my date? I strike!" Takewaki Kuno tried to strike a giant red tiger woman with his boken, only to be sent flying away with a mere punch, that made him lost a lot of chi, and he fainted.

Nabiki Tendo stared at the youma in fear, it was not really a date, Nabiki had convinced Kuno to take her to shop for clothes with him paying. It was in exchange of some information about Ranma he could use to defeat him. They had ended in Minato because he said he had to go there to deal with some family business. It turned out Kuno was not as stupid as he seemed, as he actually owned the Juuban district shopping center and several business inside it, so he could get her clothes for free. Then out of nowhere Kuno had decided that it was a date and got her flowers, and then the youma appeared. The creature seemed to not have any eyes, it seemed to react when people moved, so she could not scape.

Thankfully, Ranko and Nabiki weren't the only girls shopping in the mall...

"You there, big ugly kitty! You think you can..." Nabiki mentally shut out the rest of Sailor moon speech and took out her camera. So she could sell pictures of the fight to the highest bidder, who would be of course, a fan. Getting an autograph would also be good, but she guessed the Sailor Senshi would not be too happy about the pics.

"Shabbon spray!"

Nabiki saw everything getting covered by a blue mist but she could still hear noises of the fight going. Some girl with blue hair and a fuku grabbed her upon her shoulders and started to run, it was the other Sailor Senshi. Next thing Nabiki knew, she was outside the Shopping center, and her photographic camera was missing the photographic film. Damn, it must have been Sailor Mercury, that was the one always using a computer, she guessed they didn't want pictures. She also noticed some money in her hand that wasn't before, more than enough to cover two rolls of film. Nabiki smiled, that Sailor Mercury, she was interesting.

The blue mist didn't reach the second floor, the cat monster seemed to be winning because since it was blind, the mist only served to make things harder for the blonde. Sailor moon got punched at least two times before Sailor Mercury came back and dispersed the mist. A guy in a tuxedo wearing a mask seemed to be watching, while trying in vain to hide behind a potted plant.

"Awesome work Mercury, that thing almost killed me!" The blonde seemed to be holding tears. The smart girl just ignored Sailor Moon and pulled out her Mercury computer out of nowhere.

"Keep fighting it, I need to find that creature weakness."

"But... it hurts!" Sailor Moon whined

"It will hurt more if we don't defeat it." A female cat said behind a trash can

Sailor moon pouted and tried to punch the monster, it dogged and kicked her to a wall. Just then a rose got clawed in the monster back, it screamed in pain.

"Of course, its a cat, cats have fragile backs." Mercury thought "Sailor moon, I will keep that thing busy, use your attack on that kitty back!"

Sailor moon silently nods, The Mercury computer disappeared in a blue flash and Mercury shouted to get the youma attention "Hey ugly kitty, did you mother drop you on your head when you were little?"

As the monster tried to hit Mercury, Mercury dogged with moves that seemed like a dance. Mercury had hated the ballet classes her mother had forced her to take, but it seemed like they were finally useful for something.

"Sailor moon, don't let your beauty be tarnished, prove the world you are stronger that you seem, go and defeat that monster!" said a male voice, Mercury mentally tuned out everything but Sailor moon, the terrain and the monster. She didn't mind that tuxedo guy help, but his speeches were horrible. She continued her battle dance with the evil feline, until the blonde screamed her attack and the tiara turned the youma into dust.

"Good work Sailor Moon, see what you can do when you stop whining and just focus on the monster?" Luna said, appearing from behind a trash can.

"But... but... I got a broken nail." The blonde said, both Mercury and Luna felt like slamming their heads to the wall. The guy in the Tuxedo approached Sailor moon, have her a rose, and then ran away. "He... he gave me a rose?" Sailor moon face was as red as a tomato.

Since the fight was over, Ranko had no reason to keep trying new clothes, Nodoka had also bought her some sexy lingerie, to the poor red head embarrassment. Finally Ranko convinced Nodoka to leave, Nodoka looked at the damage in the first floor surprised, "I guess some people from Nerima came here today."

"Really? So you didn't notice the Sailor Senshi where fighting a youma here?" Ranko could not believe how oblivious her auntie was. But it was ironic Ranko herself did not notice a fainted Kuno mere ten meters from where they were.

"OH, So thats why there was screaming? I thought it was some clothes discount."

Ranko simply smiled and hugged the older woman "I know you can't be that naive auntie, or are you?"

Nodoka grins hugging back "Really, I am not that naive, is just that well... I been alone for so long... I guess I developed some quirks."

Ranko decided to start his plan "You really miss Ranma, don't you?"

"Yes... that day, the day Genma took little Ranma out of me... I cried for hours, there was a hole in my heart."

"Well... that must suck." Ranko said "Are you really going with that contract? I mean Ranma was just a little boy, he probably didn't understand anything. What if your son ends not being what you want?"

"Is a matter of honor Ranko, you wouldn't understand."

"Honor? You are right, I don't understand." Ranko started to cry, why was she crying? Ranma Sotome wasn't a... girl? No, Ranko was a girl, maybe a fake one, but still a girl. It was ok to cry, it was needed for her plan. "I... I lost my parents... and here you... want to kill your son?"

"Ranko dear, I am sorry I didn't think that..."

"That's right! You didn't think!" Ranko screamed in fury and ran away, crying. Why was she so stupid? Like the plan had any chance to work at all, her mother was just as insane as her father was.

Nodoka was shocked, how could she had been so insensitive? The poor girl was hungry from love and affection, and here she was talking about killing her son if he wasn't a man among men. Poor Ranko had lost her family, Nodoka felt really angry with herself.

Ranko continued to run, why were her emotions such a mess? What was wrong with her? She was being a stupid weak girl, damn waterproof soap, she now wanted to be a man so bad. After all men were strong, men didn't cry. Despite that, she could not stop crying. She was so angry, so angry with her stupid dad. She didn't mind the fiancees, she didn't mind the debts, the training from hell, she didn't even mind the curse or the neko-ken. But her father had done one thing Ranko would never forgive as long as she lived, Genma Saotome had keep her away from her mother for ten long years. And then thanks to that stupid contract, made sure she would never tell her mother who she was, or risk being killed.

Ranko felt down, forcing herself to stop crying, ten years of her life, ten years without the love of a mother, and for what? For power? For the art? Other kids had a mommy that hugged them and cooked for them, a mother that dried their tears, a mother that was there when their son needed help. While Ranko would only get a shadow of that love, while lying at her mother and calling her aunt Nodoka.

After a while, she looked around, without knowing it, she had ended in front of she Shrine she had been earlier. "Hikawa Shrine" a sign said, so that was the name. It was very strange, why that place calmed her? It was like the place really was blessed by a Kami. Just being in front of it brought peace to her soul. She now understood why Ryoga had stayed there.

She entered the shrine, seeing an old short and bald man with Shinto priests robes. Ranko didn't want to go back with Nodoka right now, she didn't want to confess the real reason she had run away crying.

"Excuse me miss, are you ok?" asked the old man, Ranko couldn't help to notice that despite the calm and friendly face the pervert was staring at her breasts.

"Eh... yes... Is Ryoga Hibiki here? I am... a friend of him."

"Oh, so you are Ryoga girlfriend? Ranko, right?" The old man stared at her eyes and smiled

Wait a minute... Ryoga... girlfriend? Oh that's it! The lost boy was gonna get a beat down, the truce was over!

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