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Episode 02: The girls from the Silver Millennium

"Ryoga Hibiki, I am NOT your girlfriend! Prepare to die!" Ranko looked at the boy, who was still wearing Shinto priest robes, with her eyes burning in fury.

The lost boy looked at her confused and shocked, for a few seconds he just stood there and then he smiled. Unlike almost every time Ryoga had fought with Ranma before, he was relaxed and Ranma was the one that was angry. "Bring it on girl!"

"I am NOT a girl!" Ranko started to attack Ryoga with a barrage of fast punches and kicks. Even trying his best at a pure defensive style, the lost boy only dodged or blocked half of the punches. But girl Ranma, was not as strong as boy Ranma, and Ryoga was using the Iron Cloth technique in his robes. It was easier to do in clothes you where wearing, and helped to make clothes strong as steel. While the technique was not usually used for defensive purposes due to the constant chi drain, Ryoga was doing it anyway. He didn't knew why, but Ranma wasn't fighting at his full potential, not only Ranma was fighting as a girl, she was fighting in a pure offensive style, leaving huge openings for him to strike back.

"Fight back! Don't think I will let you go easy on me cause of this stupid and weak body!" Ranko screamed and used Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken speed punches to hit Ryoga chest, creating holes in the robes. Ryoga changed tactics and started to focus his chi in his right arm, Ranma was so angry she didn't notice until Ryoga did an uppercut punch and sent her flying away.

"Pathetic, really... ouch!" Ryoga looked at his chest, Ranko had given him so many chi boosted punches there that it really hurt, but thankfully, he didn't have anything broken. He better went and continued the fight, now that Ranma was away of the temple, he didn't have to worry about the collateral damage.

Ranko landed in the middle of a lake, her angry chi making water evaporate from her body as soon as she reached the shore. Stupid Ryoga, how he dared not only to say he was her boyfriend, but also to hold back because she was in a girl body!

"Oh my red head goddess, the stars must favor me today because-"

Kuno speech was interrupted as Ranko gave Kuno an uppercut that sent him flying back to Nerima. Ranko then saw an amused Nabiki, eating an ice-cream cone.

"Go on, say it!" Ranko screamed, "I am weak, pathetic and girly!"

"Well Ranma, you are the one saying it, not me." Nabiki was wondering why Ranma seemed so angry, the angry chi the red head was emitting giving her trouble to keep her emotionless face.

"Go away, or I will hurt you, I am in a very bad mood."

"10.000 yen." Nabiki said extending her hand

Ranko stared at Nabiki with eyes full of hate "You are an ice witch, abusing everyone for profit! And right now, I don't care if you are a girl or not. GO AWAY!"

Ranma flared a red aura so strong that made Nabiki fall back, and she... ran away. She never before saw Ranma so angry, willing to kill, and it was really scary. Nabiki Tendo found herself running faster then even before, until she couldn't run anymore and she sat down in a park bench, crying. This wasn't like her, she was the Ice Queen of Furinkan High! She never showed her real emotions, she never let emotions control her, but she couldn't stop the tears falling from her eyes.

The red head was running, wet sand touching her naked feet, a monster chasing her. She used to have a family, she used to have friends, and the stupid war had taken everything away from her. She had refused to take sides and as they say, "If you are not with me, you are against me". She wanted to give up, just to let the monster tear her apart, but she couldn't, she would never forgive herself if she betrayed her dead friend trust. The chase had lasted hours, they where on an island, she couldn't run forever. The red head stopped and turned around, her hands started to glow, fire covering them. The golem tried to punch her, she jumped and launched a ball of fire from her hands. The monster didn't seem affected by it.

Her enemies where smart, but they where expecting to only fight magic, the fools.

The woman avoided another punch, stood in front of the rock creature, smiled and poked her finger into the monsters chest.

"Bakusai Tenketsu!"

The golem exploded into hundreds of pieces, some of the debris managed to hurt the woman. She used her magic fire to seal her wounds. She could not stop to rest and recover, she had a mission to do.

Ranma looked around confused, what the hell was that? She was sure that had never happened to her. Her aura had finally calmed down.

"Ranma! Our fight is not over!" Ryoga tried to give her a flying kick, Ranko was so distracted that she barely avoided the attack. Ryoga's kick leaving a big crater where she was standing. She didn't know how P-chan had found her, not with his sense of direction, but that strange vision had calmed her down. This time the roles where reversed, it was Ranko who was dodging or blocking attacks. Something was different, Ryoga was not angry, he seemed focused and calm, should she insult him? Well, it was what she usually did, plus Ryoga was easier to defeat when he was angry.

"Hey P-chan, how you found me? Did you have a boy scout lead you?"

"You Chi was so strong just a few moments ago that you lead me like a moth to flame! That's the best insult you got weak girl?"

"Who are you calling weak girl pork butt?" Ranko started to collect Chi in her hands

"Bakusai Tenketsu!"

She had to move away as the ground next to her exploded and a dust cloud was formed. Next thing she knew she was barely dodging a punch to her back, she turned around and stared at the lost boy.

"You are hitting girls in the back now piglet?"

"You told me to not hold back, or you aren't a man?"

"I am a man!" Once more Ranko started to gather Chi for a Moko Takabisha, but the result was just a poof of smoke. Her head was too messed up for some reason, she couldn't gather enough confidence.

"You really fight like a girl! Shishi Hokodan!" Ryoga tried to use his own Chi attack but he also got only a puff of smoke. Both fighters stared at each other in confusion.

"Say... why we where fighting?" Ranko felt this was quite strange, why where her emotions so easily shifting? Was it some girl thing she didn't knew about? And why she was felling pain all over her body? It was because a youma had drained her the other day?

"Well..." Ryoga scratched the back of his head. "Maybe we could continue our fight when... you are not on that time of the month?"


"Look Ranma, is perfectly normal for a girl to... ya know?" Ryoga was blushing, he looked so pathetic it was hard not to pity him.

"Know what?" Ranma seemed confused

"Well, you see... maybe you could lead me back to the temple and I could explain things to you? I... I don't feel comfortable talking about this kind of stuff in a public place. "

"Ok." Ranma was just too curious to ignore the offer, she had to force Ryoga to change directions several times, as she led him back to the Shrine.

"So... ehh what was that about you not being my girlfriend? You are cute as a girl, but it will be a cold day in hell before we are dating!" Ryoga asked, trying not to look at Ranko's chest. Once again, the girl clothes where soaked, and that marked... certain attributes. No wonder he couldn't do the Shishi Hokodan.

"Well... hey don't change the subject! Explain me about that time of the month stuff already!"

"Eh... why don't you phone Kasumi and ask her? It's... a girls thing, I will even you give the coins so you can use the public phone in the shrine, ok?"

After getting the change, Ranko did indeed phone Kasumi and asked her what that time of the month thing was. Ryoga was smart enough to get lost before Ranma yells could be heard all around the temple. Yes, Hokkaido was so nice this time of the year...

Meanwhile, a woman with long green hair was looking over what it looked like the typical mad scientist lab. There where large test tubes and lots of weird looking equipment, weird in the sense it seemed to be made of... living things. The woman was dressed in a black business suit, and her eyes where of an unnatural golden color. She opened a door and went to the basement of the lab, where a guy wearing a purple tuxedo and a black crow mask was waiting for her. He had long pink hair and red eyes.

"You where right Purple Crow, taking over the lady of time has been quite fun. Every day I get more control, and the body feels more and more comfortable." Said the green haired woman. "However, even after altering the timeline to make sure Sailor Mars star seed had been destroyed... "

"There seems to be a problem." Said the man know as Purple Crow, of course there would be a problem, he and "gold eyes" would not even exist if it wasn't because of one of those problems.

"Yes, the abnormality known as Ranma Saotome will be likely become a new Sailor Mars. It seems he is descendant of the one known as the Burning Rose."

"The Burning Rose? HER?" A pink aura flared around the man in the tuxedo "How can it be? I made sure nothing was left of that witch!"

"As you know, altering a timeline seems to have some... side-effects. Even if you and I are out of the normal flow of time thanks to the Gates of Time, those side-effects still exist." The green haired woman body flared with a strange mix of golden and green battle aura. "And I must remind you, it's me who keeps both of us out of time, if you try to hurt me, well..."

Purple Crow cursed himself, he should have been the one who took over the lady of time, not that golden eyes monster. But Purple Crow could never renounce his beautiful body to become a woman. After all, what was the power over time itself, if he had to renounce his perfect body?

"Very well, but how you plan to get rid of Saotome? Any attempt to erase him from the timeline doesn't work and any enemy we sent after him just ends making him stronger. And we can't even just give him a happy life away of trouble, as he is a chaos magnet."

"Well... " The green haired woman said "If destiny wants him to become Sailor Mars so bad, we just have to make sure that's in a way that will make him enemy of the Senshi."

"Mmm, there is a problem with that." Purple Crow said rubbing his chin "The guy is not a killer, and there seems to be some sort of holy power protecting him since he arrived to Juuban. I can't even get close to him without feeling like I am being burned alive."

"Oh I know about that, but it can be easily fixed...after all Setsuna Meioh is a very resourceful woman."

Purple Crow did not like the grin in the golden eyed monsters face. He had seen it before, when the real Lady of Time had been planning to do something evil. "Absolutely not! I will not let you ruin my perfect body!"

"Oh well, too bad." The woman who called herself Setsuna Meioh pouted "How can you fight the Senshi and ensure the future we want if you won't be able to be around Sailor Mars?"

"I will just let the youma handle them as usual, Sailor Mercury seems to be making progress, she seems skilled at dodging."

"Yes, I admit both Mercury and Moon seem to be getting more skilled in this timeline, but not enough. For our plan to work, they need to... Oh, why I was so blind? It's perfect!"

"What?" Asked the purple tuxedo man. "You can't be thinking in... doing that! You know how messed up the timeline gets when you do that!"

"Relax, I am sure this time it will work. And if it doesn't, we are still out of the normal flow of time, we can just keep trying, right?"

"Not if the Gate of Time gets locked, and this body you are wearing almost killed me. It seems every new timeline gets a stronger Lady of Time, she attacked you as soon as she saw your golden eyes. We can't afford more failures."

Suddenly, Purple Crow's body felt the warm embrace of the woman in front of him, "I am sorry, it's my fault, I was careless. You still love me, don't you? Even if I had to lose my real body for our plans to work? You know I love you, no matter what."

Purple Crow felt himself blushing under the mask, he had to admit that at least the body the monster was using was attractive. But there was no time for this, they could not get distracted with stupid things like love. This was probably the last chance they had to set things right, if they failed, then the new timeline's Sailor Pluto would kill them both."

"Very well Setsuna Meioh, I authorize you to carry out the plans necessary to make sure Ranma Saotome becomes enemy of the Senshi, as long as they don't involve changing my perfect body."

"Yes my King." The woman bows and teleports away in a flash of green energy.

With the golden eyed monster out of the way, Purple crow could return to doing important things, like playing Tetris in his portable computer.

The pigtailed young woman tried to relax herself in the bathtub, she was back to aunt Nodoka house. She had simply told her that she was in her period and she needed... sanitary pads. No way she was gonna wear a tampon, she was a man dammit!

She had been a girl so much lately, no wonder she... Ranko started to cry. Damn stupid female hormones! The damn curse would probably force her to be stuck as a girl until her period was over. Still, this explained a few things, like those days Akane was way more irritable than usual, the few days a month Nabiki became emotional and hugged her big sister. And that once in a while Kasumi said she had a headache and forced the rest of the family to cook and do the chores.

This was not going to defeat her, Ranma Saotome never surrenders! Besides, if she went back to the Tendo Dojo now, the teasing would drive her insane. She saw the tub water starting to gain some red... time to get out. Once she dried herself, she open the bathroom cabinet, took one of those... things. And read the instructions. She put a towel around her waist, another smaller one on her head then went to the guest room. She changed herself and used the pad. It was a bit uncomfortable, but it would have to do.

Trying to calm herself down, and because meditating with that damn thing down there would be impossible, Ranko let herself relax in the bed. She started to think how she could kill one of those youma without magic. The Hiryu Shoten Ha would work, as most of the damage it did was based on the contrast of hot and cold air, not in chi. The air blades of the Yama-Sen Ken would work too. The problem was that the Hiryu Shoten Ha required her to dodge and all those monsters had to do to drain her chi was to touch her and that the Yama-Sen was sealed.

Wait! What if she used a derivate of the Yama-Sen Ken, like using a weapon to do the Kijin Raishu Dan? That would be different enough to be another technique, and only her dad or Ryu would notice it was based on it. A blade weapon would probably be good to create air blades, the problem was the Yama-Sen Ken was a quite difficult technique. It was true Ranma had mastered the Umi-Sen Ken, but that was because it was basically a combination of attacking the opponent from where it could not see you, moving fast and soul of ice. All those things Ranma already knew how to do even before he started his Umi-Sen training. The Yama-Sen Ken required a very fine chi control, and it was a brutal and front assault style that would fit more to Ryoga than herself. Ranma style of fighting relied more on speed, quick thinking and taunting, plus using anything she could do to win.

And why did she want to beat up youma so much? Was it because she was taking the youma as a challenge, as an opponent she had to defeat? Or was it the fact that her style of fighting relied in using chi and that made the youma like water to fire for her? No, there was something else. Those girls, they had no training, yet they where risking their lives to kill monsters that could drain chi and kill a lot of people. She wanted to help them, there was no way she could give them the more than ten years of training she had, and most of her techniques would be useless to fight youma. But if she could at least teach them the basics of fighting, then it was less likely those two girls would end dead.

Ranko was a fighter and a student, not a Sensei. How could she make the girls accept her help? Is not like she could casually approach them while they where fighting a youma and offer training. But, if he was able to beat a youma on her own, then she would have respect, then they would listen to her. Or... she could just let it go. Those girls had been doing this for some time, is not like the martial arts code to defend the helpless applied to those two anyway. Then Ranko remembered the Hiryu Shoten Ha training. Even if it was for selfish reasons, she had people that had been there to help her. Ryoga... Ukyo, they all had done their best to help her, heck even Akane did her part. Wasn't this like that time? Only this time she was the one who could help. Wasn't that the manly thing to do after all? Well maybe it was the damn period messing with her mind, but she would at least give it a try.

Meanwhile, Ryoga Hibiki found himself in front of the Tendo Dojo, with his luck, he guessed that the only time he was not particularly interested in going there, he would just end going there. Trying to run away usually ended with him ending right back in the Dojo or in Akane's school.

"Akane..." He said practicing in front of the door. "Akane... you are a beautiful and kind girl. I... I have something to tell you. I been in a temple for a while and.. Master Hino told me that... ah dammit this is so hard!"

The door opened and Ryoga Hibiki found a confused Akane looking at him "Hi Ryoga, what are you doing here? What's what you want to tell me? And why are you dressed like that, are you a priest now?"

"Uh ehh... have you..." Ryoga was so nervous he said the first thing that came to his mind. "Do you know that Ranma got her first period as a girl?"


"Uh... I mean... isn't that P-chan over there?" While Akane looked behind her, Ryoga hid his backpack behind a bush and jumped at the Koi pond in front of the house.

"Ryoga I don't see P-chan... what are you doing there?" Akane watched a wet Ryoga standing in the middle of the Koi pond, who looked confused.

"Oh I am sorry, I was eh... " Ryoga wondered why he didn't change into a pig, then remembered he had took a bath early in the morning, and that he had used a pink soap... it must have been Ranma's waterproof soap. "I was supposed to... turn into P-chan..."

"YOU WHAT?" Akane was really angry now, only one thing left to do. Ryoga closed his eyes and silently prayed to the heavens.

"Yes, I got a Jusenkyo curse. I turn into P-chan with cold water and turn back to myself with hot water. " While Ryoga knew this would ruin whatever chance he had to be Akane's boyfriend, he also felt like a great weight was lift from his shoulders.

"YOU... YOU PERVERT!" Akane's mallet made Ryoga fly into the air, he hoped to land somewhere soft and that they will send back his backpack. With his luck, it meant he was probably gonna land into broken glass and that Nabiki would sell his backpack for money.

Akane Tendo just stood there, the mallet gone, she was breathing hard and crying "P-chan... Ryoga was P-chan... How I could have been so blind? The clues where all there, the headband, that dumb drawing both P-chan and Ryoga had..."

The red head traveled back to the moon. It was a beautiful kingdom, but it was all magic, without it, all life in the moon would probably die. She was not impressed like when she was a mere child, it was a waste of power, and she wasn't there to admire the view.

Her father had married, had other daughters, and he didn't even dare to see her. She guessed that's what she could expect from having running away when she was ten years old, but she blamed her father for never taking in consideration what she wanted. She wasn't gonna be a lady, forced to marry someone only because her dad told her to. Since the first time she saw two of the Joketsuzoku doing a practice match in their hidden village, she knew she wanted to be like them. Maybe she was irked that her father never tried to get her back when she ran away to the proud warrior's women village. But she was not an official daughter for him, just some trash he had adopted to cover a scandal.

The red head felt proud despite the rejection, she had made a name for herself, the Burning Rose, the Sage of Fire. She found strange that the Queen wanted her talent. Didn't the Moon kingdom have the best mages in all the galaxy? All she could use was mere fire after all. She tried to excuse herself, planning to escape as soon as she could, but Queen Serenity asked her to stay. And for some reason it was very hard to say no to that woman.

The Burning Rose found herself training five girls in the path of fire and in combat, but she kept the secret techniques of the Joketsuzoku to herself. She soon found out those girls where of the House of Mars, like her father. But they weren't her sisters, they where her cousins. Because they where the daughters of the Princess of Mars, they where trained to become Senshi, but only one of them would make it. After all, there was only one Senshi for each planet, so there could only be one Sailor Mars.

Eventually, the eldest of the girls was chosen, "Sensei Rose" as they called her, saw it as a logical choice, Raven was not only her best pupil, she also had psychic and spiritual powers unlike the others. She had always felt a strange connection with the girl, she almost thought of running away with her, save her of the life of a warrior that the Queen had destined for her. But she knew it was a futile dream, not because she couldn't do it, but because the black haired girl would never accept it.

"Raven... I will miss you." Rose hugged the black haired girl, the girl hugged back.

"I will miss you too aunt Ranma." Ranma Saotome stared at the girl with long black hair and violet eyes in shock.

Ranko woke up sweating, her body was so damn hot, and it was like she had a fire inside her. She forced herself to calm down and put her mind in a blank state, and then she imagined a cold winter void of all emotion. Ranko's body temperature soon returned to normal and she looked at the watch in the wall, she had been asleep only for ten minutes. The pad was ruined, grumbling, she went to the bathroom and changed it for a fresh one.

She was damn sure those... Memories? Dreams? Weren't happening because of her period. Why was this happening? Was she possessed? It won't be the first time. But the girl in those visions was clearly her female self, even if it was older looking. At least that girl was a warrior, an Amazon, a sensei, those things Ranko could respect. Nothing about silly dresses, boys or doing girly things. In fact from what little she knew, "Rose" had run away of the life of a girly princess. Maybe it was her mind imagining what kind of girl she would like to be?

No! She wasn't a girl dammit! She was...

"Oh shut up about that! It's annoying!"

What the heck was that? Ranko just heard a voice in her head, it sounded a bit like her girl voice, but that voice definitively was that of an adult woman, not that of a girl.

"Look Ranma or Ranko whatever. First of all, I am sorry about this, ok?"

"Who the hell are you? Get out of my head!" Ranko screamed, and then covered her mouth, the last thing she needed was aunt Nodoka taking Ranko to a shrink.

"Calm down, and don't scream things, think them. I am not here to be your enemy. In fact, I might be able to help you. And about who I am, they call me The Burning Rose."

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Ranko thought.

"Not happening, 'cause you see, this is also my head. And don't think I wanted this, ok? Now please try to calm down before aunt Nodoka takes us to the shrink."

Ranko had to swallow her pride and silently agreed, if this was some kind of ghost she should just help the ghost and then she would be free.

"Good. Now, I will try to keep this short and simple. I am the memory of one of your past lives, and I am a tomboy. I am here to help you, not to be your enemy. Got it brat?"

"Don't call me brat!" Ranko thought "And what makes you think I need your help?"

"Well mister Ranma Saotome, didn't you want to find a way to kill youma?"

That caught Ranko's interest, she remembered The Burning Rose using fire magic, if Ranko could do the same, and she would have no trouble killing youma. But power was never free, she should be careful about this.

"And what will you get out of helping me?"

"Well... you won't like it. In fact let's forget about it, you are too weak and pathetic to do it."

"What? I am not weak and pathetic, bring it on, I can do it!"

"Uhh... you see, I am just something your mind created to avoid getting insane for getting two different set of memories. Some of the memories are painful, others you will find very uncomfortable. You will have to let me slowly give you these memories of your past life as The Burning Rose. You have to accept them, we don't have time to train you to use magic, that takes years in the best of cases."

"No way I am letting you turn me into a girl!"

"See? Told ya. You can't do it, you are just too weak."

Ranko was angry, her damn pride won't let her go back in her offer, but there was no way she would let Rose turn her into a girl. There had to be a way to get magic powers without that.

"Those memories, Will they change who I am? Will they make me a girl?"

"They are just memories, is up to you to be what you want to be. But there is magic involved in this, the first time you remember something, it would be as if you really had done it. I lived a lot longer than you did brat, there is the risk my memories will influence you. The best you can hope is find a middle ground, take the best of both of them."

"Why should I do it? Why risk losing myself for power?" That was a question more for Ranko herself than for Rose. Sometimes the price for power was too great, she remembered the Neko-ken training and she got nervous.

"Look, if I could just give you the memories needed to do magic and nothing else I would do it, but that isn't the way it works. I could also take temporal control of your body as another personality and make you use magic that way, but that wouldn't be nice. It's up to you Ranma, is the power worth the risk? Only yourself can answer that question."

No, it wasn't, there was just too much to lose. She didn't have any real reason for getting magic powers. Helping those girls was the right thing to do but she didn't know them. If it had been to save Akane or Ukyo life... maybe she would have done it. But this wasn't personal and what if even after killing a youma with awesome fire powers the girls rejected her? Or if they accepted her but didn't want to do any training?

"Hey, Rose... do you have any idea of why I want to help the Sailor Senshi?"

"Finally a smart question brat. You see, we knew them, in fact we trained one of them."

"I hope you are referring to other Senshi and not those two. Those girls fighting style is just pathetic."

"No, the one we trained... she got killed in a way that prevented reincarnation. My little Raven... Why couldn't I save you? It should have been me, I should have been there."

Ranko could feel the sadness in Rose's voice, Rose had loved Raven like a mother loves her daughter.

"So, that's why I want to help? Because... because you don't want another Senshi to die?"

"Yes, but it's my burden, not yours. You have your own life Ranma Saotome, it's not fair for me to risk your mind. 'Specially not with... what will happen if you decide you prefer being a girl."

"You mean that damn contract? Why did she do it? Why did my mother did such a stupid thing?"

"Women do a lot of stupid things for the ones they love Ranma. Your mother sees that contract as an extension of the love she has for you, she is one of those who prefer honor before reason. And yes, is still stupid!"

"Uh... can't you help me to make her change her mind?"

"I was never a mother Ranko-chan and I was never very sociable. Sorry, but this is one thing you will have to do on your own. Well, I guess I will go back to some quiet place of your mind, and don't bother you again."


"Now what?"

"I... I honestly don't wanna be a girl but maybe you and me could be... friends? And that whole taking control of my body thing doesn't sound so bad if you ask for permission first. After all, you are a Martial Artist too, right? You won't make me look too bad while fighting youma."

"So, let me get this right. You are willing to let me a woman, fight your battles?"

"If you put it that way, it sounds bad, but you are a tomboy. And even if I hate to admit it, when I have these..." Ranko touched her breasts. "I am technically a girl. Just don't do anything too girly to make me look bad."

"You know, that sexy ninja outfit Nodoka bought you for a costume party would look nice."

"What? No way, I don't want perverts looking at my-"



"There is nothing bad with looking sexy and didn't you said you where a cute tomboy anyway?"

"No, just no. Can't you use something... less revealing?"

"We don't have much money Ranko-chan, and that's the only costume we have. It also covers your face. And wearing that costume, most people won't be looking at our face anyway."

"Ah fine! Why I am even doing this?"

"You are too nice for your own good Ranko-chan. Besides, who doesn't want to be a hero?"

"I don't want to be a hero, much less a magical ninja girl. But... I am too damn prideful, and I would never forgive myself if I let someone die. We have the power to save people, we should use it. And why the hell I am talking to you like you where my best friend about things I don't even tell Ukyo about?"

"That's because technically, you are talking with yourself. There is no risk of humiliation unless they catch you talking your thoughts out."

Water, chemical formula H2O. Water is the most common liquid on Earth and covers about 70 % of the Earth. Water is very important for life, yet humans waste it, poison it, they don't respect it.

She was Sailor Mercury, the Senshi of water, the ironic thing is, she didn't know how to swim. She knew how to dance, in fact, she was dancing, she would have preferred to swim but her mother didn't let her. Her mother was scared of water, she had been on a boat accident, the only survivor, back then she was two months pregnant. Ami Mizuno could understand her mother fear, in fact, she could understand many things people of her age could not, and she was a genius.

People shunned her because of her intelligence, she didn't used to have any friends, girls hated her for being "perfect" and stealing the boy's attention, boys hated her for being better than them, their male ego simply could not accept a smart girl. Her shyness was also a barrier, she was scared of making mistakes, after all being alone was easier than trying to make friends and end hurt or humiliated.

That had changed about a month ago. It had been the day she became a Senshi, the day she became Sailor Mercury. Ami Mizuno was shy and quiet, smart and polite, she knew how to cook and did it well. She was the perfect girl every parent wants, the girl everyone wants their son to marry. Sailor Mercury was a different deal, she was strong, she was fast, and she did what had to be done and was full of confidence. Sailor Mercury's abilities made her the support member of Team Senshi, she had no offensive attacks, but that didn't bother her. It was thanks to her ability to analyze the enemy and find weak points that the battles where won.

Then, there was the blonde, her first friend, Usagi Tsukino. If Ami was the perfect girl, then Usagi was the klutz girl. Usagi was lazy, she hated to study, was usually late to school, she was also a crybaby and hated to fight. The ironic thing is, she was the attack member of team Senshi. Usagi was also the first Senshi, having become Sailor Moon two months ago. How she was able to win any battle before Ami arrived to the team was nothing short of a miracle. From what Ami had learned talking to Luna, Usagi had won these battles by a combination of luck, the fact the monsters had done something that really annoyed Usagi and the encouraging words of the Tuxedo guy.

Also back then, the monsters didn't attack every day, it was very rare to have two monsters attack the same week. So Usagi had only fought five youma before Ami joined the team. It was a good thing she had become a part of team Senshi, because about three weeks ago youma started to attack every day. If summer hadn't started only a week later, they would have been overwhelmed. But summer won't last forever, they need help.

Luna had said there where other Senshi, but due to the holes in her memory, she had no idea who they where. Ami had deduced that there where at least six Senshi, Five Senshi for the Inner Planets and one Senshi for the moon. Was that strange red head girl one of the Senshi they still had to find? She hoped that she was, that girl knew how to fight, and a close combat member would do wonders for team Senshi.

The ballet class finally ended, time to go to Usagi's home. The blonde would be probably playing videogames with Naru Osaka, who had become Ami's second friend. The poor girl seemed to be a youma magnet, half the time she was present when youma attacked. Usagi had wanted to tell her about being a Senshi, but Luna would not let her. It was the logical choice, knowing who the Senshi where was not only a security risk, it would also put the girl in even more danger. Also, the girl was the number one Sailor Moon fan. In the last month, lots of Sailor Moon merchandise had appeared out of nowhere, magazines, toys videogames, they where marketing them and they didn't get even a single yen out of it. Lately, even Sailor Mercury merchandize had started to appear, in a way, it made her feel good.

The Osaka family seemed to have money, at least enough money for Naru to buy tons of Sailor Moon stuff. It was a pity team Senshi had to remain anonymous, Meioh Enterprises seemed to have turned the Senshi into their newest cash cow. More than once Ami had to retrain herself to avoid going to Meioh Enterprises' main building as Sailor Mercury and give them a piece of her mind.

As she entered Usagi room, both the blonde and Naru where looking at the newest teen magazine. This time it had Sailor Moon in the cover, and it looked like Usagi had posed for it! The klutz sure got her and Luna lots of trouble, what the hell was she thinking? OH who was she kidding, Usagi wasn't thinking, that was the blonde biggest problem.

"Usagi-chan, may I please talk to you for a moment in private?" Ami said, Usagi saw the looks in her friend face and knew she was in trouble.

Life wasn't fair, summer was supposed to be fun! Instead, she was wasting it fighting horrible monsters, that weren't her idea of a good summer. It was bad enough when Luna was the only one nagging her, but now it was Ami too! At first being Sailor Moon wasn't so bad, she saved people, she looked sexy, and the monsters didn't attack everyday. But now... she was tired of all this. OH, how she wanted to put an adhesive bandage over Luna's moon symbol, put her in a cage, and take a few days off! But she couldn't, if she wasn't Sailor Moon people would get hurt, people would die. Ami didn't have any attack that could kill youma, so it was up to her to save the day.

Was it so bad to want some thanks? To get some praise? To stay after a battle was over and sign some autographs? But she couldn't do that, could she? Because the Senshi saved people lives but vigilantism was illegal in Japan. Both Luna and Ami had explained it to her so many times that she knew it from memory. Then, a week ago, she had to fight a monster alone because Ami was with her mother and Usagi didn't want to bug her. It was very rare for Ami to spend some time with her mother, so she was a good friend and fought the monster alone. It was a hard fight, she almost died! Then, after the fight was over, a photographer had approached her, asking for an interview, Luna wasn't there to nag her, and so she decided to do it. Just a few pics, answer a few questions, and she was done. She even donated the money she got from it to charity, and she wanted the new Sailor V videogame so bad! But, now here was Ami, getting angry at her for posing for a few pictures.

"Why? Don't you understand that-"

"No, I don't understand! Was it so bad to get a few pictures taken? Yes, it could have been a trap of the Dark Kingdom, but it wasn't. Why is it so bad that people get to know us? Maybe if they get to know the Sailor Senshi well they will let us kill youma and we wouldn't have to run away from the police!"

Usagi-chan started to cry, Ami hugged her. "I... I am sorry, I know it has been hard. For me being a Senshi has been the best thing of my life. Because... because you became my friend Usagi-chan and Naru became my friend too. Before I was so sad, I was so alone. I know you hate this, it has become a burden. I am sorry if you sometimes feel I am too hard on you, I... I don't want to hurt you."

Usagi then smiled, her tears gone. "Was that so hard to say? We are friends Ami-chan, I know I will never be the Senshi you and Luna want me to be, but I try the best I can. You are a genius Ami-chan, I am sure you can think a way to make us official, I am tired of escaping the cops."

What, what just happened? Most of the time, Usagi was a disaster, but then came moments like this, it made Luna feel proud of Sailor Moon. Thanks to the good hearing she had for being a cat, the feline had been listening to the private conversation while Naru played a videogame alone.

"Yes, we could be official youma hunters or something! And then I would be a celebrity for real, and appear on TV, and get my own videogame and..."

And just like that, Luna let herself fall flat on the couch, that girl was hopeless!

AN2: Ranma is a bad student, not only he tends to arrive late, he has missed years of classes due to his ten year training trip. And even after arriving to Japan, he keeps missing classes due to training trips and rescuing Akane. So yes, is perfectly logical that he missed the obligatory sexual education classes. I needed a Silver Millennium name for Rei Hino, and Raven made a lot of sense, not only because Raye is her dub name in English adaptations, but also because of Sailor Mars pet crows Phobos and Deimos. And no, she is not the Raven from Teen Titans, even if that would be awesome. What will happen with Ryoga now that Akane knows his secret? Where will the lost boy land? (I accept suggestions about that).

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