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Episode 03: The Girl, The Kitsune And the Gates

Ranko tested how she looked in the black ninja outfit, it was designed to show off cleavage and had a short skirt. To prevent showing anything Ranko was wearing a red one piece swimsuit underneath. The only "ninja" about the costume was the mask, which covered all but her eyes.

"Oh yeah, we look good." Rose's voice said in Ranko head, that annoyed her.

"Look, I don't like this stupid costume, I am just wearing it, 'cause it's the only thing we got for the job." But despite herself, Ranko had to admit that the costume was very distracting, even wearing the one piece under it. Rose was right, not many people would be looking at her face.

"You are so prude! Anyway, who do you think would like to have fun with your girl side more, Akane or Ukyo?"

"What the hell does this have to do with our training?" Ranko face was blushing deep red.

"Well, can't I have some fun too? Personally I prefer Ukyo, Akane needs to grow up and stop acting so angry about everything."

"Again, why the hell are we talking about this?" This sure wasn't Ranma Saotome's day, having her first period, and with a perverted female personality talking to her.

"Someday, you will have to choose. And let's face it, with our luck with water, we should pick a girl that at least doesn't mind sleeping in the same bed with a certain redhead."

"If I knew you were such a pervert I would have never agreed for this whole ninja magical girl thing!" Ranko found herself imagining her naked girl form hugging a naked Ukyo, dammit! Why she had to find girl on girl so hot? Well at least even Ranko knew most guys found that hot, so at least it wasn't a girly thought.

"Ranko-chan, as I said I don't want this, but everything happens for a reason. For example, why do you think you keep referring to yourself as Ranko when you are female?"

"So I don't slip up and call myself Ranma in front of my mother!"

"While that's a very good reason, the real reason is that's a way of denial. Ranma Saotome is a man among men, not a girly girl! Ranko is the one having a period, not Ranma!"

"Great, so I am going insane?"

"Not quite, denial is not the same as insanity, unless you take it to the extremes Kodachi and Kuno do."

"Oh god, please, if I ever get that bad, make me get help and fast!"

"Don't worry, I will. Now, since you aren't used to have a period, can I take over for a few minutes? I want to see if we can at least fight."

"Fine, but just five minutes."

Ranko found herself looking at everything like she was in some kind of dream, her body was moving, but she wasn't the one doing it. The redhead body winked in front of the mirror and did a few sexy poses, probably just to embarrass Ranko. She then said, "Man, I am a hot babe!" then held an open palm and created a small fireball. She held the fireball for a few minutes, and then it faded away. Ranko found herself again in control of her own body, the dream like sensation disappearing.

"So, how was it?" Ranko asked.

"Using your body was weird, it felt all stiff and uncomfortable. But I think that with a few days of practice I can get the hang of it. Did you feel anything when I created the fireball?"

"No, it was like a dream for me, hearing and seeing things, but not much else."

"Well at least you were somewhat conscious, do you remember everything I did?"

"Yes, you acted sexy in front of the mirror, said you were hot and then created a fireball."

"Good, I need to take over for using magic but at least you will know what I did while using your body."

"So, what's next?"

"We do some girls talk with auntie Nodoka! But not dressed like this, I want to wear pants."

"I was starting to think you lied about being a tomboy, but do I really have to do the girly talk?"

"We have to, Ranko is a tomboy but a nice girl, remember?"

Ranko groaned, changed clothes and went to talk with her mother, this whole deal about going to Juuban was turning out to be one of her worst ideas.

Setsuna Meioh was watching the Gates of Time, they were frozen in a single moment. Just before Ryoga Hibiki, with his eyes closed, was hit by a big mallet by Akane Tendo, and sent flying. The lady of Time wasn't almighty, she was able to change things, but only small things. Make a person wake up late, miss a train, make you forget were you left the damn keys, and stuff like that. But, thanks to trial and error, doing these small things, she could archive big outcomes. When that wasn't enough, she was forced to interfere in a more direct and personal way. In most of the possible universes that had a Sailor Pluto in it, Setsuna Meioh was obsessed with a single thing: A future were a girl named Usagi became Neo Queen Serenity and ruled the world. But this wasn't the regular Sailor Pluto, she was possessed by a creature known as "Golden eyes" so this Lady of Time objectives were a bit different.

Right now, Setsuna was thinking what she would do with the lost boy, since she could change the trajectory of were the mallet would sent him flying. Should the boy end in a women bath or locker room and be chased as a pervert? Should he land in the sea or a river and run away from being eaten? Should he get the Amazon girl Shampoo angry and have a serious treat of being killed? Maybe she could make him land in the Japanese spring of drowned girl, which was one of her favourites.

But this time, Setsuna wasn't so sure she wanted to make Ryoga's life miserable, because the boy had done something that she found noble. Ryoga had just admitted to Akane that he was P-chan. He could have just lied, that girl was dense as a brick when it came to get clues. She guessed that the two weeks the lost boy had stayed at the Hikawa Shrine and the advice of Master Hino had made Ryoga a better person. Ryoga's life was usually bad, but usually it tended to be his own damn fault. Had he not chased after Ranma for a stupid childish feud, he would not have been cursed. If he had not been cursed, he would not live "hell" as P-chan and so on. She could not fix Ryoga's sense of direction, or cure his curse, only replace his curse with another one. So, what could she do to make the lost boy life better?

A wide grin crossed the face of the Lady of Time, she waved her staff and Ryoga was hit by Akane's mallet. The lost boy was sent flying to an old shrine that was planned to be demolished to make apartments. Ryoga crashed trough the old rotten wood roof, and over a terracotta Buddha statue, covered in ancient and worn down paper seals, breaking it. A silver mist started to pour out from the broken statue and formed into a five year old girl with silver hair, green eyes, and wearing a traditional white kimono. The girl had gray fox ears over the top of her head.

Ryoga looked around confused "Uh, were the hell am I?" then he noticed the small girl. "Hi, I am lost." Ryoga took out a map of Texas written in Chinese from his pocket "Could you please tell me how to get to the Hikawa Shrine in Juuban?"

"You are funny big brother!" The small girl said in Chinese and hugged Ryoga, making the lost boy even more confused than usual.

"I am not your big brother!" Ryoga responded also in Chinese, after all his travels he had learned the basics of the language. He then noticed that the girl had fox ears and tried to run away, but the cute small girl tackled him. Then she touched her glowing right hand over Ryoga's forehead, the lost boy was paralysed for a few minutes but he felt no pain.

"My name is Yin Hu Tian, but you can call me Kiseki!" The girl said in Japanese "Now big brother, you wanted to go to the Hikawa Shrine in Juuban, right? Kiseki will help big brother!"

Ryoga was no longer paralysed, but before he could protest, the small girl picked him up as if he weighted nothing and started to run. She couldn't get the direction to the shrine because she had read the lost boy's mind and he had no sense of direction, but she could always ask around. It was so fun to have a big brother again, maybe she could make friends in Juuban? It was very exiting!

Purple Crow was in his lab, making sure nothing was going to blow up anytime soon. The place did barely fit his needs and the leftover machines from the previous mad scientist were a bit creepy, but he was only five blocks away from an all-you-can-eat buffet and that was what it counted.

He looked in front of a silver mirror and said a single word "Jadeite." The image of the blond dark general appeared in the mirror and Purple Crow took his form. He then teleported to the Dark Kingdom Omega base, a fortress situated in the North Pole. There was another base, The Dark Kingdom Alpha base situated at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean under Antarctica. The Omega base had been his creation, an idea that took two years to create and did take a year for Queen Beryl approval. But thanks to his replacing Jadeite and that great amount of energy he had provided the Queen with, he had it his way.

The three remaining dark generals did not know of it but the base was the key to his success. It was his youma factory, were his powerful but short lived youma were created. Only he and Beryl could enter it, but if Beryl got the idea to get rid of Jadeite" in his own base, she would be killed and replaced by a copy. The only reason Purple Crow didn't replace Beryl already is because her connection to Queen Metalia, plus if she died the three other dark generals would be free of her control. Thanks to his innovative youma design, the energy was sent right to the base as soon as Sailor Moon appeared to fight the youma. Then haft of it was sent right to Beryl so she could do as she pleased with it. Beryl didn't know Purple Crow was keeping half of the energy, she just thought the "Instant youma" drew half of the energy they really did. But since the Jadeite had been able to get energy everyday, she wasn't complaining. The factory had started to go into full production three weeks ago, but even facing a youma a day the Senshi still keep going. That was good, their plan required the Senshi to be strong after all, even if the original intent was for other Senshi just to appear sooner. While "instant youma" only lasted a day, they had amazing chi absorbing abilities. That more than compensated the fact they were totally salvage and would attack everyone, even other Instant youma.

Well, it was time to check the progress of his prisoner, it had been over a month and he would be useless for his plans if he died. Purple Crow checked to make sure Beryl would not come today and went into the prison chamber. Once there he teleported to a secret location only he could access and Beryl did knew nothing about. There in front of the giant pink crystal that collected the life energy he didn't sent to Beryl, was a jail. In the jail, totally powerless, was the real Jadeite.

"Hi, how have you been?" Purple Crow asked, still in his Jadeite form.

"Quite bored, are you here to play chess with me? That and using the gym equipment you got me is the only fun I got. I mean the books you got me were ok for a while, but I have read them five times each already."

"Maybe, who do you serve?" Due to the spells on the jail, Jadeite was not only powerless, but forced to say the truth.

"Myself, Beryl can go to die for all I care."

"Good, it seems Setsuna was right, the spells Queen Beryl got over you seem mostly gone. They are now weak enough for me to get rid of them."

"Really? Then you will get me free?"

"Not quite, but after three years you are finally ready for phase two."

"Phase two? What are you talking about? You said that once you made sure Queen Beryl had no control over me you would let me join you."

"Yes, but I never said it would be without making some changes. Say, do you think you will look cute after I transform you into a teenage girl?"

The look of pure terror in Jadeite face was priceless, Purple Crow had waited three years to see it.

In a bright red flash Ranko's clothes vanished, showing her naked body for a few seconds. Swirling red flames quickly wrapped about her entire body, and then disappeared to reveal a one piece red swimsuit that soon got covered with a sailor fuku and some jewelry. Her feet were covered by white socks and red ballet shoes. A rush of hot air spread from her body, revealing she was Sailor Mars, the Senshi of Fire. Staring down at her new form, Ranko's face was in shock, she seemed angry.

She looked at the blurry looking and shadow like monster while fire covered her hands "YOU!" a red battle aura surrounding her body. She launched a barrage of a thousand flame powered punches to the plant monster, burning it to ashes. "How was that? Moeru Amaguriken bitch! I just made it up!"

Sailor Mars then looked at the two other Senshi, she was so full of anger her battle aura turned into fire. Ranko forced herself to calm down, her mind going blank, her chi stopping flowing around her body, the flaming aura gone. Soul of ice, winter, nothing but snow. The hot air emitting from her body started to cool down, until it started to turn cold.

"How... how can I change back?" Ranko said before she fainted and her transformation dropped, leaving her back into her ninja outfit.

"What... what the heck was that?" Ranko asked, she was back into her room. She was also pretty sure it couldn't be a memory of a past life because in both lives she never was a Sailor Senshi, unless Rose had been lying to her.

"A vision, amazing! It seems the period has messed up our body so much that we had one without fire reading." Rose said, she sounded impressed.

"You can do fire reading? Is that like, some mumbo jumbo to see the future?"

"I am the Sage of Fire. Fire reading is just another kind of fire magic, of course I can do it! And yes, it can be used to see the future or at least the most probable outcome." Rose boasted, well it seems that in both lives she had been quite full of herself.

"That sounds quite useful, but why I was becoming a Senshi in that vision? Is that even possible?" Ranko was fearing a life stuck as a girl if that ever happened. After all, so much power as she had felt in the vision could probably override her curse and left her stuck as a girl.

"Sailor Mars was always been chosen from a Princess of the House of Mars with great skills in the path of fire and good fighting abilities. We qualify, but it's still very strange. Only Queen Serenity or the Moon Princess could make us a Senshi. So that means we will probably find the Queen or the Princess in the future."

"So, you think that maybe one of the Senshi is Queen Serenity or the Princess?"

No response, Ranko waited a few minutes then asked "Rose, you there?" Ranko didn't get an answer, was Rose gone? Or she just didn't walk to talk to her? Maybe Rose was exhausted because of the vision and had retracted into a corner of her mind? Dammit. Ranko hoped Rose wasn't gone forever, not only she still needed her help to defeat youma, but she needed a lot of questions answered. If Rose wasn't back tomorrow, she would try to start training that blade version of the Kijin Raishu Dan.

The problem was, Ranko needed to get a bladed weapon first and this wasn't Nerima, no easy way to get a sword or something similar. Maybe there were a few ancient Naginata in the temple? In the past women were trained to fight using those, so maybe the temple had one or two as relics. It won't be so rare, after all bandits and criminals weren't going to restrain themselves just because the women they wanted were priestess.

Still, there was a big problem with that plan. To get a Naginata, Ranko would have to work part time as a Miko there. And she wasn't planning to ruin Ranko Tendo's reputation, so nothing of stealing the weapon and run. That would mean she would have to deal with a pervert, at least the pervert wasn't Happosai. Still, being a Miko wasn't Ranko's idea of fun. But it could be way worse, it could be work in one of those places were young women had to dress sexy. It could even be... No! Enough about thinking about that!

First she was gonna see if that temple had Naginatas and if they allowed her to train using them. If that was the case, then and only then she would take the job as a Miko. At least the Miko robes covered much, even if she won't be allowed to wear pants. Plus the job would also give her money...

Wait, why she needed more money? She was planning only to stay a few days, right? Damn it all! For, for this whole magical ninja girl thing to work, she would need to stay way more than a few days, and that would ruin everything. Her rivals would start to come to Juuban, heck she already meet Kuno and Nabiki! Nabiki was probably selling her right now, especially after the way she scared her.

What was she gonna do? How could she fix this mess? What the hell had she been thinking? She was right, coming to Juuban had been one of her worst ideas so far. No, she wasn't gonna cry, stupid period or not! But her body refused to listen to her, and she was crying. Why had her life to be so complicated?

There was a knock on the door "Ranko-chan, are you ok?" It was the voice of Nodoka, her so-called auntie.

"I'm fine..." Ranko paused, was it so bad to have her mother console her? It's not like anyone else had to find out. "But... I could use a hug."

Nodoka opened the door, smiled and hugged Ranko. It's not like it was Ranko's fault, it was the damn period, it was like being sick, or cursed. Not like Ranko would ever let anyone find out, she was liking being hug by her mother. Right then, it didn't matter what the future was going to be, she was with her mother and she was hugging her, and it felt wonderful.

Somewhere in Ranma's mind, there was a big double door, made of black stone, sealed away with chains. The being behind that door was a representation of Ranma fears. It was the Neko-ken. A redheaded woman that looked about twenty-five was looking at the door and frowning, knowing very well that for now, maybe forever, the defeat of that monster was not something Ranma could do. The women undid the ponytail, letting her hair loose. She then adjusted her green colored Chinese Amazon outfit and started to walk away. Soon she found herself in a beautiful flower garden, the part of Ranma mind that belonged to her and another. There was Ranma's female form waiting for her, while wearing Ranma usual clothes, she was smiling.

"Hey Rose, how was it?" The smaller redhead asked, she seemed cheerful.

"It was as you said Red, we are not ready to bring that monster down."

"Yeah whatever, wanna fight?" The other redhead named Red said grinning.

"Sure Red, that always cheers me up, it will be an honor to kick your ass!"

"Oh, always so cocky uh? This time I will win!"

And so the two redheads danced.

Jadeite's head hurt, it really hurt, it was like he had woken up out of a bad nightmare combined with a hangover. He now remembered everything, he had been one of the four generals of the Earth Kingdom, until that cursed redhead witch brainwashed them and infused them with dark power. The spell had been quite strong, more powerful than any human sorcerer should be able to do, which was probably because of Queen Metalia power. He... he had betrayed his king, betrayed his prince. Honor demanded revenge, but he knew that if Queen Beryl had brainwashed him once, she could do it again. There where no traces left of the foul spell in his body, or of Metalia's power. Now, he felt his old powers returning... and that made him remember what Purple Crow had said about turning him into a teenager girl.

"Well Jade..." Purple Crow said in a mocking tone, his Jadeite disguise gone. "Still want to serve only yourself and join me?"

"That depends... what are your plans? Are you just another megalomaniac trying to take over the galaxy? And how that involves turning me into a girl?"

"All I can say is that the objective is to save Earth, there is a greater evil than Metalia coming. But first, Queen Metalia needs to be defeated by the Sailor Senshi. Until then, I will make sure the Senshi become stronger. Unfortunately, the plan requires you to become someone else, General Jadeite is too well known." Purple Crow took out his mask, revealing a face that for some reason sends a strange sense of familiarity to the former Dark General. He was sure he had never seen that face before, maybe the disguise field was the reason he couldn't place the face with a name.

"Why do I have to be transformed into a teenager girl? Couldn't you just change my appearance to look like a different male human?"

"In order to become untraceable by both the Senshi team and the Dark Kingdom, your heart crystal needs to be altered. For some bizarre reason, the process is more secure and works better on females. Still it's your decision, you can still help the plans as a guy, and it just would have to be in a passive role." The bait had been served, the reason he had picked Jadeite wasn't only because he was the first general the girls where supposed to face, but also because of the four Dark Generals, he had been the one with the kindest heart; even after being brainwashed and corrupted by dark power. He also knew that Jadeite could tell when someone was being sincere, he might not have been the most powerful Dark General, but he was very good at reading body language.

"What I did, even having the excuse of being brainwashed, was the worst betrayal. I helped to kill my King! Since suicide would accomplish nothing, all that is left is revenge. Do whatever you must."

"I knew I had chosen well, your heart is in the right place Jadeite. Now, in order to make it safe, you need to rest well and recover until you are at full strength. Do you swear your loyalty to me and that you won't try to escape?"

"Yes my master." Jadeite bowed and was almost surprised on how easily he swore loyalty to the man he only knew as Purple Crow. He knew the cell power restrains where gone, and he couldn't detect any mind control spell. Still, that sense of familiarity, it made him feel as if he was supposed to serve this man. Maybe it was... his prince? The prince didn't have pink hair and red eyes, but if he had been reborn, who could tell how he would end up looking in his new body?

Early in the morning, it was a brand new day, the sun was shining, the birds where singing and all what Ranko could think was killing the damn birds and go to sleep a few hours more. How did girls go with this period thing every fucking month?

Still, period or not, Ranma Saotome was a Martial Artist, so she forced herself to wake up and took a shower. After drying herself and using yet another pad, she changed. There wasn't much use in trying the more practical clothes if she wasn't going to practice, so she picked to wear one of the girly dresses her auntie Nodoka got for her.

"Good morning Auntie!" Ranko was surprised to find that Nodoka seemed to be an early riser, and that she seemed to be already making breakfast.

"Good morning Ranko, do you feel better today?"

"Not really." Ranko said, "I can't really train like this, besides some slow katas, so I will try to focus on meditation."

"Actually..." Nodoka smiled "Are you familiar with the tea ceremony? Is not like you really have anything better to do, so I thought..."

Ranko gulped, yes, she was familiar with the tea ceremony, but only the combat version of it. If she said she knew the tea ceremony, her mother would just find another girly thing to teach Ranko about.

"I won't mind you teach me auntie." Perfect! That haven't been a lie, she honestly didn't mind, mostly because it would just be the two of them, with no witness. She would have preferred for Rose to deal with this, but she had said her mother was something Ranma Saotome needed to do on her own.

Ryoga Hibiki found himself back at the Shrine and he changed clothes. Thankfully, he had left a spare set for washing. He exited the bathroom and looked at the strange fox girl that claimed to be his sister.

"Okay little princess, what's the deal with you?" Ryoga knew little girls liked to be called princess. After all, even if this little girl was really some kind of fox demon or maybe a Kami, it still had the form of a small girl.

"You rescued me, now Kiseki will be your little sister and help you!" The five year old looking girl smiled and gave him thumbs up.

"So... little sister uh?" Ryoga petted the girl's fox ears "I guess there is no way I will convince you to leave me alone, right?"

"I will respect you privacy, but Kiseki always will be there to help big brother!" The girl grinned, it seemed she was liking the petting.

"So... care to explain things in more detail?"

"I am your little sister, I will protect and help big brother!"

"Right, uh... can you get my backpack and umbrella back? I kind of left it back at the Tendo Dojo in Nerima."

"Yay! Kiseki likes to help!" The little girl ran away of the temple at an amazing speed, wind trailing behind her.

Even with the girl's amazing speed that would give Ryoga some time for himself. What was he gonna do with her? If she were evil, she wouldn't even be able to be near the temple, the place had some kind of holy power. For normal people, it made the place... nice. For Chi Adepts like himself and Ranma, they could feel a calming and relaxing influence, one that brought out the best of them. What it did for creatures like Kiseki?

Usagi Tsukino was never an early riser, 'specially during holidays, so Luna looked at the girl confused when she just... woke up. Maybe woke up wasn't the exact term, it was more like Usagi opened her eyes and just laying in the side of the bed, looking at nothing in particular, as if she was daydreaming.

"Usagi, are you ok?" Her feline advisor seemed worried, what could make the blonde act like this?

"She... she is alive... after all this time... Lady Rose was reborn..." Usagi's voice sounded strange. It was more the voice of an educated and refined girl, not Usagi's usual childish and attention seeking tone.

"Princess... Serenity?" Luna said in disbelief. Luna had always known, even with her damaged memories, that Usagi Tsukino was the reincarnation of princess Serenity. But the blonde girl wasn't ready to know that yet.

"Not quite... just memories..." Usagi smiled and looked at Luna. "I don't plan to take over this child's mind if I can help it. She is just so nice and innocent, unspoiled by grief and loss... but like she tends to say, life isn't fair, right?"

"Who... who is Lady Rose?" Luna asked, there where many questions in the feline's head, but she knew Serenity's personality could fade away at any moment leaving behind just a confused teen.

"That's a good question, isn't it? Before the war, she and my mother where friends, Lady Rose was one of the few who was willing to call her out of doing something stupid. Then... I fell in love, I ignored everything but my heart and because of that, millions died."

"Princess, you can't really blame yourself for..."

"Heavy is the head that carries the crown, right? Unlike little Usagi, being childish and innocent was just a mask. I lost my innocence when I was eight and they killed a man in front of me, to prevent my assassination."

"I..." The Mau was lost about what to say.

Princess Serenity touched Luna's forehead, and the feline felt a small tingle all over her body. "I got to go now, Usagi drank too much water. Have fun with my gift, something tells me you will need it."

Usagi then ran to the bathroom and closed the door. Because of that, she didn't notice the confused cat staring at the disguise pen. They hardly used it anymore, so it was just hidden along Usagi's regular pens.

Luna picked the pen with her mouth. Would it work? Princess Serenity was after all the daughter of the Queen, it could be a nasty prank. Wait! She should probably wait until Usagi...

There was a flash of light, and where the cat was, now stood a girl that looked just like Usagi, only naked. The disguise pen still in her mouth. She picked it up with her now human's hand and grunted, knowing she would just have to wait for the effect to wear off. Figures the darn princess would be able to do something helpful that was a prank at the same time...

Thankfully, the effect of the transformation only lasted an hour, or Usagi would try to make Luna go to school in her place. Heck, who was she kidding? Usagi would find a way to abuse it anyway...

Still... to walk among humans, without hiding she could talk, wear pretty dresses, maybe even go in a... Where did those thoughts come from? Then she remembered, a long time ago, she could take human form, it had been a gift of the queen for years of service. It was a way for Luna to talk and interact to others without being treated like a pet. Sure, they would usually respect her rank, but still treat her like a cat.

Now she knew that human form was probably lost, replaced by the body double of one Usagi Tsukino. She wanted to hate the princess for what she had done to her, but it made a lot of sense. Luna's human form would have been a ghost in the system, a girl that came out of nowhere, that spelled trouble. Plus, having a double, Usagi would have less of a hard time becoming Sailor Moon, even if she was in a situation where she couldn't leave.

Luna was so busy thinking that she barely noticed the real Usagi exiting the bathroom and looking at her in shock. Now Usagi, considering she still had hours of sleep left, came to what for her mind was the most logical conclusion.

"Uh, a dream where I am naked again?" Usagi smiled and walked to Luna, picking the other girl's hands. "Now sister, I know the disguise pen is fun, but using it to walk around naked is bad."

Usagi picked the magic artifact and hid it under her pillow, and then she started to get naked herself. Luna looked at Usagi in shock, her mind considering the pros and cons of telling the truth. Pros, Usagi would probably not do something to her body. Cons, Usagi would freak-out, thinking she was a youma and try to kill her. Plus Miss Tsukino would come to Usagi's room, and find that her only daughter had somehow become twins.

Blushing, Luna silently cursed the Moon Princess and decided to play along for the moment. The now naked Usagi then sat on the ground, and to her surprise took out a shogi board from under the bed, then took a small box, pulled out the shogi pieces, and put them in place.

"Now, how we played this thing again?" Usagi asked, thankfully Luna was familiar with the rules of shogi. It was among the many things about the new and modern Earth that someone had implanted knowledge of in her head.

When about an hour later, Luna changed back into a cat, Usagi decided the dream was getting too weird even for her and went back to bed. Luna smiled, felling proud of her princess, she had managed to win one of three games. Thinking it better, Usagi was not the only one who could abuse her new power, the possibilities of black mail material where almost endless. Luna grinned, showing her cat teeth, Oh yes! Usagi's tardiness and bad grades days where going to be over as soon as classes started again. Heck, she could probably even make Usagi join a sports team, No, better not! Luna would probably be the one working out seeing how much of an uncomfortable timing the youma attacks usually had.

Ami Mizuno was laying lazily in her bed, something that was very strange for her. Yesterday she... she had lost control, she had let her emotions get the best of her. Sure, it had worked for the best, but that had only been because Usagi was her friend and they where in a somewhat safe environment. But what if it happened during battle? She couldn't let this keep happening to her, she had wasted too many years to keep her emotions in check to become an emotional wreck now. Ami got up out the bed and decided to do something besides felling sorry for herself, doing nothing and being lazy was Usagi's style, not hers.

Ami got to her desk, picked paper and pencil and started to draw, not really focusing on it, letting her mind wander. She ended drawing herself wearing a cute princess outfit, then she drew Usagi, she was in her nightgown, and then Luna, she was over an elephant for some estrange reason. Ami suddenly looked at what she had just done. It was... illogical, it made no sense, it was like the stuff from dreams.

Ami smiled, it was okay to draw, to let her imagination fly like this, it was safe. Ami then drew the Tuxedo guy, she did that drawing horrible bad on purpose. Why she didn't like him anyway? Was it the horrible speeches? Or was it because he could make Usagi work hard easily just by saying a few words, when it took her so much effort instead?

Maybe, just maybe... she was jealous. Is not like she was attracted to him, but the guy seemed to care about Sailor Moon, he tried to help and protect her. It would be nice, to have a guy do that for her, okay, maybe not like that. Maybe someone who didn't do stupid speeches or threw roses, maybe someone who just went and saved her, then gave her a gentle kiss.

Ami blushed, she guessed it was about time she started to get interested in boys, it was perfectly natural after all. Not that she saw being interested in girls as wrong, she was still keeping her mind open about the possibility. After all, from the files she had been able to read from the Mercury computer, it seemed girls loving girls was not frowned upon during the Silver Millennium. Sure most girls still got together with guys, but there where some royal parties, where Queen Serenity made sure everyone got quite drunk and...

Okay, now she needed a cold shower, and fast!

The Lady of Time looked yet again at the Gates of Time, watching the girl that was calling herself Ranko Tendo being taught the Japanese tea ceremony by a woman she called "Auntie Nodoka." She had to start the plan to make the redhead become the enemy of the Senshi, but how to go about it?

Setsuna rubbed her chin thinking, her golden eyes changing into a dark brownish-red colouring, then simply to plain dark brown. Then her hair became black. Changing eye and hair color with a simply glamour was child's game for her. Then her Sailor Senshi uniform faded away, leaving her naked by mere seconds, then white silk underwear covered her private parts, then she got a white blouse and blue jeans. Her feet where covered by brown roman sandals, that was Setsuna's definition of 'casual'. She honestly preferred real clothes to an illusion, but said illusions was the only way she could still use her Senshi powers while looking as she was wearing regular clothes.

Setsuna teleported to her office on the top floor of Meioh Enterprises main building. Using magic to deal with Ranma Saotome in the past had proven problematic at best, disastrous most of the time. This time, she was gonna try using more mundane but effective means, the money and influence that being the CEO of Meioh Enterprises gave her. Also she was the mayor investor, 40% of the company was at her name, 20% in the name of Purple Crow's civilian identity.

Setsuna did a few phone calls, called in some favours, treated and bribed people. By the same time tomorrow, Ranko Tendo won't be longer a lie created by a gender changing boy called Ranma Saotome, but legally a real person. She had even found an old Dojo to buy and put into the girls name, then rent it and made sure the money went into an account at the girls name. So the lie Ranma had told to her mother became as close to reality as it could be.

Now, she needed to deal with was affectionately named as the 'Nerima Wrecking Crew', Kuno wasn't a real trouble, and Ryoga had kind of reformed and was working at a temple... but the fiancées...

Ranma lie to his Dad and the Tendos had been that he was going off for a week to train on a secret technique, that was only taught to girls, and it was a pathetic lie. Ranma had left a note and left without telling where to avoid Akane to tag along. Nabiki had found Ranma in Juuban on the girl's second day there, and had probably told everyone.

While she knew using magic directly on Ranma was a bad idea, she could do the next best thing. The Lady of Time teleported back at the gates and casted a spell to everyone in Nerima that knew about the fact Ranma changed into a redhead with cold water. The spell would make those people unable to recognize Ranma as long as she was a girl. Unfortunately, it won't work well in Kuno or Kodachi's case since they where crazy, but at least it was an improvement.

Now all she needed was a few more manipulations to make Ranma believe it was the Sailor Senshi the ones who had made all this, in an effort to force her to be a magical girl and... well it was going to be fun to watch.

AN2: Shogi is also known as the Japanese chess, this is the game Genma and Soun usually play in Ranma 1/2. Red is a representation of everything good Ranma sees in his female form but fears to accept because is not manly. This is not a "Ranma becomes a girl" story, thank you.