Hunson Abadeer was a soul eating Demon Lord who was the grandson of Satan, burned innocents for fun, and ran a dystopia.

So lets make it clear, the fact that he has feelings for anything at all that aren't hate or the desire to kill is somewhat impressive. The feelings might not be true love, but it was care. And for the devil's grandson, that just might be enough.

Marceline's 1st Birthday

It was sunny outside, with a clear sky. Children's laughter rang out everywhere, it was just a nice day. People were in a good mood because Nature seemed to be in a good mood. All except for one house, where a metaphorical storm was floating overhead.

Calisa Olson was not in a good mood. Right now, it felt like the cheerful mood outside of her home was a taunt. Wails rang out, bouncing off the walls, tucking into her earlobes. A child's wails. A small decoration hung from the ceiling, sloppily wrote in marker was 'Happy B-Day Marceline'.

Then the putrid odor came, and Calisa's nose crinkled. Her little daughter was crying, which was normal for a baby, but something about how it was today made it feel wrong. And now, she had to change her diaper. They didn't even have a cake, besides the kind with the word 'cup' in front.

She changed her little girl's diaper, and plopped her into her hi-chair. The crying had ceased for a few seconds, as the baby devoured the chocolate cupcake, making a big mess. Marceline's bib only caught some of the crumbs - no, landfall of cupcake mess. Then that was over, and she was let down to crawl and play.

"Happy Birthday, Marceline... Happy Birthday to You..."

The baby just stuck her tongue out as her response to Calisa's half-attempt to sing to her girl.

Slowly, sky became dark, as clouds formed in the sky. Then the rain poured down, and it made clank sounds on their roof. Thunder flashed, and Marceline yelled, running for her mother who scooped her in her arms. Once or twice they saw the sky flash with a bolt of lightning.

Well, Calisa thought bitterly. At least everyone else is as ticked as me now. Wait a second, could that be... nah, no way he was paying attention to her mood.

But on the slight chance that he was doing this to make her feel a tiny bit better, well, than thanks.

The TV flickered on and his blue face appeared on the screen. "You're Welcome." And it disappeared in a black and white crackle, prompting Calisa to scream.

Well, he tried anyway.