Italics mean another language. O.K I wanted a third go at this since it's been on for over months and there's no interest so I'm starting over hopefully there will be more interest this time round.

Volume 4 Chapter 1: Dragonia

In a universe around the middle of galaxy was a land which looked like an island but actually was a piece of a planet and there were many other pieces too. Put them together and you get the place called Dragonia.

The whole area was like the end of a warzone, nothing there. However there was a brown male koala with black tilted ears, grey eyes, and a white top underneath his black blazer like jacket which was rolled up to above his elbows. He wore grey trousers just beneath his knees and black boots with a strip of white running through the centre which covered up to his trouser. He also had black gloves and a bow and arrow sack behind him which was modernized.

He was in the middle of looking for something desperately, digging under the rocks. You can tell he had been doing this for a long time as his hand was cover in dust and cut marks. He moved his head to his right and looked up into the sky. In the sky something was coming towards him and came a small dragon about the size of a normal dog. Brown body and tilted green wings on the ends, it came up to him the kola knelt down looking at his friend.

"How are things, any survivors Curson?" The koala questioned in another language.

"All the same Josh couldn't find anyone." the dragon named Curson replied

"Nothing and we've been searching for at least 10 hours?" Josh said

"Well we did find someone." Curson replied sadly

Josh looked down in silence while he shook his head because that person didn't survive long enough.

"O.K let's go back I'm done with this." Josh was tired

"Wait I can smell something." Curson then moved to were Josh was digging, Curson then started to dig.

"Careful you're putting it on me." Josh whined

"Come here double quick I've found someone." Curson alerted

Josh rapidly helped to tug the person out, it was a small male rabbit somewhere around the age of seven or six but he was young. It wasn't a pretty sight to see he was covered in blood and scruff marks all over him. He was gasping for air but couldn't quiet reach it. Josh pulled out a vaccine and inserted it in. He groaned in pain from the needle but Josh made sure it was done in a flash. He quickly banged the rabbit before holding him up in his arms.

"Battle mode." Josh called out as Curson grew ten times larger for a source of transport "Get to Civilised City."

"Right." Curson obeyed as they took off

~Josh's P.O.V~

It wasn't all like this the cracked ground the collapsing building, not another soul in site from miles off. It was actually quite a peaceful place but terror has taken of that. The Everlarians are always on our backs, Brandon was right we shouldn't have trusted them. Now this place is a wreck and I don't know how to put it right without Brandon or Shine with me. They always knew what to do, and now that they're gone this place will never be the same.

~End of P.O.V~

Josh needed to get him some medical attention. Josh arrived but he had to be cautious as a crowd of people would slow him down say if they had found any of their close ones. The dragon decreased in sized and followed with making a sound; they went the back way in the tall but steady building.

"Susan you here I've got another one!" Josh called for his cousin

A female ferret came in to see. She was no nurse but a leader of the protection group. She falls in the lines of tough duty and medical involves her type of job.

"Lay him down, I'll get Vince to do the job, you've had a rough day from what I can see." Susan said as she took the child off him, as carefully as she could place him down, then she took out a card from the rabbit. "Here." She said passing it over to Josh

"I'll check if he's got any relatives." Josh said inserting the card onto a projectile screen while it scanned while Curson lay in the corner

I was the next day and they were doing their normal search grounds Curson throbbed while walking he couldn't keep up, he had enough of this. He wanted to stop, he wanted to rest, he wanted to go home.

"Josh, can we go back now?" Curson asked in pain

"No. We have to keep moving." You can tell that Josh was tired himself; suddenly Curson stopped walking and gazed at the murky sky above them. "What now? I told you that we had to go."

"I'm sensing something, a power source from our world." Curson focused on the gloomy sky

"Huh?" Josh started to look up

The grey clouds started to swirl round like a whirl pool as it teared apart. It caused an unexpected gush of wind past the two, into the mouth of the unknown. Josh clenched on a rock so he wouldn't get sucked in to whatever it was.

"What's going on?" Josh bellowed at the top his eyes widened "Is that a blue hedgehog?" he couldn't believe what was coming out of it. Then from seeing one person came to be another couple of people. Something pink landed on him before he blacked out.

O.K you understand the crisis happening over there but who's going to help them out and restore the place and did Eggman have anything to do with the place find out on the next chapter.