If you don't know who Sinnos is he's a being forced to be created when Sonic accidently clashed his DNA on chaos energy – just pointing out. One last thing for those of you who have read volume one: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Beginning of a New Hero skip to ~Knuckles' flashback~ and then read the entire thing.

Chapter 2: Sonic's arrival

Josh's laid still as he heard voices circling in his mind. Every limb was convulsive and left dormant. The agony was throughout his entire body like sparks of flames were on him. His mind forced his to awaken even as his body determined to stay lifelessly on the ground. His hand started to move slightly and his fingers twitched.

"I think he's still alive." said a red echidna

He opened one grey eye before curving his head in a groan. Josh wobbled with his arms while heaving his weight up from the floor, forcing himself up. Somebody helped him up and lunged his arm over their shoulder.

"Argh!" Josh breathed under his breath as he sat on a nearby rock

"I'm so sorry that I landed on you. I didn't mean it on purpose." The pink hedgehog was in gilt Josh didn't say anything but scrutinized the bunch of them. He couldn't hears properly as his ears rang and he'd just guess what they were saying.

"Sorry to have struck on you unexpectedly. The name's Sonic...Sonic the hedgehog." Sonic introduced "This is Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Amy, Sinnos and a couple (meaning four) of citizens from Mobius." Sonic said, the four were a young female white lemur, older female cream coloured lemur, male cream coloured cat and a female lilac hedgehog

"Wait a moment." Josh got up seeing Curson in no sight "What are you doing back here?" Josh questioned Curson's awkward position of hiding

"I don't trust strangers." Curson stood his ground with a snarl

"Well one of them isn't a stranger." Josh pointed to the lot

"Hang on a minute is that who I think it is?" Curson noticed

"Yeah." Curson leaped only to be dragged back by Josh "Remember?"

"Oh right, memory loss – forgot." Josh nudged him to the others

"This is Curson."Josh stated

"Can you tell us where we are?"Tails got to the point

"Novi City." Josh replied

"That helped." Knuckles said sarcastically "Can you expand on the area?"

"You're on Dray Island." Josh said and technically expanded Sonic laughed a little

"Can you tell us which dimension where're in?" Sonic was more precise

"Oh right in the Draygor dimension." Josh blushed in embarrassment now understand how ridiculous his answers were

"Whoa! We are far." Sonic said knowing the places since he'd spent 10 years of his life in space while the others stayed the same age on Mobius. The guys knew to agree with Sonic given that he'd had a lot of experiences in his hedgehog life.

"Did you think there's a place we could rest?" Cream was tired

"There's a safe city over at the East from here." Josh guided

"Well let's go and think of a way to get back to Mobius." Sonic instructed. Sonic started bragging on how slow the others were. "Come on guys pick up the pace a little." Sonic said

"Yes, your majesty." Knuckles rolled his eye as somebody screamed as they fell into a deep hole

"Luna, you alright!" Sinnos yelled below to the white lemur

"I hurt my leg!" Luna looked up to the only source of light

"I'm coming sis." Said the cream cat

"Wait you might hurt yourself as well Terrin." Amy said

"If only somebody could fly down and get her." Cream said with Cheese making chao sounds, everybody stares at her "Why is everybody staring at me?" Cream thought and she picked up why and looked at Tails. Tails looked at Knuckles and Knuckles looked at...thin air; there was nobody that could fly (unless Sonic has the emeralds – which he doesn't).

"Fine I'll do it then." Knuckles said with moodiness "But wait I don't have a torch so I can't really see in the dark." He tried to bail himself out

"No worries I've got one." Josh handed it over

"Thanks." Knuckles said with his teeth clench in with a bit of anger

Knuckles put the torch on as he made his way down, he looks around for a bit. He catches sight of Luna; he walks over to her and picks the injured six-year-old up. However that's not all that he sees, there was an old covered door way with dust and rubbles on it. Knuckles thought that he'd seen it before.

~Knuckles' Flashback – Volume 1 Chapter 16~

Knuckles was busy waiting for Sonic to come over and see this new structure that he'd wanted to have a look at. Bored he went in himself, the door was the same as before when he'd seen it. The door was seven meters tall and markings on it. The front had strange writing that he couldn't read it, Knuckles ignored it. He pulled up the dragon-head-shaped handle and pulled it open seeing it was dark and cold inside. He stepped in past the door, water dripped, he could see a little source light right at the end. However it was still dark, Knuckles held a hand on the wall for guidance. He bumped into something and jolted back in sudden fright. Only to find it was just a statue place in front of him.

~End of Flashback~

Knuckles snapped out of the bad memory, he shook the thought off. He walked over to the hole above. He called up saying for the others to come along and see the monument. The others came down but in time the slope was very steep.

"You O.K?" asked her older sister

"I'll be fine." Luna replied to cream furred lemur

"Don't you recognise it?" Knuckles whispered to Sonic, Sonic looks at it

"No." Sonic plainly said, Knuckles frowned

"This looks like one of the abandoned camps." Josh signed

"Camps?" Sinnos said

"During the war of the flames they used something like these to captivate enemies." Josh explained "I wouldn't recommend on taking a look."

"Why not?" Knuckles pushed

"You might find..." Josh trailed off glaring at Luna "Corpses." Josh used it so she wouldn't understand what it meant. Amy thought over finding the place quiet empty.

"Is this place under threat or something?" Amy queried

"Yeah, that's why we need to move on." Josh said pressing ahead