Because Of His Onyx Eyes

Swift, agile, strong.

He has all of this and more.
He's a pain in the ass,
But he's my pain in the ass.

Muscled, rugged, handsome.

He is all of these thing's and more.
He offers no words of comfort,
Yet his presence is comfort in itself.

Deep, dark, onyx eyes.

He shows no outward feeling,
Yet I see every flicker of emotion,
All in his eyes.

He should be nothing,
Yet he is my everything.

I laugh, because of him.

I scream, because of him.

I see the pain held in his onyx eyes and then,

I cry, because of him.

Eyes are the windows to the soul.
I see his soul, because of him.
I love because of him,
And his onyx eyes.