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Paipa is pronounced as 'Pie-pah'.


Bulma sighed as she looked back from the window of the nursery balcony. Her four year old son screeched in annoyance as the three year old girl that sat opposite from him, pulled his lavender hair. She smiled at her friend, who sat across from her. Both were sitting most comfortably on rocking chairs, enjoying the cool breeze Vegeta-sei had to offer, they looked back at their children and momentarily checked up on them.

Letice had to laugh at the sight. "They make such a funny pair don't they?"

Bulma nodded in agreement, "I think they might have a thing for each other," her eyes twinkled in amusement at the thought. She smiled at her friend. These past four years, she and Letice had grown close. Who would have thought that two old rivals would end up as best friends? Certainly not Bulma. She sighed sadly as she thought of Kinjal. The woman who had saved her from near death, had returned to her home planet Lilah-sei, along with her brother Ota.

Vegeta had realized that he couldn't keep them in a forced alliance, and so he had told them to return to their home planet, which they did somewhat regretfully. However Vegeta-sei and Lilah-sei remained as allies.

What Bulma hadn't bargained for, was for her father in-law to go with them. After a year of being in the shadow of the newly crowned King, the day that Kinjal and Ota were leaving, he announced that he was going with them. It had come as a shock to all of them, Bulma had taken the news the hardest. In the end however, she did see his point of view, and sadly parted with him. But not before making him promise to visit Vegeta-sei every chance he got.

Now as she looked at her close companion, she couldn't help feel that if it were not for her, she would have felt truly alone.

Bulma did not have contact with Letice and her daughter until several months after her own son's birth. She had found out that it was Saiya-jin custom not to be in the public eye when one was pregnant, and so Letice and Mik had shied away from the outer rims of the palace and remained in their area in the palace. When they had finally shown up, it was in the throne room and Letice had been carrying her baby daughter, for Bulma and Vegeta to bless.

Bulma felt very honored at the thought of blessing their child, and in truth she did not feel as if she deserved such a feat.

After the blessing, Vegeta had decided to appoint Mik as his personal right hand man, dealing with all sorts of political affairs in Vegeta-sei. After all, Kinjal and Ota were soon to be leaving. So Mik had agreed whole heartedly and accepted the prestigious role.

Vegeta had also demanded that Letice become Bulma and Trunks's personal guard. It was her job to make sure that no harm came to them, after all she was the strongest female Saiya-jin on Vegeta-sei. From then on, almost four years had passed uneventfully.

Bulma had watched her baby boy grow each year, with a tear in her eye. Soon he would be entirely grown up and ascend the throne. After she had Trunks, Vegeta had forbidden her to partake in any of the dealings with political affairs on Vegeta-sei. This annoyed her to no end, but she remained silent and enjoyed the throws of motherhood and befriending the people of Vegeta-sei.

She looked silently at Letice, in the fading sun. "Can you believe that four years have passed so quickly?"

Letice shook her head, almost in amazement. "It's hard to imagine that just a few years ago we had hated each other with a passion," a wry smile graced her face.

Bulma laughed, "You're quite right!" For a moment, she looked out of the window somewhat troubled.

"Is everything ok?" Letice noticed her Queen's inner turmoil.

Bulma sighed, "I don't know. Everything had been peaceful for the last few years, too peaceful if you ask me."

Letice nodded for her to go on.

Bulma but her lip, "I feel as if a dark storm is about to come over our happiness, I just can't figure out what yet."

"I can see why you might think like that, but perhaps things really have calmed down? Maybe what you are sensing is just unease, you have been through a lot."

Bulma nodded, her eyes came to life. "I can't wait to tell Vegeta though!" She patted her stomach and winked.

"I can see!" Letice laughed, "But surely he can sense it?"

A mischievous smile danced on Bulma's lips, "I found a way to hide it, he had been teaching me ki manipulation, and from that I discovered how to mask it. It will be such a shock for him!" She clapped rhythmically in happiness.

Another screech evaded the happy moment.

Letice sighed and stood from the rocking chair. Glaring at her daughter, she strode over. "Paipa! You're being too naughty for your own good!" She glared down at her daughter.

Paipa looked up with large creamy brown eyes, gripping a tuft of purple hair. Her mouth formed a small 'o' as she looked up at the tall form of her mother.

Trunks smirked at the small girl and stuck his tongue out at her. She was in trouble! He smiled sweetly up at Paipa's mother, she was his favourite aunt and conspirator!

Paipa stuck her tongue back out at the small boy, her own fluffy brown tail waggling behind her in annoyance. "Sowwy," she whispered.

Bulma had now joined the trio that were in the middle of Trunks's nursery room. She looked at Trunks in a scolding manner, "Trunks!" She said warningly, "What did you do to Pai that she had to pull your hair?"

Trunks scowled up at his mother, almost mirroring Vegeta's. "Nothin'!" he said boyishly.

It was Paipa's turn to gloat. She had always loved her aunt with the magical blue hair. They were always playing together.

Letice sighed and picked up her daughter. "You two should learn to get along!" She placed Paipa on the bed.

"That's right!" Bulma agreed, as she tried to pick up Trunks and place him on the bed. He was getting very big for his age and it caused her to lose her breath in just picking him up! After much anxiety, she placed him on the bed beside his playmate/enemy.

They both turned as the door softly clicked open.


Mik looked at the mildly worried expression on his King's face. "Are you sure this is wise, sire?"

"Of course I'm sure!" He snapped back, somewhat unsure.

The were both walking up the grand staircase, making their way to the fifth floor of the extremely large palace. Vegeta's mind began racing with his morbid thoughts. He had been planning this step for nearly four years, so why did he feel so nervous in telling his mate? He didn't know how she would react. For the past few months, he had been hiding his thoughts from her. Now he was going to reveal his plans, hopefully she would agree with them. If she didn't.. Well, he didn't want to think about that.

They reached the fifth floor and began making their way down to Trunks's nursery. He smirked slightly as he remembered that at the age of four, his son was the strongest Saiya-jin child on Vegeta-sei. He would return from his escapades once in a while to train him, Vegeta had never been more at peace with his life. He didn't know long that would last though, for we all know that all good things must come to an end. He paused in front of the nursery room.

Mik spoke quietly as he watched Vegeta hesitate, "Sire, please think about what you are doing.."

Vegeta simply glared at his companion and clicked the door softly open.

*Forgive me, onna..* He thought as he stepped into the bright and sickeningly airy room.


Bulma smiled in surprise as Vegeta and Mik walked through the large door of the nursery. "Vegeta!" She exclaimed in happiness.

Trunks looked up from his death glare directed towards Paipa and smirked, "Papa. Uncwle Mik!" He looked smugly at Paipa, his uncle would soon sort her out!

Vegeta smirked at his son's mirroring smirk. He nodded at his mate and then turned to Letice and Mik.

Mik stepped next to his mate and smiled down at his daughter on the bed.

"Dada. Uncwle Veghie!" She squealed in delight, clapping her hands. She found that she couldn't quite pronounce his name yet, and so for now it would have to do. She stuck her tongue out Trunks, knowing full well that Vegeta favoured her over him.

Mik put his finger to his lips, telling her to remain silent. Paipa looked at him sadly but remained silent.

Letice gathered her three year old daughter into her arms and bowed at Vegeta.

Vegeta momentarily gazed at the trio standing comfortably together. Yes, they had all come a long way... He snapped out of his trance and cleared his throat, "You may leave. I wish to be alone."

Mik and Letice nodded in agreement. They turned around to leave. Paipa looked over her mother's shoulder and made a funny face at Trunks, whilst waving good-bye to her favourite aunt and uncle. She had heard her parents call them King and Queen, but she just didn't know what that meant right now so it didn't phase her.

Trunks swung his legs on the large bed and returned the funny look. He didn't like Paipa one bit. She was always causing him more trouble than she was worth.


Bulma sensed Vegeta's apprehension as the trio left. She looked at him in worry, "Is everything alright?" She asked fearfully. The last time he had looked at her like that, it had not been good news.

Vegeta motioned to Trunks, "Put the boy to bed. We have many things we need to discuss."

Bulma complied in resistance. "Ok.." The ever increasing urge to know what was going on nagged her thoughts, until she had told Trunks to get into the large bed and had lulled him into a deep sleep. By the time she lifted her head up from the event, she had noticed that Vegeta had moved to the balcony of the nursery. As the wind swirled gently around them, she softly walked up to him and stood beside his form as he looked out over the city lights of Vegeta-sei.

Sky scrapers and hover cars graced the night skyline of Vegeta-sei. They had come a long way in four years, becoming the most forward race in the solar system. It was all because of his mate, Vegeta mused to himself.

Bulma sighed as she caught the mysterious look dancing around his dark, handsome features. Finally, after what seemed a small eternity, she spoke. "What is it Vegeta? You been acting strange ever since you came in here." Her voice was silkily smooth, like the strands of blue hair that danced around in front of her face due to the wind.

Something in his heart constricted as her voice reached his sensitive ears. A small sigh escaped unwanted from his lips. "How long have we been ruling this planet?"

She thought for a moment, "I'd say about four years, why?" She asked, almost afraid of the unwanted answer.

"Onna," he turned from the view ahead and looked deeply into her eyes. "I have to go.."

"Go where?" For some reason her voice had constricted, causing her to sound distant. She wanted to tear her eyes away from him as she gazed into the cool onyx orbs.

"I need more than this," he waved his hand out over the city, its beaming lights illuminating the night sky.

"Stop talking in riddles!" She snapped, annoyed at his reluctance to share. "What more do you need than this?"

"The universe." He stated simply.

"And how do you expect to go about this?"

"Missions. I shall take a few elites with me and travel around the solar system, gathering the necessary planet's and their alliance. I shall finish what I have always wanted. To rule the universe."

"Don't be silly," she snorted, "The universe is far to big! And even with the enhanced technology of our ships, it would still take you years to acquire alliances and negotiations throughout the entire universe."

Vegeta just stared at her.

Bulma's lower lip began to quiver. "W-what happens if a planet disagrees with your treaty of alliance?"

"Then we shall fight. Wiping the race out, if necessary."

A gasp became caught in her already closed throat. She saw parts of the old Vegeta beginning to show, the one that wanted total domination in all aspects of life. "You can't!"

"Why not?" He asked harshly.

"Be-" She faltered, her heart began to ache. No wonder he had closed off their bond. He had been planning this for months! And here she was thinking that he did not want her to interrupt his training. "Because Vegeta, I thought you had changed! I thought that all of that meant nothing to you!"

"You were wrong." His voice was quiet, seemingly dangerous.

"What about Trunks and I? Are you going willing to leave us until your aspirations have been fulfilled."

She had hit the nail on the head. He looked at her somewhat regretfully, "If that is the case, then so be it."

"Please don't do this! I thought you were beyond killing. Has the past four years been a lie?"

He couldn't answer her.

"ANSWER ME DAMMIT!" She shouted, thumping her fist on his chest, only causing herself pain in the process.

Vegeta's eyes grew large. She had never openly attacked him before in the past four years. This sudden change in her behavior was quite new to him. Snarling, he gripped her wrists. "Be quiet!" He spoke raucously, "Or you will wake the boy and then I shall have to deal with two nuisances." He instantly regretted his words as he saw the look on her face.

Bulma stopped struggling and froze. "So that's what we are." She laughed bitterly, "A nuisance."


"Save it Vegeta." She extracted herself from his grasp and turned away from him, no longer wanting to peer into his eyes. Not one tone graced her voice and it remained flat and lifeless. "It doesn't matter anymore." Without looking back, she reentered the nursery.

"Shit." Vegeta muttered as he followed her into the room. This was not how he had hoped everything would turn out! He was leaving tomorrow for the planet Dishar and he did not want to part on such bad terms. After all he would be gone for a few years. He secretly wondered why he had left it so late to tell her...

Bulma looked at the form of her sleeping son. She dismissed Vegeta's presence as she crouched down beside the bed. Lightly she began to stroke his soft lavender hair away from his forehead, whispering to him as if Vegeta was not standing behind her. "I guess it's just you and me, sweetie.." She placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, letting a tear roll down her cheek. Drawing a shaky breath she stood up and turned to face her so-called 'mate'.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" She asked once more, in hope he would change his answer.

Vegeta paused in hesitation, "Yes."

A sob wrenched from her throat as the one syllable word was uttered between their separate forms. She put a hand over her mouth, to stop more convulsing sobs escaping from her mouth. She couldn't risk waking Trunks. Without looking in his direction, she ran from the room, towards the safety of their room. The nursery was beginning to seem more than enclosing and she had to get out of there. She flew down the stairs and into the safety of the Royal chambers. Slamming the large double doors shut just as Vegeta was about to enter, she locked it.

Vegeta watched the display in awe. Without thinking, he followed her down calling after with her. "Be reasonable!" He called out before she closed the door on his face. "Onna, open the damn door!" He growled.

"NO!" Her muffled voice came from behind the door.

Vegeta grunted in annoyance. "Stop behaving so childishly and open the fucking door before I break it down!" His temper flared, this was their final night and he was not going to spend it stuck outside of his own room!

"Go away."

"That's it," He raised his hand to fire a ki ball at the door. Just as the ki ball was formed, it dissipated in his hand. What if she was standing behind the door? It was too risky for him to blast the door open. He tried a different alternative. "I'm leaving for the planet Dishar tomorrow..." His voice trailed off as the doors opened slowly.

Bulma looked at him from the doorway, tears staining her cheeks. "Tomorrow?" She croaked.

Vegeta nodded and walked past her, pulling her into the room as he closed the doors once again. He remained silent as he watched another round of tears stream down her face. Pulling her close, he began to wipe them away. "I did not mean for you to shed tears."

"Vegeta you can't go. You belong here, on your own planet and ruling it! Not making alliances with others or committing genocide if they don't agree. This is you!" She tried once more.

"You must understand. This is who I am." He was growing tired of her argument.

"I'm pregnant Vegeta!" She blurted out.

It was as if he had been drenched in ice cold water. "WHAT?" He asked in shock.

"You can't go, not now."

He leaned down and gently kissed her forehead. "You will be fine. There are many people on Vegeta-sei who will look after you."

"NO! I want you here with me."

"Now you are being unreasonable."

She thought for a moment. Something inside of her clicked, "If you go, then I'm returning to Earth."

"You can't do that!" He retorted, "One of us needs to be here to rule Vegeta-sei."

"It's only fair," she said softly. "I haven't been to Earth in over four years.. If you go, then let me at least have that! Let me be with my own people, until you have done what you need to do." She pleaded with him.

"Very well. I shall order Mik and Letice to represent us in our absence on Vegeta-sei."

She sighed in relief, "Ok.. But I still oppose to what you are doing. Promise me that you will not embark on a war rampage? Please-"

He smirked, silencing her by brushing his lips lightly over hers. "Very well." He breathed against her ear, enjoying the way she curled up against his solid form, shivering. "We shall not only be King and Queen, but we shall rule as Emperor and Empress. And once I have gained power and control over the universe, I shall come to Earth to retrieve you and our son."

"Don't forget about our new addition," she lightly patted her stomach.

Vegeta quirked his eyebrow. "Now how could I forget about that?" He scowled at the shocking news he had received..

She reached up and kissed him softly on the mouth.

"Aishiteru, Vegeta-chan.."

One day, maybe one day he would be able to return those three words. Lifting her up into his arms, he carried her to the bed and for the last time that night they enjoyed the sensation of their skin brushing against brushing against one another in a heated passion.


Vegeta looked out of his spaceship as he was leaving Vegeta-sei's atmosphere. He closed his eyes as he heard Bulma's voice in his mind.

Looking at the fading planet, he couldn't help but wonder what this new adventure would do to put a strain on their bond.

"I'm doing this for you, onna." he spoke out in the empty control room.

Frowning as he touched the window of the ship he projected his final thought to her.

"Until we meet again, Bulma."


Bulma sat up and looked at the crumpled bed sheets by the foot of the bed. Tears welled in her eyes as she knew she wouldn't see Vegeta for a very long time.

"Come back to me, my King." She whispered.

"Please come back to me..."


A fierce warrior, strong and loyal.

A King, my King.

I fell in love,

Because of his onyx eyes.

Will I still be in love with him,

When he returns?

I know I will.

All because of one thing,

Because of his onyx eyes.

*~*The End*~*

Or is it just the beginning?


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