Authors Note:

Hello there, my darlings.

I am MorbidLittleBird, and this is my newest work titled ' Little Lamb'.

But before starting, I thought I'd take the time to just say a few things.

So, in short, this kind of just happened.

After pushing it off for so long, I finally decided to watch Game of thrones. . .

Needless to say by the first episode, I was in love. And by the fourth episode, this lovely idea decided to manifest itself, and after harping on it for a few days, I have finally decided to start. . .

So please, share with me what you think. Feel free to PM me if you are unclear about anything, or if you'd like to correct something I have gotten wrong.



In Chapter 1, I believe I imply that Gendry made Needle. I find that I like the idea, so I've decided to go forth with it..

In Chapter 2 : I mention the moon god, and moon goddess, I used this as I remembered it from when the servant girl is telling Daenerys of dragons, and how the others counter, and instead tell her that everyone knows that the moon is a goddess. So, that is where the talk of gods and goddesses comes from in that chapter.

More will most likely be added as the story grows. . .

-(( Disclaimer: I do not own GoT, or any of the characters mentioned in the series. I am making no money, this is purely for enjoyment purposes. I own nothing but Ocs. So please, without further adieu, enjoy))-