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Chapter I

(Vanitas' P.O.V.)


I fall to the ground, agonized from killing yet another one of those vile creatures…

The old man… Xehanort I think his name was… named them the Unversed. I'd rather them be considered demons. Because the only purpose they serve is tormenting me to the point of killing them… and then I feel the exact pain that I caused them to feel.

"I can't take anymore… Kingdom Hearts! Please… just put an end to me… I beg you…" I whisper to the silent, heart-shaped moon.

It's not like it could actually hear me… I mean, who would listen to a half-hearted being of pure darkness like me?

I rip off my helmet, shattering it against the ground…

"Worthless piece of-"

I stop myself… staring into the broken pieces of mirror-like glass…

I bring a hand to what should be my face… but it wasn't. I had a face of darkness with glowing red eyes. My hair was similar to my counterpart, Ventus's, hair. Only it was black and unmoving. I looked like a simple silhouette of another person… nothing more than a shadow.

I turn away from the glass to look across the Badlands. As I expect… Xehanort stands off in the distance… watching… as if waiting for me to do something.

I shake my head and turn back to the pieces of glass… to my reflection. The reflection of the face of darkness…

"Enough…" I whisper. "Enough." I repeat myself.

It gets silent for a while…

"Enough!" I scream into the clouded sky, shutting my eyes as tight as I possibly can. Tears slowly stream down my face, my pain pulling me into its clutches…

"You look so hurt…" A voice whispers inwardly.

I open my eyes again to see a world of black surrounding me. I stand on a strange glowing platform that fogs with darkness.

"Who… who are you?" I growl shakily.

"Somebody from the light…"

The voice is soft and child-like… but it echoes as if it's coming from my very mind…

… and I don't have a child voice.

"Why did you bring me here?" I ask, my voice monotone and lifeless.

"Because I could feel you… I could feel your suffering through somebody else…"

"I don't need your help… I don't need anyone's help…" I scoff, turning to walk away.

"Everybody needs help at some point. You just don't have anybody to give it to you, Vanitas-"

I growl, interrupting him harshly at the sound of my name. "Don't call me that."

"That's your name…"

I say nothing, leaving that as a cue for him to continue his boring little speech.

"The only thing you need… is a friend to guide you back into the light. And I can help with that…"

I cross my arms and stare at the floor, "I hate the light."

"No… you've just neglected it for so long that you think you hate it…"

I look up, turning back around to where I was facing before, "You wouldn't know… 'cuz you don't know me!"

The child's voice becomes silent…

"Well, it looks like I've finally succeeded in shutting you up…"

"I do know you, Vanitas… because we're connected now. Let me show you what I mean."


Another voice echoes throughout the dark world around me… the voice of Ventus…

"Open the door."

A flash of light shines from the platform I stand on, forcing me to pull my arms over my face to protect my eyes.

The blindness that took over my vision slowly fades away, allowing me to open my eyes.

I lower my arms to see the familiar sandy grounds of the desolate Badlands. I'm back to where I was before… but that voice… I felt a longing to hear it again… because it felt as if somebody actually cared for me. Somebody… I could call my friend.

I glance up to see a lock of black hair brushing into my left eye.

"Funny… I always thought my hair was too short to get in my eyes… considering it looks like Ventus'…"

My eyes shoot open is realization.

I rush over to the pieces of black, broken glass that still lies in the dust. I fall onto my knees and lean over the glass to get a good look at my reflection.

"My gosh… is this for real?" I gasp, bringing a hand to my now life-filled face.

I stare into fiery, golden irises. My face has actual skin that seems quite pale in comparison to my black bodysuit. Then I look up to my hair…

Above my long, spiky bangs is even more spiky hair that seems to defy gravity. It spikes wildly on the left side of my head and less so on the right.

"I know who I am… I'm not just a silhouette…" I whisper to myself. "My name is… Vanitas…"

Vanitas… the reflection of darkness…

So how'd I do? I hope I didn't bore you…

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