A/N: Ok, this is something I've been writing for fun. It's my first story ever, so go easy on the rookie.

This is a story about Eric and my OC, Lina Collett. It is not a love at first sight, feel-good romance. Lina is not an innocent little girl and Eric will not be her white knight in shining armor. It is an explosive, passionate, and slightly disturbing romance about love that knows no boundaries and takes time to develop until the HEA. I wrote my OC as a strong, capable woman with her own set of weaknesses, because it's necessary for this type of story line. You'll see :)

I'm not telling how it's all going to play out, but there will be more fairies involved and less stupid decisions made about witches kept alive when they should burn. There will also be a few things taken from SVM such as Niall (now Sookie's great great grandfather) and some Claude. Although it's an Eric/OC story, there will be no Sookie bashing or extreme hating on Bill. They have their own role.

I love my OC (portrayed in my profile pic, young Charlize Theron) and I hope you'll enjoy this story as much as I like writing it.

(Sorry for the grammar if it sucks.. there's no beta and English is only my third language after Finnish and Swedish.)


A single taxi with darkened windows drove to the front of the Stackhouse family home at one p.m. in the middle of the hottest fall ever seen in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The sun was shining brightly with no cloud in sight and the humidity made the air heavy and burning hot. The driver was exhausted after a long drive since the early morning and was dripping sweat as he banged his fist on the air-conditioning that had died already somewhere outside of New Orleans.

He was a bit embarrassed about his sweaty, stinky condition because of the pretty lady in the backseat. Fortunately, she hadn't said a word or didn't look too disgusted by him while sitting in the shadows staring out of the window with large sunglasses hiding her eyes from his view. She had looked filthy rich and that was the only reason he had agreed to drive all the way from New Orleans to this godforsaken little town nearly 350 miles away. He could only hope his wife saved him some dinner back home.

"We're here, Miss."

Lina Collett looked at the big house at the end of the road with curiosity. It was a two-story house with large windows and a cute little garden in the front. The house had fresh paint hiding all the should-be-there marks of aging and every corner of the home seemed well taken care of. It was very much the Southern family home she had pictured in her mind, but only in far better condition than expected. After all, the owner had been absent for a year.

Lina unrolled the sleeves of her blazer and put on a large sun hat and white gloves before she thanked the taxi driver, paid him handsomely and got out of the car. The driver was a bit of the enthusiastic sort. He was already out of the car sprinting towards the rear ready to get her bags out. She let him. She was more interested in the crowd running in an out of the house carrying supplies.

Construction workers, that's kind of odd, she thought.

What she'd heard from Niall, her grandfather, the Stackhouse family didn't own very much. The parents of the girl she was here for had died a long time ago leaving the two children to the care of their grandmother. Had the older brother struck gold miraculously and started to renovate their old home?

She got the bags from the driver and kissed his cheek making him blush. Then she took hold of all the six pieces of luggage much to the driver's amazement and took long strides to the front porch of the home. The shadow of the wide porch was very much welcomed in this heat. She didn't think she could survive it much longer without taking refuge in the house. Her right ear was already bleeding.

Her real name was Aislinn Collett-Brigant, but she usually went by the name of Lina Collett. Mentioning the name of her grandfather Niall usually caused her more trouble than gained any admiration. Also, she didn't need to use her full name to remind herself of her roots and whom she owed loyalty. She was a passionate, courageous, tenacious woman, who'd now just like many times before put everything important in her own life on hold to be here for her family. This time the family in question included someone she had heard about only recently. The part human part fairy cousin also referred to as the dirty little secret of Fintan.

Lina Collett was a fairy. More specifically, she was the only female fairy to live in this dimension and had been that for over 250 years. Or at least that was what she had thought, until she heard of Sookie Stackhouse.

Or if she could even call herself one of her own kind anymore after one fatal night in 1757.

For 256 years she had been something that shouldn't exist. She was a vampire. A full-blooded fairy turned vampire. A disgrace to her race. A cautionary tale for little girls and boys.

How she had gotten into that particular condition, she didn't want to reminisce. It wasn't something to be proud of.

Lina approached the front door and looked at the doorframe. She gingerly tried to push her foot inside the house fully expecting to be stopped from entering a human's home. So, imagine her surprise, when her heel touched the brand new floorboard and she found herself standing inside the Stackhouse mansion. It wasn't a good sign.

"Hey lady! What are you doing here? This is a private property!"

A middle aged bald man rushed behind her and tried to turn her around to face him. When she did and lifted her sunglasses, he gasped. Lina's face wasn't something men could easily ignore.

She raised an eyebrow. "Yes, I'm aware. My name is Lina Collett, the representative of the Stackhouse family. I would like to see your work permission on this estate."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but the work is not commissioned by any Stackhouse. As far as I know the Stackhouses sold the house months ago and the new owner is renovating. If you ask me, it was about the fucking time. The place was rotting apart. Oh, excuse my French."

"De rien," she smoothly responded. "Who's the new owner?"

"I don't remember ma'am."

"Then I'll advice you to find out and call them, because you and your crew are leaving this house now until I know exactly what is going on here."

"Look lady we've got work to do and a paycheck to collect."

She leaned down and stopped just before the man's face. Her long lashes almost brushed his own as she whispered "I don't care. Leave now."

The man fought against feeling intimidated by this young woman and bit his cheek in anger. "Fine! We're calling the cops!"

"Oh please do," she sniggered. "You have two minutes. Make haste."

She watched with amusement as all the workers threw her a nasty sneer and finally shut the door behind them. The big house became quiet.

She kind of liked the renovations the new supposed owner was making. His/her taste was good. Sookie's home looked like every modern Southern girl's dream with big antique furniture and high-end electronic set ups. She didn't mind spending a few months in this heat, if it was going to be this cozy.

Lina had flown from Paris to be here to safeguard her cousin's wellbeing during the war that raged among her kind between the two realms. Breandan had started a war against Niall and one of his sick plans included taking out every progeny born out of a fairy-human affair. Sookie was Niall's soft spot and he wanted her protected.

Enter Lina. It was a job assigned to her, but she took it gladly. Protecting her family amidst a crisis was among her top priorities and she had a feeling she was going to like this girl even if she hadn't even heard of her before. There couldn't be too many friends or allies in this world, when you were something as exotic as Lina.

Although still unique in her existence, she actually was the second one of her kind. Before her time, an old female vampire of approximately 2000 years had found a fairy wounded in the forest. What happened was that in her blood haze the old vampire attacked the fairy with every intention of sucking him dry, but failed to register that she wasn't alone in the woods that night. Like a lion fighting another for the last hunk of meat in the prairie, another vampire younger than her charged. The fight didn't last long, but the sudden unwanted distraction had cleared her mind for a while. She had found something valuable in the fairy. She decided to try and make the delicious blood last. Sadly, after 50 years of successfully turning his new boy toy, he was killed by a rumored accident in the bedroom. His addictive blood was to blame.

Death from throes of passion, yeah, not going to happen with Lina. It was because of this other one before her she even was in this fanged condition. It was because her maker encountered the old female's fairy vampire lover and became envious of her that he had sought Lina out by trailing Irish and British lands for decades. One night he just got lucky, and poor Lina got herself a maker.

Her blood was called an aphrodisiac. Fairy blood induced a strong high like inebriation, but a vampire high on sangre de Lina was like a vampire high on strong ecstasy. Therefore, there were some strict rules in Lina's sex life. 1. No blood play. 2. Everything else goes. 3. Except for iron or silver cuffs. Usually she also steered clear from other vampires, especially male ones with more strength that her. They tended to get a weeny bit too aggressive.

Lina walked into the kitchen, which was filled with brand new appliances. Everything was so new, new, new. And clean. A picture in the wall stopped her. It was of an old woman smiling from her heart. She had wrinkles that showed beautifully, when she laughed and eyes that held wisdom and kindness in them. Her hair was gray and came down on soft curls stopping at what she could guess was mid-back. Lina had always wondered what possessed human women in the age of 35 to cut off their locks. Did their career demand them to look like men or did their hair grow thin and uncontrollable?

This woman in the picture was a beauty. She had to be the kind grandmother taking care of his grandchildren in the face of tragedy.

Suddenly Lina smelled something strange and definitely out of place. It was an all too familiar, salty and metallic scent coming from the refrigerator. She opened the door and the bloody discovery sitting on the middle shelf made Lina pucker her lips.

I very much doubt that is there for my benefit, she wondered and closed the door.

A vampire living in Sookie's house. Fan-damn-tastic. A curious feeling filled her, when she realized it was still afternoon and that the said vampire might be lying out cold somewhere in the house right that passing second. She decided to do some digging.

She might preserve the vampire's life or might not depending on how her mood was when she found him/her. No recent scent in the air. None in the kitchen. The blood must have been lying there for about a few days at least.

The living room had a huge closet in it that was carved from beautiful mahogany, but in the recent light it looked suspicious.

Ta-da. The sleeping quarters. But the vampire must be spending the day somewhere else or who the hell would leave the door unlocked while lying vulnerable. A vampire that wanted to die of stupidity, that's who. If he indeed was lying there Lina might be forced to end his idiocy. His, as it definitely couldn't be a she.

Empty. Less blood on her hands then. Someone had used it though, but no distinct scent was left behind. She was so going to take up this space, but she had to hire some constructors of her own. More metal to that door and some silver bars and a combination lock. She could touch silver for a while before it became torturous. Iron was her kryptonite.

She didn't bother taking the ladder back inside, but floated up until she stepped out in the living room once again.

Lina had been able to control air and gravity around her since she was a small child. She could lift up any object or how many objects she wanted with her mind, if she was able to hold eye contact. It was a handy skill against your enemies, but it also was extremely strenuous and she needed blood shortly after using her skill extensively. Tonight she would need a whole lot because of her little basking in the sunlight stunt.

Her skill was a fairly common fairy power, whereas telepathy was something else. She intended to learn everything there was about her cousin's skill. Maybe they could swap stories on how they both undoubtedly scared their family and friends out of their wits when toys started flying or how Sookie knew how mommy liked to be treated in the bedroom. Poor Sookie, it must've been painful to grow up.

Lina decided to go back on the porch and wait for her new friend. She dug out her iPad and went through her messages.

She had spent large amount of her time recently finalizing a show for the dance group she owned and now, she had to leave right before the premier. Her dance group of 20 talented performers was stationed in Paris and performed only to an exclusive audience 2 nights per week in a less kinky cabaret bar she half owned with her cousins Claude and Frans. The infamous club Dessert. The group also went on tours, and the tickets were always sold out a year in before hand. Yeah, she and her crew were that good. Their forte was modern jazz and dramatic contemporary, but they also did a lot of routines of street dance and Latin American spices. Dance was, what she was the most passionate about. Dance was her.

If she wasn't rehearsing with her group or searching for a new talent at clubs and dance auditions around Europe, she visited Asia and more accurately Tokyo, where she had served as an enforcer of the Queen Meng Xi in 1800-1930. She frequently returned to her sensei to assist her in small jobs around Asia weeding out threats to Meng's peace. Meng was more than her empress. She was her mentor, her mother hen. She was the one woman Lina equally feared, respected and loved. Lina owed her her life.

After spending decades under her wing, Lina left her sensei before the World War II started and dragged her best friend, Isibil, with her and traveled to India, Austria and Germany before settling in France to reap the benefits of the uplifted mood of ending war and the victorious battle of Normandy. People had thirsted for entertainment. They still do.

It had been a while since she set her foot on American soil. She hoped it wouldn't come and bite her in the ass.

A police car drove up the road. A young looking deputy with some very handsome features leaped out of the vehicle and took determined steps towards her.

"Police, Ma'am. You've been asked to leave the property," his young voice said. Then the man stopped and stared. "Holy shit, I mean goddamn," she heard him whisper. Less determined steps followed. "Errr, Miss I'm sorry to disturb you now, but some construction guys called us at the station and said they need to continue their work and there was some lady that drove them away earlier."

His badge said STACKHOUSE. Oh goody, the boy Stackhouse.

"I know, I'm very sorry," Lina responded and tilted her head to examine him better.

"That's okay really, if you'd follow me now to the station to clear this up…"

"I'm here for your sister, Jason," Lina interrupted and smiled sweetly.

He looked baffled. Like something didn't quite register.

"Look Miss, I don't know how you know my sister, or how she knows you or why I haven't ever seen a lady like you before, but she's gone. I'm sorry…. But how did you know my name? Did Sookie tell you?"

"No. I haven't met Sookie before. But I'm going to in a few hours. You too, Jason." She knew she sounded like a lunatic, but it was too tempting to tease the boy. Her kind loved their little games and she was no exception.

"Sookie's been gone over a year. I think you're going to be disappointed. Let's get you out of here, shall we?" He tried to offer her a helping hand like she had lost all her marbles.

"No, why don't you let me sit here for a while and come back to see me and Sookie in about two hours?"

"Err, what if I wait with you? A pretty lady like yourself shouldn't spend time on her own like this," he offered gallantly.

"Nah, I'll be just sitting here. You go ahead."

Jason scratched his head and looked around seeing nobody else and detecting nothing presumably weird going on.

"Ok, well, I guess the men were wrapping up anyway. You sure you don't want to leave with me now?"

She nodded. "She'll be here, Jason."

"Ok then. I'll come back in a couple of hours and you'll need me to give you a ride somewhere. Do you know where you're staying the night? I guess I've got some room you know, you're always welcomed."

"That very sweet Jason, but I'm staying here," she smiled and batted her lashes.

"Yeah, ok. Yeah, well, I'll come back for you. You'll be okay here? Bye now." He looked once more over his shoulder worried about the pretty coocoo woman on the porch, when he walked back to his car and finally drove away.

Lina's phone buzzed. "She's safely out. Only about an hour to go, dear. –N".

She leaned down on her knees as she sat and waited.