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Sam was walking across the car park of the most recent motel the Winchesters and Castiel were staying in, and couldn't hide his eye roll as he noticed Dean and Castiel making out like teenagers on the hood of the impala.

"Dean seriously can't you wait until you get to your room?" Sam moaned as he threw bitch face number 37 at the pair.

It's not like he wasn't happy for the two of them, because he really was. He had been just as sick of the constant eye sex the pair had going on for years as everyone else. But ever since Dean got his head out of his arse and admitted his feelings for the blue eyed angel 3 months ago he had taken every opportunity to jump his angel. Whether they were in public or not.

Sam had to give it to Dean though he had become a lot less emotionally constipated. Well when it came to Castiel at least. So Sam was definitely pleased that Dean had at least grown in that aspect and was finally opening himself up to a real relationship.

However, Sam was really getting sick of it being thrown in his face all the time. Sam really didn't mind the hand holding or the cuddling or even the occasional kiss. But the public groping and walking into their (SHARED!) motel room and finding his brother banging his angel into the mattress was just too much. Which is exactly why Sam now got two rooms whenever they stayed in a motel. Because screw you Dean, it didn't matter how much extra they had to pay. There was no amount of brain bleach in the world that could get rid of the scarring images the new couple had caused him (and that was coming from someone who was Lucifer's bitch in hell for a hundred years).

So yeah Sam was going to throw a bitch face their way. However when Dean pulled away from his angel and gave Sam a mega watt smile, Sam couldn't help but smile back. Dean was obviously happier than he had been in...well ever, and Sam couldn't give him grief for it (no matter the amount of brain bleach he needed to use on a weekly basis). Dean had given up everything for Sam and for the greater good. It was about time some good came his way, and that good came in the shape of an angel in a trench coat. Who was now looking at Sam with a sheepish grin on his fac,e and cheeks that were slightly red in embarrassment.

'Huh who knew angels could blush.' Sam thought.

"Sorry Sam, we didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Castiel said trying to gently push Dean away from him. However, Dean was having none of it and just threw his arm across Castiel's shoulders and pulled him close giving him a kiss on the check causing the angel to blush again. The pair moving towards the boot of the car and moved apart to grab the Winchesters bags.

"Ah ignore him Cas it's just his time of the month." Dean snorted as he laughed at his own joke throwing Sam his bag. Sam walked up to him and gave him a gentle shove in the shoulder.

"Shut it bitch."

"Jerk." Dean shot back. The brothers shot each other a smile as Dean shut the boot of the Impala (carefully of course, Dean would never hurt his baby). Sam threw Dean his room key as they walked across the parking lot.

"I'm at the end of this floor if you need me. Room 42. I'll do research for our case and meet you out here at 9 to go get breakfast. I think I saw a diner down the street that looks pretty good." Sam said as adjusted his bag on his shoulder.

"Sounds good. Hope they have some good pie." Dean replied already thinking of the chance to inhale a couple of slices of pie.

"Don't worry Dean, if they don't I will go get you some." Cas stated seriously. Dean just threw an adoring stare Castiels way.

"You are so awesome." Yep and there was the eye sex again. That was Sam's cue to leave.

"Ye I'm going to go research. Maybe you guys should head to your room." Sam walked away towards his room and rolled his eyes again as he heard his brother quickly entering his key in the door, a quick yelp from Castiel where Dean had obviously pulled him into the room, and the quick loud bang of the door being slammed.

Sam didn't even need to see them to know that this is what was happening. He had seen it for himself too many times to count the last three months. But he couldn't help the small smile that emerged from knowing his brother was truly happy.

However, this happiness was also the reason he had a room six doors down from the couple. Turns out Castiel is quite the screamer when he has sex, and there is only so much of that Sam could put up with without permanently blushing every time he saw Castiel.

So yeah another night alone for Sam Winchester. At least he had a case to work on, so he wouldn't go completely insane with boredom.

He shut his door and locked it. He then threw his bag on the bed and pulled out his laptop, plugging it in by the plug by the bed. He pulled out a battered notepad and pen throwing them next to his laptop ready for the long night of research ahead. He then changed into a comfy pair of tracksuit bottoms and a plain black vest top before settling himself on the head of the bed, his laptop balanced carefully on his lap.

To be honest he wasn't sure where to start, but he needed something to do so he might as well try. Castiel had sensed a large amount of grace in this town. However, he couldn't pinpoint the exact location. Therefore, the chances were high that they would have to walk around the whole town looking for any signs that pointed to what they were looking for. Which to be honest Sam was not exactly sure what they were searching for.

But Cas did seem really concerned about the grace he sensed in this area. He said it felt off and contained a lot of pain and despair. The thought of one of his brothers or sisters being tortured and needing his help was too much for Castiel.

So since Dean couldn't say no to Castiel's puppy eyes (yeah Dean really didn't stand a chance when he was faced with both Castiel's and Sam's puppy eyes, they were a lethal combination) and Sam couldn't face the idea of someone being in pain when he could help it, the three were soon on their way to investigate the source of the grace.

Now only if Sam could find something that could help them find whoever was in trouble. However, as he stared at the search engine that was on his screen, fingers perched over the keyboard ready to type, he couldn't think of anything to even begin. He searched his brain for something, anything, that could help them find the source of all the grace. But his brain that had been so handy in the past was pulling up nothing but a huge blank.

"Damn." he muttered, rubbing his eyes in frustration, then threw his head back to look up at the ceiling.

"Who are you? And how can we find you? Please just give me something so I can help you." Sam whispered almost desperately. Five minutes of silence past before he closed his eyes in resignation.

"What did you think would happen Winchester?" He questioned himself, shaking his head at his silliness.

"The Woods."

Sam sat up in surprise. What the hell was that?! He threw the laptop of his lap, and jumped off the bed grabbing his knife from his bag in one smooth, practiced motions, whilst circling his room in almost a predatory manner looking for the source of the noise.

"The Woods."

Sam spun around on the spot, eyes wide in shock. Yep he definitely heard it that time. The woods. What did it even mean?

"Help us. The woods."

"Hello. Is anyone there?" Sam said aloud continuing to rake his eyes over his room looking for any signs of someone being there with him. But all he was met with was silence. He stood on the same spot for ten minutes, hoping to hear something, but he was met with more silence. He stood unmoving for another 5 minutes before a car door slamming and laughs from the motel parking lot shocked him out of the game of standing statues he had begun with himself.

He took one last look around the room before sliding carefully back to his previous position on the bed. Carefully placing his knife on the bedside table. Pulling his laptop onto his lap be began typing furiously into the search engine. He soon found out that there was a woods on the edge of the town. Sam guessed that was a good place to start their search for the angel in trouble.

He asked for help and it seems he got it.

Either that or he was walking them all into a trap.

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