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On the Death of Fantine.

This one is from Valjean's perspective, as he is the only other character in this scene

As he looked at her, lying on the hospital bed, drenched in sweat, and reaching out to her absent daughter, Jean Valjean felt guilt like he had never felt guilt before. He had condemned her to this, this existance. Life was too kind a word. This was not life for her, this was a postponing of death. And oh, how guilty he felt. When he saw her among the prostitutes earlier that evening, he could scarce believe it was that same woman who had been in that fight at the sewing house. How far she had fallen. Because of him. This broken, delirious woman before him was the product of his actions.

As her deliriums strengthened, he went over to her, to calm her. As he held her to him, he made her a promise. Young Cossette would want for nothing. He would find her, take care of her, he promised. She turned her head back towards the curtain, talking once more to Cossette. I'll see you when I wake, she promised. And her eyes closed for the last time.