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On the Death of Eponine

From the point of View of Enjorlas, becuase I rekon as he's an observant guy with a heart. And he's good friends with Marius. And I love his red coat...

He heard the gun shot and turned to see a boy fall, letting go of the rifle's barrel. As he continued to watch, Enjorlas saw Marius catch the body up in his, holding it close. Why would he... ah , he saw it now. There in Maruis's arm was no boy, but the poor, quite Eponine, the girl he was too blind to see loved him. Like everyone else, Enjorlas had seen the wistful glances Eponin sent Marius' way.

When she first came to the meetings, heads were turned. Why was she there? Soon enough though, they had all seen how she loved Marius, and the hope that was in her eyes every time he spoke to her. However, one day that changed. She came up the stairs, in search of Marius, no doubt. But instead of the hope in he r eyes , there was almost empty, with hints of hurt and betrayal. So she had found out ab out Marius' mystery girl then? As Maruis caught sight of her, and rushed over, Enjorlas heard him ask if she had found her. Had she found her? So Marius was indeed blind. Enjorlas' heart went out to Eponine then. Over time, he had developed a soft spot for Eponine, perhaps out of pity for the way that Marius unknowingly hurt her time and time again.

As he watched the bittersweet tableau in front of him, Enjorlas felt an unfamiliar ache behind his eyes. Was this...grief?He had felt so few emotions recently, aside from passion for the revolution, and fury against the royalists. He tried to blink away the ache, but that caused tears to well up in his eyes. He looked around, and saw all the others watching the pair, with similar expressions on their faces. Marius was holding her, wip ing away her tears, telling her she would be fine. But Eponine knew her life was ending and Enjorlas heard her say something about rain being unable to hurt her now. She felt no pain, and was h appy to be finally falling as leep in the arms of the man she loved . When her eyes closed, and her arm fell limply to her side, Enjorlas dashed the tears from his eyes, and walked over to Marius, who let out a sob as all pain and suffering fell from her face. All had been touched by this display, and they all felt that they had even more cause to continue with this revolution. Eponine had given her life for Marius, and the cause.

Enjorlas took Eponine's body from Maruis , who was being comforted by Grantaire, and took her inside, placing her beside the young Gavroche, the first fatality. As he laid her down, Enjorlas notice peace that was now on her face. As he brushed her hair off her face, and pressed quick kiss to her cold forehead, Enjorlas once again felt the ache behind his eyes. As he left the room, he turned before closing the door, and muttered quietly

"Goodbye, dear Eponine".

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