Conflict of Interest

"Minster Harry Potter is here to see you," Percy Weasley announced suddenly walking into the minister's office, Fudge looked up and his face morphed into shock and then annoyance. Why would that liar be here?

"Send him in Weatherby," Fudge demanded coolly dropping his quill and preparing himself to face the boy he had once thought of as a good wizard, but then he saw the boy was nothing more than a liar and a tool of the old man. Harry Potter had similar feelings obviously as his eyes were icy when he walked into the room, Percy hovered and Fudge shooed him away when the door was shut the minister began.

"What do you want? I am a very busy man and I do not have time for your lies," he spat but Harry did not counter with any argument instead he seemed accepting of what the man had said

"I don't care what you think any more Fudge, I don't care whether or not you believe I am a liar or not and no I am not here to talk about Voldemort nor am I here to discus you accepting his return, no instead I want something else from you," Harry explained quickly and as professionally as he could and the minister frowned in confusion. What did the boy mean by that and if what he was saying was true then why was he in the ministry right in the middle of the Christmas holidays?

"You happen to be the most powerful person in the ministry right now and I need your help," Harry continued and Fudge snorted but said nothing, Harry sighed and looked the man in the eye

"Look I don't like you and you don't like me but if you listen to me then you will come out of this looking like the best minister this country has had in a long time, ignore me and you still have me and Dumbledore to contest with so will you listen?" he demanded and Fudge seemed taken aback, when had this boy grown a backbone?

"I'm listening," was his response and Harry took a breath to calm himself

"I want you to emancipate me, remove all traces and let me go," Harry gave his demands and Fudge almost fell back on his chair,

"WHAT!" he demanded wondering if this was really happening, why would anyone want to leave the wizarding world? Magic was essential to life wasn't it?

"I want to leave the wizarding world, I have had more than enough of it. Dumbledore pressuring me into being something I'm not, friends who are not friends in any way and people who think I'm scum because of my parents, you can keep going with it all but I want out!" Harry explained through gritted teeth. Fudge however was looking excited; he could imagine the praise he would get if he played his cards right and made up a story about how he saved Harry Potter.

"Ok say I help you, what would you do with yourself?" Fudge asked and Harry smiled

"My parents left me a lot of money and I think I will go to school, muggle school then I'll see what I feel like but trust me I would rather starve than turn back to this world," Harry replied and Fudge nodded.

"Ok, why? What brought this on?" Fudge demanded and Harry wanted to punch him for being so arrogant , did he mean other than the government calling him a liar?

"Let's just say I'm tired of being a puppet, of being lied to, now if you would kindly emancipate me and remove tracing charms I will be on my way and we do not have to see each other ever again," Harry suggested and Fudge smiled in what he hoped was a friendly way. He grabbed a form from his desk

"Done," was all he said and Harry got up, shook Fudge's hand and threw his want into a fire.

"Goodbye Fudge, I don't want to see you again," Harry told him

"Goodbye Harry Potter, don't come back," Fudge replied already imagining tomorrow's headlines.

The next day

Harry Potter Leaves

Minister Fudge announced shocking news yesterday as he told us how Harry James Potter who most of us know as the boy who lived admitted he was lying about You-Know-Who's return. Apparently Harry Potter arrived at his office, confessed to his crime and decided to leave the magical world, Minister Fudge said he was distraught and wanted everyone to know that he had been told to lie by Albus Dumbledore. The minister said that Harry Potter had decided to exile himself as he was too ashamed to show his face, the minister also said Harry Potter approved of his leadership and...

The paper sent waves of shock and horror through the order of the Phoenix who immediately launched a mission to find Harry, they failed and while this headline was seen throughout the magical world, Harry Potter never read it.

1996: Harry Potter vanishes from the wizarding world and enters a private school in London, he lives in a flat less than a mile away from the school.

1997: A battle in the ministry leads to several order members and death eaters to be arrested , Fudge claims they were not acting on the orders of Voldemort.

1998: Harry Potter graduates with seven GCSE's, English and Maths at Grade B, History and RE at Grade A, all three sciences at Grade C.

1999: Voldemort reveals his existence and Fudge is kicked out of office and replaced

2000: Harry leaves sixth form with English, History and Maths A levels at Grade A

2001-2: The second wizarding war officially begins and Dolores Umbridge is selected as minister for magic due to her "professional" removal of dark influence in Hogwarts. She starts a reign of terror against both her own people and the death eaters.

2003: Harry leaves University with a first class degree in Law

2004: Harry finishes Bar school and becomes a barrister

2005: Harry's pupilage ends and he is now a qualified Barrister

Throughout all of it he keeps his promise to Fudge and does not contact or interact with anyone in the wizarding world again.


A woman sat dressed in a red robe with a purple strap running across her chest, a wig rested on her head and a pair of loose spectacles dangled on her nose. Her blond hair was curling out from the wig and she was staring at the man dressed in black robe with a similar wig

"Mr Potter?" she asked politely but her voice while soft was also firm

"My lady I would like to request bail on the grounds of my client Dudley Dursley not being a threat to either the victim or any witnesses, there is no evidence other than a failed conviction ten years ago of him committing actual bodily harm that he would be a threat and like I said he was not convicted," Harry replied and his cousin who was sitting in the defendant's box almost smiled. Harry had surprisingly managed to rekindle a relationship with the Dursleys, once his mother's enchantment had worn off he had found them more accepting and it was obvious they were being influenced by something to be the way they were. They did not like wizards but once Harry walked out there was no reason for them to hate him and eventually they moved past Christmas card terms and onto friendly terms. Dudley had been accused of battering Piers Polkiss and Harry had offered to defend him for a slightly reduced price, a woman on his left suddenly rose. She was about his age, slender with a curved body, creamy white skin and long blond hair which was just about kept in place by her wig, this was Lauren she was the Crown's barrister and also Harry's girlfriend. A fact they kept quiet in court and in public, most people knew but as long as it did not damage their cases it was ignored.

"The Crown would like to counter this, the defendant has exhibited a propensity of violence and for that reason he should be detained in custody to ensure the safety of the witnesses and the victim," she announced in a sweet but slightly cold voice. The Judge considered for a moment

"I must agree with Mr Potter on this one, the defendant will return to the home of his parents where he has resided for the last few years however there is a seven pm to am curfew and he is barred from the area where either the victim or witnesses reside... that is all," she announced and Harry smiled before rising to his feet as the Judge left the room. Dudley was escorted out of the court and the usher left to attend the Judge, it was only Harry and Lauren left

"Well done," she said with a seductive roll of her eyes, they had both got used to battling each other in court and it somehow spiced up their relationship. Neither knew why but suddenly she pulled her wig off and pulled Harry into a deep kiss which he returned eagerly, his hand slid up her robe and pulled her tighter, they didn't realise however during their "session" the Judge had forgotten her law book.

"Mr Potter and Miss Evergreen! While I am happy to see you both getting along I will remind you that you are in a court and engaging in any form of sexual intercourse in a court room will get you both three weeks in contempt!" she announced sounding narked and the pair pulled away as the startled woman grabbed her book and pointed them out of the room.

"Don't test me!" she warned and the two walked arm in arm out of the courtroom trying not to laugh,

"Why do we let them in a courtroom?" The Judge sighed throwing her arms in the air and walking out of the room.


Lauren had been bright red by the time they left the courtroom and she punched Harry on the arm the moment they were clear

"I don't believe that happened!" she exclaimed sounding a mixture of angry, embarrassed and excited.

"I can," Harry mumbled loud enough for her to hear and she punched him again,

"We were just court making out in a courtroom by a Judge! Any other Judge would have gone mental and oh my God how far would you have gone?" she asked, Harry just smiled and made a few finger gestures to get his point across. She blushed again

"Oh My God! How am I going to ever look her in the eye again," she half sighed, half laughed straightening her hair from the wig, she gave him a quick peck on the lips before deciding to get changed

"Do you want company in the changing room?" Harry asked only half-joking, they had made a few visits together once or twice.

"If we hadn't of just literally been caught by Judge Snow I would have said yes but I think seeing us today was a little much for her," Lauren replied with a slight wink before walking off towards the robbing room. It would be empty by now but she had a point, if Judge Snow caught them again then they would both be spending time in a cell. Harry actually liked the woman and had done work experience with her a few months into his Bar course, he found then that all High Court Judges were made aware of magic and were trained to resist and recognise it in a courtroom. Apparently the muggle and wizarding worlds did not get along all that well and he remembered Snow taking great delight in having one man who tried to oblivate the jury hauled into custody. The moment she had seen the spell she had pressed a small button which summoned one magical trained police officer who wiped the court's memories and had those responsible taken away.

It had been a while since he thought of the world he left behind and he found he did not regret it in the slightest, he and Lauren now lived together and he had a life outside magic. He had burnt his wand for a reason all them years ago and no one had come looking for him. He had no idea what was going on with the wizards and he didn't care, the accidents on the news made him think they had discovered Voldemort. But they had refused to listen once so it was their problem now.

"Are you going to get changed?" Judge Snow suddenly asked who was wearing more casual attire and was on her way home, she saw him standing in the hall looking aimless. He made a move to undo his collar but she raised a hand in the air

"Not here please, in the last five minutes alone I have seen enough of you to last a lifetime!"