Conflict Of Interest

Slowly people started to raise their hands, at first it was one but followed by another and soon a large portion of the Wizengamot had raised their hands to signal the guilty verdict. Kingsley nodded as this went on and eventually he nodded to Madam Bones who watched with tight lips as the people put their hands back down. Harry did not know what to think and he hoped that enough would vote not guilty

"All those in favour of clearing the accused of all charges?" Amelia asked reiterating what Harry had heard her say back in his fifth year, she raised her hand first and then another sizeable portion of the Wizengamot raised their hands, Madam Bones looked to Kingsley.

"Fifty five guilty, sixty five not guilty," he announced and a look of shock hit Dumbledore like a stack of bricks, he was astounded while Lauren and Harry beamed at each other before she ran up and hugged him. Amelia allowed this to go on for a few seconds as she studied the trembling face of Ginny.

"This is an outrage!" Molly Weasley announced rising to her feet, Amelia looked at her

"The court has not invited the public to speak Miss Weasley sit down," she ordered politely but the plump red haired woman shook her head.

"No that boy raped by daughter and you are going to turn him free!" she roared at the minister who now had a dark, stern expression

"Miss Weasely the process we have been through is the system of government and through that law, now you will sit down or you shall take Mr Malfoy's place," she threatened furiously and eventually the woman sat down. Madam Bones then looked at Draco and drew her wand

"You have been cleared of all charges, this will not go onto your record and you are free to go," she told him before swiping her wand through the air and the chain bindings broke. He stood up in court for the first time as a free man

"Let me be clear, this case has revealed things of our past and through that our future, an investigation will go into its conduct and that may affect future cases and the handling of any misconduct that has occurred," she glared at Dumbledore allowing herself the luxury of expressing her true feelings about his argument. Harry just smiled and Draco walked towards them, he looked slightly unsure as to how he should greet them.

"Court is dismissed," Amelia decided rising to her feet and once she left the entire Wizengamot filed out,

"Thank you," Draco spluttered the moment he was able, Harry smiled at his former enemy and reached out to shake his hand

"My pleasure," Harry told him with a grin and firm handshake, Lauren walked over and Draco hugged her,

"And mine," she corrected looking at Harry with mock annoyance, at least Harry hoped it was mock

"Both of you, thank you, "he gushed with a wide grin and no way of knowing how to make his feelings known further,

"But why?" he asked the question Harry knew he had been harbouring all along, Harry put a steady hand on him

"Because you needed help and I, we honestly believed you were innocent." Harry answered truthfully and Draco moved to speak.

"Let us say goodbye and nothing more," Harry requested as he saw Narcissa eager to greet her son, she was not allowed in the inner circle of the court but she wanted to see him.

"Goodbye Harry, thank you. And you Miss Evergreen?" Draco questioned unsure of how to address her

"Lauren," she told him and Draco nodded to her, Harry was smiling; he never thought he'd see the day when Draco Malfoy would be thanking a muggle but things had changed.

"Go on, or your mother might storm in here," Harry pointed out with an uneasy nod Draco rushed off the greet her, Harry did see however a momentary glance between him and Ginny who was slow leaving the court.

"What do you thinks going to happen"? Lauren asked once he was out of earshot, Harry turned to her

"To Draco?" he asked but she shook her head

"Ginny," Lauren corrected also seeing the glance the former lovers had shared, Harry sighed

"It's not going to work out between them," Harry sighed knowing it to be true, she was trapped by her family and herself at this stage. There was no hope

"Is that Hermione?" Lauren asked seeing a bushy haired girl running into the court, she looked free and healthier than the last time she was in this room; however she charged in expecting to see a tragedy but instead saw a miracle. She looked shocked and even more until Draco wrapped her in a spinning hug, he had not seen her in a long time.

"So we did it, we managed to persuade an entire congregation of wizards that he was innocent," Harry remarked remembering how impossible the task had seemed when he first started, they had started it.

"And brought down a conspiracy and a minister in the process," Lauren remarked with a smile,

"Not bad," Harry chuckled as he noticed Dumbledore leave the room, Lauren glared at him the whole way out as she took her wig off and once he had left stared at it.

"Never have I seen such a disgrace to the system," she mumbled with venom coating her voice, Harry had no choice but to agree.

"I don't think he'll be working as a lawyer again," Harry agreed removing his own wig

"If he does then I'll ask Judge Snow to borrow her husband's stick," Lauren vowed aloud and Harry smiled, then with an arm around her he prepared to walk out.

"Oh no you don't," Narcissa halted them before they could even get close to the door, the woman walked with newfound youth and Harry wondered what she wanted.

"You two have saved my son, my family and countless more, don't think you two are getting away quietly, come on," she ordered and the two barristers frowned at each other.

"You're both coming with us, dinner our treat," Narcissa told them gesturing for Hermione and Draco to follow on. Harry and Lauren decided to make the wise choice not to argue.

Two weeks later

Judge Snow relaxed in her office; it was one of the rare moment in court hours she got to relax, she was quite happy. She was being recommended for promotion to the high court maybe even supreme court if she was lucky, she had been instrumental in bringing the wizarding state to government attention and kicked up enough fuss to ensure a lot of light was shone on it.

"Judge Snow," a court usher knocked on her door and she called for him to come in,

"You have a case," he informed her and the woman frowned, she didn't have one this afternoon, she was sure of it.

"Do I?" she questioned and the Usher brought out a notebook

"Yes the crown versus Dolores Umbridge," the usher muttered and Snow looked up,

"Really? Well I'm sure I can make time, who is the prosecutor?" she asked with a slight grin

"Harry Potter," was the response and the woman smiled,

"Let's go then," she declared with a confident spring in her step.


Albus Dumbledore was banned from representing anyone except himself in a court of law for the remainder of his life, he was suspended during an investigation into him but was resorted to his headmaster position with an official warning. He announced his intention to retire after calls for him to be fired.

Amelia Bones was instrumental in brining a new era to the ministry, with the help of the British Government she removed the Wizengamot and replaced it with a judge and jury system. She also introduced democracy and was elected minister for four years, the polls are still in her favour since her more rigid approach to the war on the death eaters.

Dolores Umbridge was sentenced on four counts, corruption, false imprisonment, treason and war crimes when it became apparent she had used torture on both the death eaters and the public during the war with the death eaters, She was sentenced to three life imprisonment orders and ten years. With more crimes becoming apparent it is unlikely she will ever be released

Draco Malfoy after being cleared of all charges was rewarded two thousand galleons in compensation, he rekindled his relationship with Hermione Granger who was awarded eight million in compensation and both remained good friends with Harry Potter and Lauren Evergreen. He and Hermione married six months later.

Ginvera Weasley eventually broke free of her mother's control and left home before moving in with Fred Weasley who had a spare room, she is currently rekindling her previous relationships but has not tried to contact either Draco Malfoy or Harry Potter.

Ron Weasely was allowed into general population with conditions three months into his sentence, he was due to be recalled to court to face charges of murder and rape but mouthed off to a gang leader and was found dead the morning he was due to face trial.

Judge Snow was made a high court judge for her role in bringing down the oppression of magical Britain and for catching Ron Weasley Amelia Bones made her an honorary Wizarding Judge. She was given a large bonus and using it bought her husband and new walking stick. She remains on good terms with Harry and Lauren.

Luna and Neville Longbottom were promoted to head unspeakable and head auror respectively; they are both frequent visors to Harry and Lauren along with Draco and Hermione. The six friends in total are often seen out together.

Harry Potter and Lauren Evergreen were promoted to Queen's Counsel after the events of the Draco Malfoy trial, both vowed never to go back into Wizarding courts and remained in muggle ones. Both Harry and Laruen still work as barristers but recently Lauren Evergreen has taken maternity leave, the daughter of Harry and Lauren Potter is expected very shortly after the wedding. The Malfoy's and Longbottom's are expected to serve as godparents. Harry Potter never expressed a desire to go back to magic and true to his word never used it again. Both Harry and Lauren are very happy and look forward to starting a family.