Things That Merlin Is to Do.
By King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Physician Gaius,Sirs Leon, Lancelot, Percival, Gwaine, Elyan.
Written By Sir Lancelot.

01) If Merlin has discovered any secret, he must report it to either Arthur or Gwen.
02) Merlin must get at least eight hours of sleep at night.
03) Merlin must have three full meals a day, with someone mentioned above making sure he has eaten a proper amount.
04) Merlin is never ever allowed to think of himself as either i) Monster ii) Freak iii) Loser iii) Bastard
05) Under any circumstance, Merlin must never ever stop using his magic.
06) Merlin must not hide his intelligence
07) Merlin must never think any suicidal thoughts.
08) Merlin must never attempt suicide.
09) Merlin must never transform himself into any animal, at all.
10) Merlin must never run into branches for fear of scaring us by dying.
11) Only ever ever ever climb trees when one of the Knights are present. Even then you must ask permission.
12) Merlin is never allowed to be alone with Gwaine.
13) Merlin is never allowed to jump out trees with anyone else.
14) Merlin is never allowed to smirk. Ever!
15) In any future events concerning children, Merlin is to take care of the children.
16) Merlin is automatically given babysitting duties.
17) Since Merlin is so nice, he is to create a carving of the animals he believes represents us, and will be locked in his room until they are completed.
18) Merlin must celebrate each of his birthdays. No matter how uncomfortable he is.
19) Merlin and his friends must go stargazing at least once a week.