Dick is 13 and is still robin. I've been reading a lot of these types of stories with Bruce and Robin bonding so..I couldn't help it!

In ten minutes, class would be done. Dick normally liked advanced math. He was good at it and didn't even need to study to pass a test or a pop-quiz, but today was different. Sam Chapman. He was the "new" kid. Sam moved in from New York with his dad. There's a rumor going around saying that he got expelled from his last school. Dick understood why. Sam picked on the smaller kids and beat them up. The school is both a middle school and elementary school, so he would pick on the elementary kids. Dick didn't like him, so he stayed out of his way. The bell rang as everyone gathered their things and left the room. He unlocked his locker and unzipped his navy blue backpack. After putting in all of his books, Dick walked out to the main entrance where Alfred would soon pick him up. Sitting on a wooden bench need to the door, something caught his attention on the playground.

"Hey Trevor...," a mocking voice spoke. A couple of his friends chuckled behind him.

Sam Chapman. Dick knew that annoying voice anywhere. Sam and a couple of his guys were huddling around what looked like a 5th grader. Dick's eyes narrowed, he didn't like where this is going.

"What's in the backpack, nerd," Sam mocked as he ripped the backpack off of Trevor's shoulder.

"Hey stop!," Trevor countered as he reached for his backpack but Sam pulled it over his head, using the advantage that he was taller than Trevor.

"Stop what, little nerd? Well then, let's see what's in here...," Sam dumped the contents on the wood chips. A guys behind him laughed.

"Oh look, he really is a nerd," the guy spoke holding up his math book.

"Oh! I know we should de-nerd him!," the third boy said with an excited tone in his voice as he eagerly jumped up and down.

The other two turned to look at him stopping what they were doing.

"Really? De-nerd him? That's the best you got?," Sam said clearly in disgust. Dick was standing now as he placed his backpack on the bench.

"I know what we should do, we should beat the nerd outta' him," Chapman suggested.

Sam punched Trevor in the nose. Trevor stumbled back, falling onto the pavement. Sam hovered over him and punched his cheek and the other boys started to join him. Dick ran other to the Trevor's side and stood in a defensive position. The boys stopped what they were doing to look at him as they stepped back.

"Oh hey, it's the Circus Freak," Sam spoke with a mocking smile and with a hand on his hip.

"Stop this," Dick ordered.

"What?," then Sam's eyes lead to Trevor, who is leaning against a nearby tree.

"Oh him, he's just a nerd, at least he not a Circus Freak!" All the boys started laughing.

"Dick is not even worth our time! Let's go," the boys started to walk away.

"At least I don't have a freakishly weird nose," Dick repealed. Dick knew that was the wrong thing to be said.

"What?," Sam snapped as he turned around. His friends did the same. Dick could tell he was furious.

"Oh, that was the wrong move Grayson," Sam said as he slowly walked forward to Dick. "Why don't you make fun of your mom's nose? Huh? Oh...that's right, you don't have a mom. Is it really true that they died falling of the trapez? Aw...So sad. Probably because you're so ugly they couldn't stand you." All the boys started laughing. "Maybe we should help you get to them...," he smiled and looked at his friends, almost looking for permission.

"What do you want from me?," Dick questioned.

Sam shrugged. "I just don't like you."

Sam smiled as he approached Dick.

"I don't want to fight."

Once again, Sam shrugged. "Too bad."

Sam jumped on Dick and the tumbled onto the grass. Sam tumbled on top of Dick and punched Dick on his nose. Dick knew he shouldn't fight Sam or it would give away that he is Robin but Bruce said if he got in a fight, he could defend himself as a normal person. Dick punched Sam in the face and Sam did the same to him. Dick saw Sam's friends coming to help beat Dick up. His friends punched and kicked Dick in various. Dick curled up into a ball trying to regain his breath.

"Master Dick! My word! What happened here!?"

"Oh snap. Come on guys, run!" Sam and his friends ran in the other direction.

Alfred ran up to Dick and helped him up.

"Master Dick, what happened?," Alfred said as he looked over Dick for any injuries. Dick had his school uniform torn with spots of blood and a small line of blood came from his nose and lip. Alfred saw bruises already forming.

"My, I am sure Master Bruce will know about this!," Alfred spoke as he picked out a cell phone and called a number. Dick was sure it was Bruce, but didn't want to pushed his luck.

Alfred helped Dick to the school nurse to take care of his injuries. Dick laid down on the small cot in the back of the room. He closed his eyes, he was dizzy, probably by the minor blood loss. He heard Alfred talk to the nurse and the principle. Then he heard another person join in, whom sounded very mad. Bruce.

He heard the door open and then closed. Footsteps approached the bed and the side of the bed went down a little.

"Dick... Dick, are you alright?"

Dick opened his eyes to see Bruce sitting next to him on the cot. Dick weakly smiled.

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"What happened?," Bruce said in his Batman voice.

"A couple of kids were picking on this 5th grader, Trevor so...I kinda stood up to him and the others started to make fun of me and my..."

Bruce knew Dick was going to say parents but he just nodded.

"...so then Sam jumped on me and he started to punch me and then his friends started to help him..."

Dick could tell Bruce was getting mad. His jaw clenched slightly and his hands were balling into fists.

"But then Alfred came and they ran away."

Bruce relaxed at the statement.

"Let's go home."


Bruce helped Dick to the limo where Alfred drove them both home. By the time they got their Dick was asleep so Bruce didn't wake him but carried him to bed. He tucked Dick in and ruffled his hair.

"Sweet Dreams," Bruce spoke softly and smiled. He shut the light off and closed the door to let Dick sleep.

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