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Upon the horrifying realization that there was no way to avoid being hit, time slowed down.

Dick saw the automobile come into contact with him. The front bumper impacted his leg and he rolled on to its hood, smashing into the windshield. He remembered the vehicle continuing to move forward with him on the hood. Seconds later, the force destroyed the windshield and Dick hurled twenty feet down the road, scrapping his body and head first on cement pavement, giving him instant injuries.

Screeching came immediately after. Pain was everywhere, especially his left leg. A moan escaped his lips and his face scrunched up in pain. He moaned again and panted. He tried to sit up or a least hold his head up for a moment to look his body over, but he was exhausted.

Sam stood on the side of the sidewalk, on tippy-toes with a smile painted across his face. He leaned forward with bright eyes waiting for something more too happened. He took a good look at Dick from his distance, with every second more he looked, his smile grew bigger, and finally into a deep laugh.

He laughed and laughed and laughed.

Dick didn't know what direction he was facing or where he was. Sounds came from all distances and volumes but the first thing he heard was someone using a hammer. Then he realized the screeching and annoying sound was footsteps. Each step made his headache grow and he moaned louder with eyes tightly shut as he turned his head. The footsteps came to a halt next to him and something held his head up.

"Oh my god!"

He moaned again, probably not the last as he tried to turn his head.

"It's going to be okay! Just calm down!"

A high-pitched sound came from the distance and approached fast.

"It's going to be okay, it's going to be okay…" The man went on, Dick didn't know if he was trying to convenience himself or him, but he still kept talking. It was nice to know he wasn't alone. Wanting to check his injuries, Dick slowly opened his eyes and tried to sit up using his elbows.

"Calm down. Just lay still."

The man holding his head had dark brown hair and had a black jacket covering a blue polo shirt. He had a name tag on his right side and printed on it was Chris. He stared into Dick's eyes with fear and regret.

"I'm so sor….ry." His hands were shaking and his pupils went small. He was going into shock; probably he couldn't believe he hit some innocent kid on his way home.

All Dick could do was staring back at him with no emotion. Dumbness was his best friend for he couldn't felt anything below the waist. He closed his eyes and let the peaceful darkness surround him.

*Break line*

When he came to, he was being bounced around and ached all over. In his confused stat, he wondered dimly where he was. He tried to think but there was a high-pitched screaming going on, and he couldn't tell whether it was inside of outside. He suddenly realized it was a siren. He swallowed and groaned and wished for Bruce. Someone with a cold wet rag was gently sponging off my face and in a light voice said,

"I think he's coming around."

Dick opened his eyes. It was dark.

"Where…? Dick's voice cracked, not being able to say anything else. His throat was sore. Dick blinked to the stranger sitting next to him.

"Take it easy. You're in an ambulance."

His eyes popped opened and he was ready to speak once more.

"Oh my-"Dick's frightened sentence got cut off.

"Just calm down." He gripped Dick's shoulders and held him down.

"You passed out, okay? Calm down."

An oxygen mask was placed on his face and Dick took deep relaxing breaths.

"That's it. Easy breaths. Alright sweetheart, can you give me your name?" The stranger sweetly asked him.

Dick scrunched up his face in pain. His leg was on fire. He screamed, his eyes shoot open and in the darkness his eyes search for anything as he tried to grab his leg.

"Calm down honey. I know your leg hurts. We gave you some morphine and opioids. We're going to give you some anesthesia now okay? It's going to make the pain go away."

If Bruce didn't make Dick study the human body and drugs; he wouldn't have understood. In this case, Dick understood that anesthesia does take away the pain, but in the end will knock you out. They usually use it for operations or emergencies or anything that might be to pain to be conscious for.

She pushed him gently back down as Dick took deep breaths. Dick felt his hands start to shake as he took deeper and quicker breaths. He'd never had an operation before. How bad was his leg? Was his imagination getting to him?

"Okay, can I get you name?" Dick's eyes started to feel heavy and growing with fear.

"Richard…Grayson." Dick whispered gasping in between breaths.

"Okay, is there someone I can contact, like your parents?" Dick took a deep breath.

"Bruce. . . .Way. . ." Dick's whole body was shaking and he relaxed letting all the pain go.

"Richard? Richard! Richard, can you hear…." Everything was a blur.

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