Hello everybody, Innocentblaze686 here with an update on what has been going on in life so far. This update is going to cover a few things that I'll explain as I go along, but I'll start with the fanfiction updates first, and then move on to other stuff.

So for all you people who have been loyally following From Domination to Genocide, this first part of the update is for you. I'm going to be completely honest here: I need some help here today! I have officially hit a writer's block, something I really, really hate having. I'm also running dry on the writing ideas, so this is why I need help. I am calling upon you: the readers, favoriters (not sure that's a word), the reviewers, and the followers to help me. In the words of comedian Kevin Hart: "HELP ME! NIGGA, HELP ME!" By helping me I mean giving me ideas, beta reading the story for me, getting me connected with other authors who have written successful fanfictions. One of my must do New Year's resolutions was to finish From Domination to Genocide, and I intend to carry that resolution out. And speaking of which, I have had several of you readers/reviewers comment on the lack of Halo content within the story. I have been working on one such chapter that I have hit dead on and I need help. So this is where you guys can have a real impact on the story, and if you want to see some off the earlier chapters so that you can put a personal twist on them that would really make the story better in your eyes, just e-mail me. Hotmail account is benboyv98 , and I'll always find some way to answer you back. Just make sure to route all changes through me, and make sure you mark the changes so that I can read over them specifically and give you guys some feedback. This could also be considered a little practice for you guys if you're having with your own fanfictions, so just let me know if you want to help out.

Secondly, now we're moving into stuff in my life that I want to share. First and foremost: . Oh my dear Lord I love that website. If you have no clue what Kickstarter is, allow me to explain. If you are an aspiring artist, film maker, inventor, or indie gamer maker, this is where you could make it or break it. Kickstarter basically is a site for aspiring people who want to showcase their ideas for public backing and financial support. I swear to God, that I absolutely love the though put into this site. Now as a gamer, I first investigated the Games section. Guys, if you can, go over to Kickstarter, and back some of these amazing games that are coming out. They deserve more attention and they should be noticed. And trust me, you will love some of the stuff you'll see on Kickstarter. And update part 3 is from a Kickstarter discovery I made.

An Independent Gaming studio called Perihelion Interactive LLC out of Sacramento, California recently put on Kickstarter a game called "The Mandate." Before I go into to this, I have to ask you guys, how many of you guys ever wished to be that star ship captain like in Star Trek or in Star Wars, one that can interact with their crew and ship and be a true leader? Mandate gives you just that, and more. Now, I was unable to remember the name and I confused it with the Mantle, like the Forerunner ideal of upholding the galaxy in Halo. The Mandate does not differ much from that idea. Humanity essentially ruined Earth and took to the stars, and created the Mandate, which founded a Tsarist style Empire of Humanity. Now there is a rebellion going on and you take the role of a disgraced Imperial captain who is offered a chance at redemption by the Empress. I cannot fully explain how amazing this game is, so here is the Kickstarter link: projects/1964463742/the-mandate?ref=search , and the web link to the site:

Now here comes the 4th part of the update. In an attempt to bring back the edge I had in writing, I am going to start doing oneshots. This will hopefully get me back in the beat of things, and back to big time writing. This is also another place where you guys can jump in. In order to bring back my edge, I need to be able to frequently see other author's work so that I can learn from it. I would also like to say that I'm open to ideas, helping others, or even collaborating with another author on a fanfic. Again, email is listed in the second paragraph if you want to contact me, or just PM me, whichever.

Anyways guys and gals, if you've read all the way down here, thank you guys so much for hearing my update/call for help. This has been Innocentblaze686, burning out.