Kings of the Jungle

Summary: Black for Stealth, orange for speed, stripes for strength, gray for humorous, and golden for loyal and courageous. Nico, Frank, Jason, Leo, and Percy has to fight up the ranks to defeat the kings of the jungle to claim the thrones like everyone else. But will they claim them? Or die trying?

"Are we there yet?"
"What about no-"
Leo looked at the other males, Nico frowned at him, for being annoyed by the Latino elf for the past ten minutes.
Jason sighed at his friend, "Leo, we will be there in two hours or so."
He shrugged, "I don't see why do we have to go to China for the summer. We aren't that bad, are we?"
Percy sighed as he ran a hand through his hair and leaned against the chair, "I don't know, really, Leo."
Frank tilted his head, "you sure your okay man? Looks like your getting airsick again."
Percy put his head against his palm and put the other hand in front of his mouth, "I think I can handle two more hours."
Jason put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed, "Uh, yeah, I think not. Go to the bathroom."
Percy didn't take that as a suggestion, he got up quickly and ran to the bathroom, and puked in the toilet without even closing the door.
Nico sighed, "eh, I'm gonna see if the pilots know where are the snacks are. And have at least any medicine for Percy."
Jason nodded, "you should."
"yeah, I'm hungry..." Leo sweat-dropped as his stomach growls loudly.
Frank grinned, "I'm with Leo for once."
Nico chuckled as he made his way to the Pilots headquarters.
They heard the sink water running and Percy's mouth gurgling loudly.
They all chuckled for this happen a lot on plane rides.
The plane rumbled up and down quickly.
"What's going on?" Frank yelled.
Jason looked out the window and his eyes widen, "The engines are dead!"
Percy ran in, "Why didn't the pilots tell us!" He asked.
Nico ran in also, but breathing heavily, ", there, they, jumped out!"
Jason cursed in Latin then ran towards the control room. He grabbed the wheel, but the plane lurched towards the ground at high speed. He pulled the wheel, "Percy help me!"
Percy ran in and helped him pull the wheel. The plane slowed down, but not enough.
Nico ran in, along with Frank and Leo.
"They took the parachutes also!" Frank said.
"You think they will just fall to their death instead of crash landing?" Leo asked him loudly.
"Just help!" Percy and Jason yelled at their brothers.
They ran and helped pulled the wheel.
The plane slowed and pulled up before it hit the ground, sliding while hitting trees, rocks, vines, and other various plants.
They all yelled before the plane hit a large tree and stopping completely.
They all breath heavily, but there was one still screaming.
Percy, Nico, Frank, and Jason turned their heads and frowned at Leo.
Leo stopped at looked at them confused, "what."
Nico sighed as he smacked the back of his forehead.
"Stop being a whiny then!"
Leo pouted at him.
Percy looked out the window in front of them, "where are we?"
Jason took out his phone, "no service?" He looked around also.
"I say it looks like a jungle to me." Leo said as he rubbed his head.
They all stared at him.
"What?" he asked.
"That is the smartest thing you said the entire trip." Frank explained.
Nico sighed, "lets get out of here."
"Why?" Percy looked at him.
"For we can find those pilots and smack them for leaving us, and to see around more."
Jason nodded, "first lets see if there's a survival guide, I have a feeling we may not come back."
"I hate your feelings sometimes. But they always help."
"Shut up for now."
"Can't do."
"Ugh. " They all sighed in defeat.
It took them at least an half-hour to find the survival guide and kit, which were under the seats, go figure, then they headed out for a while.
"Stop." Percy said quietly.
"Why?" Frank asked.
Percy put a finger to his mouth to say, 'be quiet', then he perked around the tree quietly, then his eyes widen.
Nico taped his shoulder and mouth, 'what is it?'
Percy looked at him, eyes with fear, and mouthed one word, 'cats.'