Chapter 2: Our Death Conference by the Cats of Doom

Leo raised an eyebrow and mouths, 'what, kind of cats?'
Frank glared at him as to say, 'is this the best time?!'
Leo nodded stupidly.
Percy put his arm to the side and raised it to his waist.
They looked at him confused.
Percy pointed behind the tree.
One by one they poked their heads out. Their eyes widen.
A tiger and a cheetah were eating something as a two others were watching like they were royal cats eating in the house.
They put their heads back behind the tree. How were they gonna past this?
"Did you see what they were eating?" Nico whispered lowly.
"No, but I have a feeling we're next." Leo whispered back.
Nico glared at him, "they were eating, the pilots."
The rest of the group eyes widen, then they stick their heads back out to see if he was right, and sadly(kinda) he was.
Both bodies layed there as the cats ate them down to the bones, the parachutes hang in the trees above them, like both men had fell then got attacked by the cats. The pile of blood was enough to convince they were dead.
"We should get out of here before they see us." Leo said as their heads once went behind the tree.
They all nodded, but before they start to leave a group a panthers growled at them as their eyes widen more.
"Um, anyone else saw them come?" Frank asked, shaking.
The rest shook their heads as the panthers edge closer and closer to them.
"I think panthers are known for their stealth." Nico whispered.
"They're not." Jason said.
"Well, how the fuck am I suppose to know that?!" Nico yelled.
The panthers edge closer, until the two tigers and cheetahs came in front of them. They both growled, and roared for a long time.
"Um, I don't suppose you think they are sticking up for us?" Percy asked.
"Nope, they are discussing who gets whose meat." Someone said.
The brothers looked around confused, wondering where the voice came from, including the big cats.
Nico looked up and pointed, "I didn't see that boy either." he said.
A male teen who looked around 16, with midnight blue below neck hair, dark black eyes, pale skin, no shirt, no shoes, a brown shoulder bag, and black fur pants jumped from the tree branch and landed next to black panther, who was bigger than the rest, "Though, I guess we can't eat you,-"
"-for maybe you can be a help to us." He leaned against the cat.
Leo raised his hands up, "I think that cat isn't friendly to people who lays against them for no apparent reason."
The teen opened his bag, took out a big piece of meat and gave it to the panther, then petted behind the cat's ear, "Timbaku wouldn't hurt one of his men, unless he is in the arena."
"You can understand them?" Jason asked, impressed.
The teen nodded, "I do live with them, along with my friend and my sister."
"You, live with them?" Frank asked.
"Of course. I am the prince."
All their jaws dropped. The cheetahs and tigers growled loudly.
The male looked at them, "the generals, and their royal guards?" he looked back at the boys, "no wonder you were in such trouble. These guys really love human meat."
One tiger and cheetah ran at the male.
"Watch out!" Percy yelled quickly.
The boy frowned then quickly got out a knife and stabbed the tiger's chest and put both hands on it's head and turned it all the way, leaving it on the ground then stabbed the other in the neck and did the same. Leaving both on the ground in a puddle of blood.
The panthers looked like they were grinning. The teen put the knife in a strap behind his left knee, he looked at the big panther, "take them back to their kingdoms and tell the kings if their men are becoming more stupid to challenge me to a duel on our land."
The panther nodded then him and another panther put the cats on their backs and ran deeper into the jungle.
The boy looked at the other tiger and cheetahs, "better suggest you want to live than take me on as well."
The both growled before running off.
The boys looked at him in wonder, with their jaws hanging open.
The teen smiled then held out his hand, "I'm Nathaniel, Nathan for short. What are your names?"