A/N: I've always loved Beauty and the Beast, both the disney movie and the original story. :D

Spark Deep


Once upon a time, two brothers lived in a beautiful Manor. They were skilled in their chosen trades, but they were also spoiled, selfish, and unkind. They had everything their sparks could desire, yet they always wanted more.

They held parties every night, loud parties, parties that ended with mechs staggering home over-energized and with far fewer credits than they had arrived with.

But then, one cold, stormy night, an old mech came to their door. His plating was battered and scratched, and his optics were dim.

"Please, let me in, give me a place to shelter for the night," he begged, but the Twins turned him away.

"You have no credits," they said, blue optics shimmering with disgust. "You are dirty and unclean. We do not want you in our house."

The mech asked again. "Please, sirs, let me in. I have things other than credits, and surely compassion is more valuable than these things you crave."

Once again, they turned him away. "You have nothing we want, mech."

"So be it," the mech intoned, voice evening out, gaining power. He stood, transforming. His plating became smooth and clean, his frame straightened, and, moments later, a massive, beautiful mech was standing before them. "You have no compassion, no caring in your sparks. From this orn onward, you and your household are cursed. Have your parties, your credits, and your drinks. By night, you will remain as you are. But come daylight, you will be cast out as monsters among society. Until you can learn to care, and earn someone's affection in return, you will remain as I have said. Go now, return to your guests. Enjoy your empty parties."

The mech whirled away, disappearing into the storm. The Twins shrugged it off and returned to the party.

But come sunrise, after all their guests had left, when they looked at each other, they saw only monsters.