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It was now three versus one, but that would matter nothing to her. There were even worse situations in the League, with ease she keep fighting men after men, they proved to be strong though, hitting her sometimes and making her really tired. By the tenth soldier she killed she was already panting and gasping for breath, she needed some rest or she would end like the men she killed seconds ago. Using her agility, she jumped above one guard and then throw her sword directly into the face of another. This gave her time to exit the room and go to the gardens. But the last thing she found was peace...

Thresh was in top of Diana, he was still scouting through her mind. He had to admit that very few people would give him so much resistance. Watching her memories proved to be a tiresome task to the warden. But his curiosity was way bigger and he ignored the warnings his body was giving to him. He would not only know a source of fear to the Scorn of the Moon to use later, but it was a genuine interesting memory to spectate.

"Show me your pain Diana"


Peace, that's what she needed. She was tired and dirty because of the earlier fight. Blood, both from her enemies and hers covered virtually every part of her body and clothes. Getting out of there was the only way she could survive, right? The smell of fresh air would enter her lungs and give her strength while the sight of the moon would clear her mind.

The sight she witnessed was other thing though. She was in what used to be a big and pretty garden covered in flowers that bloomed with the light of the moon and gave an exquisite aroma to anyone who passed there. Those flowers were supposed to be white, the exact same white of the moon. Something was wrong though, as they were a deep red and their aroma was completely different. They smelled like blood or rather like death. What a curious scenario, they were beautiful even when they were covered in blood and surrounded by death. How many bodies were there? Maybe fifty? Seventy? One hundred? The sight were only shocked Diana, she couldn't believe it. Fifteen minutes ago it was a happy place were life was blooming, now it was only a death pit.

"She's over there, catch her!"

She didn't even had time to recover from the shock that she was running again, she will have revenge of this, but not now, it would mean suicide in her current state. Are really the iron solari doing this? Those monsters could only come from a place worse than the Shadow Islands.

Using her agility and small frame, she eventually escape her chasers and hide herself in top of a roof. She could see the magnitude of the attack from there, she notices how not only man but elders, women and children were all being slaughtered in front of her very own eyes. She would need a bit more of rest, but the sight was enough, for every killed comrade, she would kill ten of them. The moon was shining today, she would make it red though, with the blood of her enemies.

Jumping from the roof, she aimed her sword directly into the head of a soldier, he never had a chance. By the time his head touched the ground, she was already piercing the chest of another attacker, he only coughed and died.

"Surround her but don't attack her, she's dangerous"

"Come here you cowards, don't think you can escape me!"

But the soldiers already saw what she's capable of, they followed the orders of their captain. The quickly surrounded her and they all ready their shields and they slowly started to walk into her direction. They were trying to corner her.

"Ha, silly of you thinking you can corner me. Mark my words. All of you are going to die"

She raised her weapon in the direction of the moon, she always praised the moon and, in return it always gave her the strength she always needed.

"What the? She disappeared?"

"I'm right behind you captain"

He turned around just in time to see how she was cutting one of his legs. He couldn't feel anything though, it was so unexpected that he only could stay in the ground, bleeding to death. The rest of his men had the same or worse fate. One, two, three, four, five, and counting, every scream would only gave her more strength. Those pigs will understand the meaning of no hope.

"Where is your leader?"

"Like I will tell you"

"Oh, you better do" – Said while she pressed her fingers against his eyes

"Stop! I will tell you! She's in the entrance of this temple, please spar-"

His neck meets her sword. She? Time for a girl to girl chat

"Miss, please help me" – It was a faint voice, she could identify that the owner wasn't going to live much more

"Little girl?"

"Miss, I'm going to die?"

She was a mess. Cuts over her legs, arms and chest. Blood pouring from countless injuries. She was going to live for a few minutes though, but was that right? Not even the best healer would be able to do anything, but she couldn't left her to die. Maybe?

"No little girl, you are going to another place"

"Another place?"

"Yes, close your eyes and think of the happiest place, do so please"

"Okay, thank you miss..."

It was the first time that Diana couldn't raise her sword with ease, but if she could make her avoid a painful wait, then it was worth it. Right? She made it quick, her sword pierced her hearth and she left this world without pain. But that didn't made Diana avoid crying, this was so wrong, this girl was supposed to live a happy life. She was lying in the ground instead.

"Your death will not be in vain little one. I promise you that"

If she was angry earlier now she was furious. What she done only fueled her thirst for solari blood. They would pay, every one single of them, the sun would never rise again after today.

She slashed endless enemies, no one would resist her technique more than a few seconds, she was injured too, many swords met her pale skin but she would feel nothing. There was no place for pain, only hate. She slowly went from the gardens to the entrance of the lunari palace, but even she would feel exhausted by then. It was no surprise, she clashed swords with more than sixty men and killed every single one of them

"You are the devil!"

"You made me one"


"Now tell me, where is your leader?"

"Please stop, she… She's down the stairs now please stop this!"

"Don't worry your life ends soon"

The man was dead one second later, she was close to her target now. She was close to her revenge. No time to lose then. She wi- Pain… in… the… head…

Her conscious vanished, something, or rather someone hit her in the head and all fade in black. Just like the vision of Thresh.

Diana finally broke from his spell.

"What have you done to my warden?"

"Nothing, I was just curious of your past. Interesting one I must admit"

"I was trying to forget that you idiot. Get out from me"

"Do you really want to forget those events, Scorn of the moon?"

"What do you mean?"

"I can ban those memories from your mind Diana, you won't remember those events ever again"

"… What's the catch?"

"I saw your skill with your sword. I have a match tomorrow. Help me out and I will make my part"

"Why should I? I can live with those memories in my head, like I had all my life"

"You are crying"

She didn't notice, but tears were falling from her eyes through her cheeks. Thresh made her remember some events that she really wanted to forget. Was what he said true?

"My memories are what define me. Good try warden, there is no deal"

"Such a shame, I really wanted to fight alongside with you scorn of the moon. I propose you the next then. Fight side by side with me and I will summon the little girl you met that day"

"You can do that?"

"It's a secret, but yes. Only ten seconds though, then I either imprison her soul or it vanishes, this time though, I'm not interested in her"

This deal was different. Would she be able to meet that little girl? Her hair was as white as hers and had blue big eyes. She was the definition of beauty, why her life ended so soon?

"Who will be our foes?"

"The angel sisters, Kayle and Morgana"

"Kayle and Morgana? That's odd, they always fight each other for every reason possible. Why they should team up?"

"I made a deal with them, and fighting is part of it"

"… It's almost three in the morning and we meet just by coincidence. So, if I don't help you are screwed"

"You can say so"

"In that case you will summon her… and owe me a favor"

"What kind of favor"

"A favor I will think about later. It can be anything, from killing someone to humiliate yourself"

Thresh never liked owing favors to anyone. But this was his last chance to meet a partner for the match he has later the same day.

"Deal. Meet me at the Institute entrance by morning, since you are a living being you should sleep to recover from today, grab my arm"

"What for" – While she did what he ordered

"Saves some time"

"How in the moon are already at my home?"

"I can travel different from what mortals are used to"

"I cannot sleep though, those memories were supposed to be forgotten… Yet you made me remember them"

"In that case, would you mind telling me the rest?"

"… I don't know"

"You have nothing to lose and maybe, just maybe, it could ease your misery"

"Why you want me to feel better? Aren't you supposed to love agony?"

"Indeed Diana, but I need you in optimal conditions for tomorrow so I'm making an exception for you"

Diana invited Thresh to sit on a wooden chair near her bed. She just looked to the moon through a fit and tall window. The moon was full tonight, so beautiful yet so painful, just like that day so many years ago.

"I don't know, hell maybe you are right. Listen to my story warden, maybe you will learn something useful"

"My ears are yours, tell me your past"

Diana woke up to find she was laying in front of lots bodies. She guessed she was left for dead there, lucky her she still had a second chance to battle the enemy. Her mind was confused though, her vision blurred and every part of her body aching and burning from her earlier injuries. Her sword was missing so most of her light armor. Just her thin layer of clothes was protecting her, it wasn't much but at least it was something. Her stomach hurt a lot more than earlier too, did someone kicked her when she passed out? It seemed like so.
There was no time to check her body, someone was near and would probable end her if he or she find out she was awake. Pretending to still be sleeping or rather dead, she listened carefully to her surroundings, someone with a heavy armor was walking just a few mere meters from her, she could tell the enemy was on her left and wearing some heavy armor. If she played her cards correctly, she would kill him or her, make a wrong move and it was the end of the line.

"Funny, I could swear you were in other position fifteen minutes ago"

She said nothing, was she discovered so soon?

"Come on, get up and face me, I promise I kill you painlessly and fast"

She was going to get up and face her destiny but then

"Please have mercy! Don't hurt me anymore! My family is already dead, just let me go!"

"Sorry madam, but you won't live past this night, unless… You have a nice figure you know?"

"… Do what you want"

"Hehe, what a nice moment we are going to spend. Come here"

"What's wrong? You will enjoy this I pro-"

Diana, quickly stands up and grabs his sword, then she slices it into the back of his neck

"Wha-t the... Ugh…"

He was drowning into his own blood. He deserve it after what he wanted to do.

"Are you alright?"

"Miss, I can't thank you enough for what you have done. May I know your name?"

"Diana, and yours?"

"I'm" – An arrow pierced her throat that same moment

The same man that was supposed to be dead managed to load an arrow into a bowgun attached to his arm. He aimed to Diana, but fate decided that the other woman would meet her end.

"Damn you!" – She sliced her new sword many times into his body. By the time she ended cutting, he was a pile of flesh instead of a man

She was alone again, only the moon was her companion that horrible night. Tired and hurt she could either fight again or scape somewhere safe. She didn't wanted to left her fellow friends and home, but she would only meet death if she went inside again. The lunari legacy would end that very same night, unless she went far from that place. She was ready to go but then she saw that little girl again, she was with the rest of the bodies there. Her empty eyes were looking just into hers, what a sad view. She wanted that to make her rage, she so much wanted to feel anger or something, but she had enough. She felt nothing, she was broken for the events she lived through and her body was merely a shell of who she was. If she went to fight like that, she would die in few seconds, if she had nothing to fight for, she would only make suicide.

She looked again into her eyes, she notices she still had a small ring in one of her fingers. She took it from her and fit it into one of hers.

"I will use this ring from now until every solari have met my sword. Once I finish, I promise I will give it back to you"

She walked away from there while tears were forming in her eyes. She felt so… useless, she could do nothing for her people, she couldn't save anyone. She failed not only the lunari but the moon itself. Who would pray to the moon if she was the last one of her kind alive?

She just walked away from there, she just walked and walked into the direction opposite of where she used to live. Minutes become hours and she soon saw how the sun was raising into the horizon. What should be a magnificent view only caused her chest to struggle.

"I lost consciousness eventually, I only remember waking up near a river later, somehow her injuries seemed to heal a lot than before. They weren't completely healed but they didn't looked as bad as the night before"

"Yes, I happened to pass by and found you"

"You helped me? Why?"

"I didn't helped you. To be honest, I found you dead and I thought that your soul would be a good addition to my lantern"

"I couldn't prison you. I tried and tried to have you, but you soul would not enter my lantern. You had pending task into this world. I did the only thing I could do, gave you a second… or rather third chance"

"What you are telling, is it truth?"

"Believe me or not, I don't care to be honest. I'm not someone who lies much, only when I need to. And I don't need to lie to you now"

"My perspective of you has changed warden… I feel sick knowing I owe you my life"

"How touching. Your past is one of pain a hate Diana and your path will only meet death and destruction. A path I'm interested into witness"

"You are a being who lived many men lives, while mad, you still are a wise man. Will I meet happiness some day?"

"Only you can respond that Diana. Not even I can change fate of peoples but then again, you are the only one who writes it"

"If only I could find something of my people to give me strength. Not the only killed every single one of us and destroyed our home. They also banned us from history. Not a single book hold records of our people"

"The winner always writes the story, it's part of human nature. You are the last remnant of the lunari, think twice of what that means before throwing yourself to battle"

"What does it means?"

"Only you can find a meaning to your existence Diana. What I only can say is that you should keep your promise to the little girl you meet that day"

"I will live forever until I accomplish my promise"

"That's the spirit, but you alone won't be able to do that. The solari had enough time to grow as a country itself. You will have to plan carefully"

"Or rather we will have to do it"

"What do you mean?"

"The favor you owe me, you will help me destroy the solari from the very core of it. We will make the world recognize the lunari and acknowledge what kind of monsters the solari are"

"A promise is a promise is a promise… Remember that I won't be just a soldier who follows orders, I will think for myself"

"You don't like it but I don't care Thresh, you are a good fighter and you will prove me valuable for my plans"

"Then, we have a deal?"


Diana never noticed that, despite sounding disappointed, Thresh was actually expecting this very same outcome, he actually smiled.

To be continued…

Authors Note: So, Diana won a powerful ally, but she knows that Thresh always has his dark motives. What was going to be the catch? On the other hand, Thresh can't wait to battle the sisters in a few hours. He has a soul to trap, not just a simple mortal one, but one from the heaven itself, place he was not welcomed. He also would help Diana, or make her believe so. Not even him can predict the outcome of his alliance with the scorn of the moon.
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