Katniss and the Rebels

This is my first Hunger Games story that's not a one-shot. I hope you like it. This story is Katniss/Peeta and will be in Different POV'S but will mainly be in either Katniss' or Peeta's POV.

I hope you enjoy this first chapter and please tell me what you think of it.

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Disclaimer: I don't the Hunger Games or any of its characters, they all belong to Suzanne Collins. I also don't own the band The Rebels or the name of it. I also do not own the band name The Rebels I just thought it would suit the characters :)


Katniss Everdeen POV

My name is Katniss Everdeen.

I am 17 years old.

I am a senior in high school.

I live in the Seam in District Twelve.

I have a younger sister called Prim who is 13.

My father died in a mining accident when I was 12.

When he died my mother went into depression. She wouldn't move, eat, sleep or do anything.

She has more moments of acting like her old self now. They last about five or ten minutes where she talks and walks and sometimes you can even see a glimpse of happiness on her face. But then I think she remembers my father's death and she either falls silent or leaves the room.

I do love my mother, I really do but I can't forgive her for what she has done to Prim and I. I have tried to forgive her but I was never the forgiving type so I didn't try too hard.

I love to sing and play guitar. quite cliché I know.

I am in a band called the Rebels with my best friends Gale, Thom and Darius.

Every week we sing at a restaurant in the Seam called the Hob. I work there as a waitress also. Unlike most people my age I really enjoy my work. I won't be waitressing my entire life but I enjoy it all the same. The pay is good and the staff and customers are nice.

Gale Hawthorne has been my friends with each other for years. But when our dads died we became much closer and now we are inseparable. He has three younger siblings, Rory, Vick and Posy and we all ways joke saying how they and Prim are our kids. I think a few townies actually believe that they are really our children even though Rory and Prim are only 4 years younger than us and Vick is only 6 years younger.

Rory and Prim dislike people thinking that (probably has something to do with the massive crushes they are both hiding from each other but you didn't hear that from me) but Gale and I think it is absolutely hilarious (you would too if you see some of the older women's reactions when we are in town).

When Gale and I went into High School we became friends with Thom and Darius and well it developed from there.

When I leave high school I wish to go to college in California. I know it is unrealistic but hey everyone has dreams.

Most of the people in the district think that I am going out with Gale but I'm not. I actually have a secret crush on the youngest baker's son, Peeta Mellark. He is of course a townie (just my luck) and if Gale or Darius found out they would bring me to a mental hospital.

Here I will explain, District Twelve is basically divided into two parts. The town and the Seam. The town is where is richer off live you know all the pre-teens and teenagers there have the latest iPhone and their parents have the fanciest cars. While the Seam is for the people who are well poorer. We live in small houses, my house was kept in the family for generations so it is one of the best houses around here. It isn't official or anything that the town is the rich part and the Seam is the poor part, there is no thick red line stating this side is where the rich live and this side is where the poor live. But apparently the Seam used to be it's own town years and years ago but now its all just District Tweleve.

Anyway so that is why I've never properly spoken to Peeta. He probably doesn't even know i exist (again cliche I swear I have to stop watching them stupid romantic movies with Prim they are getting to my head). This crush hasn't just appeared overnight, trust me I am not the type of girl who likes every guy she meets. I have liked Peeta Mellark since I was 12 years old. Since he saved my life.

It had been a month and a half after my father had died. I had sold everything we owned that was valuable except for the few sentimental things but it wasn't enough.

The house of course had been inherited like I said before but there was still bills to pay, school fees to pay for and food to put of the table.

My mother had been sitting frozen for weeks and there was no sign of life whatsoever in her. She hadn't worked since the day of the accident.

We were starving, all of us. I had tried to give whatever food I could get to Prim and my mother but even that was nowhere near enough.

I had tried searching through the bins outside the bakery while it was lashing rain. I wasn't going to resort to stealing even though I knew several people who had lost their fathers who were stealing. The baker's wife soon yelled at me and I walked away. I didn't get far, I collapsed across the street under a tree.

I was conscious and positive I was going to die.

That's when Peeta came out of the bakery holding the back of his head where his mother had clearly just hit him, his mother yelling at him from inside probably didn't want to get wet, ruin her perfect blonde hair. He was carrying two loaves of burnt bread.

I had watched with blurred vision as his mother left and as soon as she did he turned to face me. As fast as lightning looked behind him to check if his mother was there, turned back and threw both loaves of bread in front of me.

Our eyes locked and he looked apologetic before he turned and walked slowly back inside. I sat in shock before standing up shakily and staggering over to the loaves of bread.

I gathered them into my arms quickly and ran home as fast as I could hoping that Peeta wouldn't change his mind and chase after me.

I will never ever forget that day or the day that followed.

Peeta had arrived at school with a black eye. I remember clearly how he told people he had got it in a wrestling accident but I didn't believe him, not many people did.

I wanted to thank him so badly but he had refused to meet my eyes so I assumed he was ashamed of what he had done and was hoping that I would not approach him.

We saw each other after school that day though I was watching him as he picked up a dandelion and his eyes caught me. But he quickly lowered his head and walked away.

Peeta and I never had an incident after that but I know that I will all ways owe him for what he did for me and my family. Even if he does regret it.

Chapter 1: Monday Mornings

Katniss POV

I wake up by something jumping on me. Due to my hunting reflexes I jump up from the bed.

I hear Prim giggle and I smile at her.

"Katniss! Katniss! Come on we have to go to school! We can't be late!" Prim says excitingly.

What 13 year old girl is excited about going to school?

Something must be wrong with the child.

"All right! I am getting up! Relax little duck," I tell her getting out of bed "Why are you excited for school anyway?"

"History project they are picking the partners today"

I roll my eyes, "I wonder who you want to be paired with."

Prim glares at me, "Rory is the best in the class at History!"

"When did I say it was Rory?" She stays glaring at me, "Well Gale said that Rory wants to be paired with you as well. Now I have to get dressed so why don't you go get breakfast while I change, ok?"

"Fine." Prim says before leaving my room, slamming the door behind her and I roll my eyes.

Ugh school, great.

I get ready for the day and follow Prim downstairs.

After I got my breakfast ready I sat opposite Prim.

"So other than the fact that you may be working with Rory why else are you so interested in this project?"

"It is fascinating Katniss. We are currently learning about what Panem used to be like before District Thirteen rebelled against the Capital."

The Capital ruled Panem for years until District Thirteen rebelled against it and they won. The Capital is still there but now the government is made up of people from each district.

Gale is always talking about what could have happened if District Thirteen didn't win and how the Capital should have received a more dire punishment.

We just tune out whenever he does this.

*bang, bang, bang*

Prim grins and runs to answer the door.

I make my way to the door carrying our bags with me.

"Katniss! It's Gale!" Prim yells

"Well who else would it be?" I ask

I hand Prim her bag but she barely notices me as she is in deep conversation with Rory.

"Hey Catnip" Gale greets as he gives me a knowing look, glancing at the two love birds.

"Hey Galey you ready for hell?"

"As ready as I'll ever be I suppose right you lot let's get going."

On the way to school (or hell you know whichever name you prefer) Vick tells me all about a new dance move he learnt over the weekend. He is obsessed with dancing. He's not bad at it either unlike myself.

"It's the coolest thing ever apparently." Gale says mockingly and I glare at him slapping his arm lightly

"Shut up you, I'm sure its great Vick, you'll have to teach me it after school.

"Leave me alone Gale! Yeah it is Kit Kat don't listen to him"

"I'm sure it is Vick, you'll have to teach me later but now we have to go to school." I smile at him and we continue walking talking about complete and utter nonsense to pass the time.

First class is Home Economics taught by Ms. Trinket.

When I walk into the class Ms. Trinket is sitting in her chair, on her phone.

Unlike the other teachers Ms. Trinket is always early she is quite passionate about punctuality and manners.

The rest of the teacher arrive the class late to delay their time with us (I have no idea why we are such delightful students)

I wish her a 'Good morning miss' as I pass her and sit in my seat which is beside my friend Madge.

Madge Undersee is my close friend that is a girl. She is the mayor's daughter and not many people wish to associate with her because of that despite her being a lovely person. That is how we became friends as she didn't have any other friends and I am not exactly an approachable person apparently people are frightened of me)and I the only person I would talk to and hang out with in middle school was Gale so we kind of stuck together.

"Good morning Katniss." Madge says brightly and I groan

"How can you be so chirpy on a Monday morning?"

"Ah I am not sure have you finished your maths assignment?"

"Yeah I finished it last week and handed it in."

"Katniss Everdeen? Finish and hand up homework before it is due? I am in shock"

"Yeah yeah yeah no need to act so surprised. I just have a lot of work this week, I needed to get it out of the way."

"Yeah especially with these Home Ec projects." Madge says groaning

I raise my eyebrows, "Home- home ec. project?"

"Ms. Trinket told us last week. We are going to be working on some big project for the next few weeks. She is choosing the partners today." She said hesitantly.

Ah that project. I vaguely remember it now.

I think we are being paired into twos and then we both have to make a three course meal or something along those lines.

Hopefully my partner will let us do something easy because I am hopeless at cooking. Of course I hope even more that I am not paired up with Cato or one of the other Careers.

The Careers are townies obviously. Popular, rich, stuck up bullies who make the lives of anybody they dislike hell.

Thankfully they have never given me much heat as I'm sure they are aware Gale and Darius would do something about it if they did.

The Careers are the popular, rich, stuck up townies. Let's just say they don't get on very well with people from the Seam but they have never given me that much trouble other than then the occasional comment when they pass me in the halls. Or the even less occasional shove into a locker.

The bell rings and Ms. Trinket stands as the last few students take their seats and she shuts the door.

"Good Morning class"

"Good Morning Ms. Trinket" We all learned after our first class to always answer her politely.

"Now as all of you know, I am choosing pairing you all up for your projects today. You are all aware of what it is about because you were all present last week and if you have forgotten what this project entails well that is your own fault and you should be paying more attention during my class. It is only polite students. Manners cost nothing ladies and gentlemen it is proper etiquette something you all need to learn and yes Mr. Role I am talking to you."

Everyone turns around to look at Marvel Role who is sitting in the back row asleep.

I roll my eyes, Marvel Role is coincidently one of the Careers but he is too stupid to do much. His friend, (or girlfriend or friend with benefits, I have no idea what they are to be honest and I don't really care) Glimmer who is sitting beside him shoves his arm and he nearly falls off his chair.

"Ms. Skyer we do not shove people in this classroom, if I catch you doing that again I shall be giving you a note. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Ms. Trinket" Glimmer said in a sickly sweet voice.

"Good and Mr. Role please try to sleep at home instead of in my classroom I will speak to you after class about this."

Marvel grunts and folds his arms at her not saying a word.

"Right now let's choose your partners! And may the odds be ever in your favour children."

She says that a lot, 'May the odds be ever in your favour' so does the principal, it is quite annoying but we are all used to it now.

Ms. Trinket has two bowls on her desk. One is labelled 'Boys' the other is labelled 'Girls'

Why she thought it would be a good idea for girls and boys to be partnered together I have no idea.

"Now ladies first" she says grinning I place my hand under my chin and will myself to not fall asleep.

"Glimmer Skyer is partnered with Cato Hunter" I look back to see Glimmer looking ecstatic and Cato looking like he wants to die. Ah well what a shame.

"Gloss and Cashmere Kale" They are twins and they are also careers, you will never see one without the other.

"Enobaria Jacobs and Brutes Brakes" Ok so all the careers are being chosen first? Enobaria and Brutes smirk at each other showing off Enorbaria's crazy fang teeth. She says she was born with them but it's clear she got work done on them. She thinks they make her look more dangerous personally I think they make her look just plain weird and freaky.

"Madge Undersee and Finnick Odair" I look over at Madge and see the colour drain from her face. Finnick Odair isn't a bad guy but there is no way he will do any work on this project.

"Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark and Leevy Forest and Brian Greens, that is the last of it class. You will all have to work outside of class as well as inside it for this project. I want your very best work now you can sit with your partner and discuss the project for the duration of the class. Do not be loud."

Peeta Mellark

I am paired with...Peeta Mellark.

Peeta Mellark

As in as in Peeta...Mellark.

As in the boy I have had a crush on for years.

As in the boy who saved my life and has avoided me ever since.

Why him? Why do I have to be paired with him of all people?

Why not Madge? Or Leevy? Or even Finnick Odair!

Nope I get Peeta Mellark.

Well this is not going to end well.

I cast my eyes over my shoulder to look at him to find him already looking at me. I turn away quickly, my cheeks bright red.

Well it is only ten minutes into the first class on Monday morning and I am already full of dread and confusion. Well this week is starting out great!

Or maybe not...

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