A/N: The sequel to Destined for Weird has finally arrived. I originally planned to start posting this after Hundred More Years was finished and after I'd started posting another story but I decided not to keep my readers waiting any longer.

I won't be doing a recap of Destined for Weird so if you haven't read that please do because I can't guarantee you will understand everything that will take place in this sequel or the reasoning behind it all otherwise.

The council was furious as they watched the wolves run into the forest; Old Quil was shaking his cane in the air and yelling obscenities at the retreating wolves while Billy just watched in shock. As for everyone who hadn't been in on the secret, they were all in various states of shock but a few had the presence of mind to turn to the council members and demand an explanation.

"They will be punished for this!" Old Quil shouted as he hobbled off, leaving the other elders to answer all the questions

"I understand this has been a shock for everyone gathered here, it's been a shock for the council as well as we had no idea that they would reveal themselves this way." Harry started only to be interrupted by Billy

"Now to be fair Harry, they did warn us they would take matters in to their own hands if we didn't do something and well….."

Harry glared at Billy who just chuckled and nudged Harry out of the way.

"As your Chief I feel it is my duty to inform you all of something we have long sought to keep hidden from the tribe as a whole and as I explain, keep in mind that this information was only kept from you because of our fear of such a secret spreading beyond the borders of La Push. Now before I explain what you all saw, I ask that you go and gather anyone member of the tribe who was not present here today and bring them to the Council Hall so that there will be no one left out of the circle any longer."

It took a few minutes for his words to register but slowly, the people began to head back into the Council Hall or to people's houses to spread the word of the meeting.

About an hour or so later, the entire tribe had been gathered and were packed into the room that not long ago, had been the sight of Bell and Sam's wedding.

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