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"I know this has turned your whole world upside down but I'm still here ok."

Once Embry had pulled himself together, he pulled away from Jacob and wiped at his eyes.

Jacob gave him a little bit to finish pulling himself together before he asked, "So little brother, what do you say we order some pizzas and have the pack come over for a night of relaxation and video games."

"Sounds good to me and I guess we can tell them you're my bro at the same time." Embry replied

"You sure you ready to tell them?" Jake asked

"Yea; talking to you and Billy was the hard part, telling the pack will be easy." Embry shrugged

"Cool. Call everyone and set it up for later tonight; I've got an old man to see." Jacob told him

"Don't do anything stupid Jake." Embry insisted

Jacob shrugged, "I'm just going to let him know where we stand, that's all."

Embry eyed him, trying to see if there was any deception in that statement but when Jacob continued to stare back at him he decided to let it go.

"Alright, I think I'm going to head over to Mom's. I haven't talked to her since I found out and I should let her know I'm not mad at her anymore."

"Good idea, tell her and Charlie I said hey." Jacob said as he clapped him on the shoulder and then headed off for his Dad's house

As he made his way to his father's house, Jacob contemplated what he would say to him. Up until recently, he'd still idolized his father and hoped to be just like him but now that was the last thing he wanted. He could and had forgiven his father for a lot of the mistakes he'd made recently but this one, well he didn't think there was any coming back from this.

By the time he reached his childhood home, his anger was boiling just under the surface and he knew if he didn't keep a tight lid on it he would phase and rip Billy apart.

He didn't bother knocking, and Billy didn't seem all that surprised to see him when he walked into the kitchen.

"Morning son." He said before taking another bite of his oatmeal

"Let's skip over the bullshit and get right to it." Jacob told him as he leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms

Billy sighed but nodded and pushed his bowl away from him.

"I guess I can't be surprised that he didn't wait to tell you." He said as he eyed the tenseness in Jacob's posture

"You were hoping he wouldn't?" Jacob asked

"Not that he wouldn't, but that I would have more time before you and I spoke." Billy responded

"Why? So you could come up with some story that would make me believe you weren't the bad guy here?" Jacob asked

"Is it so wrong that I didn't want to see you look at me like that?" Billy asked

"Like what? Like I don't know who you are? Like the man I once wanted to be isn't half the man I thought he was?" Jacob responded, his anger seeping into every word

Billy nodded, "You look at me like you're looking at a stranger but I'm still the same man I always was."

"Maybe that's true but the man you've always been and the man I thought you were are clearly two very different people."

"I don't know what you want me to say."

"I want you tell me why, no that's not true; I want you to tell me how on earth you could do what you did to my mother."

"I've got a lot of regrets son, but cheating on your Mother is the biggest."

"Is that supposed to mean something to me? I don't care if it's your biggest regret; I want to know how you could look her in the eyes and lie about where you'd been and what you were doing."

"There were so many times I wanted to come clean, but then she'd look at me like I'd hung the moon and I didn't want to lose that."

Jacob barked out at laugh, "My gosh, have you always been this selfish?"

"I'm just being honest, what else do you want from me?" Billy shouted

"The truth!" Jacob yelled

"Everything I've said is the truth! I regret what I did to your mother, really I do but I can't regret the fact that I never told her." Billy shouted back

"Your lack of faith in Mom is really something. She would've been mad; she would've been hurt that's true but eventually she would've forgiven you because she loved you." Jacob said

"You don't know that Jacob." Billy said shaking his head at the notion that Sarah could've ever forgiven him for his lies and unfaithfulness

"I do know; I know because my Mom was a remarkable woman with the capacity to love and forgive no matter what and as undeserving as I might think you are she would've forgiven you anyway. And then after she forgave you, she would've continued to welcome Embry into our home with open arms and treated him like one of her own." Jacob told him

"You really believe that? You really believe that she could've looked into his face and not seen the face of the woman I cheated with?" Billy asked

"Yes because she would've understood that Embry had nothing to do with your mistakes and that he wasn't to blame either."

"Well maybe she would've and maybe she wouldn't, it doesn't really matter now because she's not here." Billy told him

"Maybe that's true, but you know what does matter? The fact that you let me grow up with my brother and never said a word about it; the fact that when we had that meeting with the council and practically begged for someone to tell us who Embry's father was and you sat thereā€¦ you sat there knowing it was you and said nothing!" He yelled as he slammed his hands against the table

Billy jumped and pushed himself away from Jacob a little bit.

"Mom's been dead for a long time now and you've had plenty of chances to come clean but you still chose to remain silent. At the very least, you should've spoken up the moment you learned Embry had phased but instead you left him to flounder."

"It all sounds so easy when you say it but it's so much harder than you could imagine." Billy tried to explain

"Then maybe you shouldn't have been sticking your dick wherever you felt like it!" Jacob yelled

"I understand you're upset but I am still your father and you will watch how you talk to me!" Billy shouted back

Jacob laughed at Billy's feeble attempt to reassert some authority and dominance.
"It amuses me that you think you still deserve respect after everything you've done."

"I may have made some mistakes but I am still your father and I am still the Chief of this tribe and you will treat me like it!" Billy demanded, his anger starting to grow at the way this conversation was going

"You always had so much to say about how Joshua Uley was such a terrible father and how wrong it was for him to abandon his child like that but you're no better than he was." Jacob told him

"How dare you compare me to him?! I raised you and your sisters all on my own after your mother died, I managed to keep food on the table and clothes on your back and not once did I ever consider abandoning you and your sisters because it was hard." Billy said, trying his best to defend himself

"Yea maybe you didn't abandon us but don't sit there and say you didn't consider it. You were more than willing to follow Mom to her grave without any thought about us or have you forgotten all those times I had to call Sue to come give you your insulin because you were refusing to take it? If you think I didn't know what was going on and what you were doing than you're delusional."

Jacob sighed before continuing, "At the end of the day this isn't about me anymore. This is about Embry and how you failed him. You've had so many chances to step up and you haven't taken any of them; even now you're sitting here trying to defend yourself and demand respect you haven't earned."

Billy dropped his head and rested his hands in his lap, "I don't know what you want me to do."

"Just admit that you fucked up, no more excuses; no more trying to explain why you made the choices you made. And then do whatever you have to do to make it right." Jacob told him

"And how am I supposed to make it right? None of my children want anything to do with me, my best friend refuses to speak to me and I can't apologize to Tiffany, so how exactly do I make any of this right?" Billy asked, his voice bordering on hysterical

"Here you go again with the "poor pitiful me". Maybe if you'd done things differently we wouldn't be here right now but you didn't. You only looked out for you and now you get to deal with the consequences of that." Jacob tried to tell him

"I made the best choices I could, considering the circumstances, and I'm not going to apologize for doing what I thought was right." Billy said

"Let me know how that worked out for you when you're on your death bed and no one is there to hold your hand." Jacob told him as he turned and walked away

"Jacob!" Billy called after him

"Come back here!" He shouted as he wheeled after him, only to be greeted by the sight of the screen door slamming shut behind Jacob

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