Author's Note, This Story is mostly explaining how Jesse Duke first met Waylon, from a mention of how they met from Welcome Waylon Jennings Episode from season 7. Also in this Bo and Daisy don't live with Jesse yet, but Luke does. And Luke is four but with the year/dates in this it probably doesn't match up with Luke's Time in the Marines. James Davenport is Cooter's father. This is my First Dukes Of Hazard Story

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Helpful Stranger, Chapter one

{Halfway out of Hazzard County}

The date was March 13 1962; Jesse Duke was driving to Capital City.

Today was also Jesse's Birthday and as a surprise Jesse's best friend James Davenport and Jesse's wife Martha had presented him with two tickets to a Waylon Jennings concert in Capital City.

Jesse had asked Martha to come with, But she had declined wanting to stay at home with their four year old nephew Luke, who had a ear infection and a cold.

Luke had come to live with Jesse and Martha when he was one year old after his parent's died in a hospital fire.

Jesses had invited his best friend James Davenport instead to go.


[Capital City Hotel parking lot]

The desk clerk manger Jonathan Driscoll fidgeted nervously pacing up and down the hotel sidewalk.

"I'm going to be fired, I'm going to be fired" he repeated more to himself than anybody else.

Jonathan Driscoll had a problem, The room for the country singer Waylon Jennings wasn't ready yet.

Driscoll got more nervous as the seconds ticked closer to Waylon showing up.

Luckily Jonathan Driscoll wasn't a stupid man he had a plan to delay the country singer.

If he had to use every hotel regulation known to man, Heck he'd read the hotel code manual to him if he had to.

"Excuse me, Mr. Driscoll How do you want the writing taken off the walls" The Hotel maid asked

"Paint over it, Do Something" Driscoll told her.

Now there was writing to clean off the walls, Driscoll was now certain that the next time he saw the new night desk clerk Mathew it wouldn't be pretty.

The stupid kid had let some drunken people have a wild party in the reserved room meant to be ready for today.


[Halfway out of Hazzard County}

Roscoe P. Coltrane flipped on his lights and siren.

Jesse Duke was driving his favorite car Sweet Tilly, Most Revenuers and Officers of the Law knew that Tilly was a Moon runner's car.

James Davenport looked behind them. "Roscoe's on our tail" He told Jesse.

"Dang it, and I don't even have an shine in the car today "Jesse Said.

James knew very well that any Officer would go after this car because Jesse ran moonshine.

James wasn't in the shine business, but he wasn't blind to it either.

Just the other day while driving his Tow truck the parking gear just happened to freeze up blocking some revenuers from chasing Jesse.

Though occasionally if it was a really important load, Jesse would ask James to be the driver of the runner car.

Meaning Jesse would have the shine in one car and James would be chased in another car.

"We gonna stop or give a chase" James asked.

"we'll stop "Jesse decided sighing.

Roscoe practically was skipping to car window in delight thinking that he'd finally caught the slippery moonshiner Jesse Duke.

"I gots Ya This Time Jesse Duke" Roscoe crowed.

Roscoe was startled to see it wasn't only Jesse In the car.

"James Davenport, Shame! Shame!, Everyone knows your name" Roscoe scolded.

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End of Chapter One, one down two to go.

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