The Helpful Stranger, Chapter Three {Last chapter}

[Capital City Hotel parking Lot}

The suitcase was lying on the ground and the car door was wide open.

Waylon looked inside the car his guitar was gone only the guitar strap was left.

You could say the strap being left was thief humor or that they were in a hurry.

"Damn It" Waylon cussed throwing his hat down onto the ground.

Jesse Duke's walk had leaded him there almost on purpose it seemed looking back on that day.

Jesse Had come to a hotel's parking lot and saw a man throwing his cowboy hat down.

Jesse Duke being the man he is went over to see if he could help the stranger.

"Is there anything, I can help you with" Jesse asked the man.

"Yeah you got a guitar with" The man replied.

"No" Jesse admitted

"I got a show tonight too and then I'll have the money to buy a new one" Waylon told the Helpful Stranger.

"Well, I can lend you the money, If you tell me your name" Jesse said.

"Waylon Jennings" The man said introducing himself.

"Jesse Duke" Jesse replied.

"So are you from Capital City or just visiting?" Waylon asked Jesse.

"Visiting, I'm from a little town called Hazzard, My best friend and my wife gave me tickets for a concert tonight as a birthday present" Jesse Told Waylon.

"Happy Birthday" Waylon said to Jesse.

"I do know though a place sells good priced guitars" Jesse said.

Waylon chuckled and said. "One thing I won't need is a new guitar strap, they left it here"

"Thief's always do have the strangest sense of humor" Jesse Told him.

Jesse lent Waylon the money and Waylon bought a new guitar in time for the show.



Waylon came onto the stage wearing a white shirt and the black leather vest that he usually preformed in.

The hat had been brushed off and he was now wearing it again.

Jesse had met up with James and they were sitting at a table watching the stage.

Waylon adjusted the microphone and said. "Before we hear some Music how about we say Happy Birthday to my friend Mr. Jesse Duke from Hazzard".

James Davenport turned and looked at Jesse in surprise wondering where the heck his friend went on that walk and Met Waylon Jennings.

When the audience was quiet again, Waylon started to sing. "I've always been crazy and the trouble that it put me through" " Been busted for things that I didn't I didn't do".

After the show Waylon repaid Jesse and James, Jesse and Waylon were sitting at a table talking and laughing at each other's stories.

"Someday I gotta Visit Hazzard" Waylon said.

"Your always welcome at the farm" Jesse told him.

And Waylon did visit Hazzard a few times, But that's a whole other tale for another time.



Hope you liked it and if you didn't catch who the Helpful Stranger was it was Jesse Duke.

Song Lyrics belong To Waylon Jennings, Song I've Always Been Crazy. Cd 16 biggest hits.

In Memory of Denver Pyle and Waylon Jennings