I Will Love You, Always

Hello. This is one of my new stories. I got the inspiration to write it by combining the Hunger Games and Delirium stories. I also put some of my own imaginary stuff in the story. Hope you enjoy it.


The world is coming closer and closer to an end. All that is left known of the world is Panem. The other countries have been mostly destroyed and know of very little life.

The government's head is President Snow. The Government controls the very few people left in Panem. Control what the citizens can or can't listen to and watch.

To make it easier to control the citizens, Panem is divided into twelve districts and a Capitol where President Snow, the government, and their families live.

Every district is filled with peacekeepers to keep the citizens in order. Every district also has a job to produce for the Capitol.

District 1, luxury items; District 2, masonry; District 3, technology; District 4, fishing; District 5, power; District 6, transportation; District 7, lumber; District 8, textiles; District 9, grain; District 10, livestock; District 11, agriculture; and District 12, Mining.

Panem's government also describes love as a bad thing to the districts and the Capitol. The government describes love as a disease. When coming of the age, a citizen will get the cure. Parents don't care for their children, mainly because they are no able to. The cure stops your feelings so you will not get the "disease".

Very few have had the cure but find that it never actually worked and are found lucky. Some are not so lucky and find the rest of their life without feeling, without love.

The countries left in the world with still little life remaining are the islands like Independenza or once known as Cuba, and others. The countries left in the world are not disturbed since the government believes the life in the countries will soon die off because of hardly any remaining food sources.

The government searched every household to make sure no one had anything from the past. No books or movies about the "disease" being described as a good thing, or any maps. Although some hid their possessions and got lucky to find them still hidden in the place they had left them.

There are stories that many of the citizens in Panem try to escape into the remaining islands before having to get the cure with the maps still not found by the government. Many say they are just rumors. Others think otherwise…