Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were going undercover at a high status charity event to try and get a copy of some very important files for Mycroft. The only problem was that they had two suspects. They weren't sure which of the two men that was in town for the night had the files on their laptop. The one advantage was that both were staying in the hotel that the event room was located in.

They chose the easier target first after Sherlock caught the outline of a hotel key in the pocket of the man's suit jacket moments before he placed it on the back of his chair. The man then walked out, off to go get a drink from his wife who was sitting in the seat next to his jacket.

"Do you mind if we sit here?" Sherlock asked, gesturing to the two seats next to the man's jacket.

"Not at all," The woman responded.

"Thanks," John said as Sherlock took the seat next to the jacket and John sat down on the other side.

"No problem," The woman said. "So how long have you two been together?"

When Sherlock had first told John that they would have to go undercover as boyfriends, John had been convinced that he was joking. John didn't think that Sherlock would be capable of even pretending to be in a relationship.

"A few months," John responded as Sherlock discretely slipped the card key out of suspect number one's jacket pocket and up his sleeve.

"I'm going to go look for the restroom, I'll be back in a few minutes," Sherlock said as he stood.

Once Sherlock had reached the empty hallway, he practically ran to the elevator. Mycroft had told them what rooms the men were in, but had said that John and Sherlock have to find their own way in. Which meant that Sherlock had to go up to the fourth floor and check suspect one's computer and then return to the event to slip the key into suspect one's jacket before the suspect had the chance to become suspicious.

When the elevator finally arrived on the fourth floor, Sherlock quickly headed to room 418 and swiped the key card.

The little light flashed green and seconds later Sherlock was in the room to find the man's laptop plugged in on top of the table.

Sherlock turned it on and easily guessed the password on the second try.

He scanned through all of the folders quickly, but the file that Mycroft had sent him after was nowhere to be found. Sherlock was in the wrong man's room.

He quickly turned the computer back off and then headed out the door. He took the elevator once again since being out of breath from running down the stairs would only raise suspicion.

When he arrived back in the event room, he found that suspect one was back at the table, sitting next to his wife. He didn't seem to notice that his key card was gone.

As Sherlock sat down, he easily slid the key card out of his sleeve and into the man's pocket as suspect one laughed at some lame joke that his wife had just made.

Sherlock and John sat with the pair for a few minutes longer before suspect one and his wife excused themselves to go dance.

"Well?" John asked once they were out of earshot.

"It's not him," Sherlock responded, making sure that no one else was close enough to overhear.

"Suspect two looks like he's going to be a little harder to pick-pocket," John pointed out as he quickly snuck a glance over at the man who hadn't left the dance floor. "What's the plan?"

"The key's in his left pants pocket," Sherlock observed as his eyes scanned the dance floor. "Dance with me."

"Excuse me?" John asked in surprise.

Sherlock's gaze turned back towards John and his face was just inches away as he quietly hissed, "He's not leaving the dance floor any time soon, the key's in his pocket. We need to get near him so that you can fall over him and grab the key."

"Great now I get to dance with you and reach into the pants pocket of some random man," John muttered sarcastically. "Fantastic."

"There'll be plenty of time to defend your sexuality later, John," Sherlock growled before standing up.

John sighed, but then stood up next to him and took Sherlock's outstretched hand.

"Why do you get to lead?" John complained as Sherlock searched the surrounding area for a path to suspect two. "If we were an actual couple I would lead."

"You keep telling yourself that," Sherlock said, the corner of his lips twitching up into a smirk as he continued to look away so that he could guide them towards suspect two.

Sherlock turned to meet John's gaze and gave him a quick eyebrow raise that meant 'show time'.

Sherlock released one of John's hands from his own and moved to spin him out.

As much as John hated his role in the plan, he didn't have any better ideas so he stumbled into the other couple anyways. Even if he hadn't wanted to fall, he still might have by the way that Sherlock had practically thrown him.

John was beyond relieved when suspect two hadn't noticed him grabbing the key during the commotion.

Sherlock put on a good act of embarrassment and profusely apologizing, and then they were walking away while suspect two grumbled something about them being idiots.

As they walked away Sherlock grabbed John's hand that held the room key and tried to slide the key out of his hand.

John, however, had a different idea. He refused to release his grasp on the key, he wasn't letting Sherlock go investigate without him and leave him with the dull guests once again.

Since neither was willing to let the other have the key, they ended up walking across the large room hand in hand until they reached the once again empty hallway.

"What are you doing?" Sherlock asked, staring down at their hands.

"You aren't running off without me again," John told him. "I'm coming with you."

Sherlock didn't look too happy about it, but he figured that he didn't have time to argue with John so instead he just muttered, "Then hurry up."

The pair headed to the staircase, it was only one floor up so they figured it would be the fastest way and they wouldn't have the chance to become out of breath.

A few seconds later they were standing outside of room 203 and John quickly swiped it open with the key card.

Sherlock quickly headed towards the man's suitcase and opened it up, pulling his laptop out. He turned it on. He managed to crack the password and quickly navigated his way through the folders and grinned as he found the desired file.

Sherlock pulled a thumb drive out of his pocket and quickly pasted the document over. As soon as it was done copying, Sherlock ejected the usb and turned the computer off.

He returned it back to where he found it, then took the card key from John and tossed it onto the counter by the door.

"You're just going to leave it here?" John asked.

"Maybe he just forgot the key in the room," Sherlock said as he stepped out the door with John shortly behind him. "That is unless you'd like to try and return the key to his pants pocket without him noticing."

Once they were back downstairs, Sherlock stopped John just as they were about to turn the corner back into the event room.

"Are you sure that you had it?" A woman's voice asked.

"Yes, I'm sure that I had my room key right up until…" The man trailed off. "Where's that couple that ran us over?"

"I don't see them anywhere," The woman said. "Maybe they left."

"Yeah well, I'm going to search the room for them," The man said. "Tell me if you see them."

John didn't get the chance to overhear anything else, since Sherlock had grabbed him by the wrist and began to drag him towards a door.

Once they were inside the coat closet, Sherlock closed the door behind them before turning to John and saying, "Clothes off."

"What?" John scoffed out angrily.

"Clothes off," Sherlock repeated calmly as he removed his scarf.

"Yeah, I heard you the first time," John said as Sherlock began to unbutton his shirt.

"Then hurry up," Sherlock demanded.

"Why, Sherlock? Why do I need to take my clothes off?" John asked.

"Because we can't leave yet and they're coming looking for us," Sherlock said as he removed his shirt. "We need a reason that we were missing, sex in the coat closet seemed like a logical excuse when we came together. She said maybe we left. Once they're sure we aren't there, they'll come here."

John Watson could not believe what he was hearing, but still it was a logical plan so he began to remove his shirt as Sherlock undid his belt.

Within seconds both men were standing in just their boxers with a pile of clothing surrounding them.

"They'll be here any second," Sherlock said.

"So?" John asked, unsure what he was supposed to do.

"So we have to look like we're in the middle of something," Sherlock said. His tone was calm although he felt as awkward and unsure as John did.

"Right," John said although that didn't really clarify what Sherlock was expecting him to do. "…Floor?"

Sherlock nodded and the pair sat on the floor next to each other, not exactly the most scandalous of poses.

Both were confused and weren't sure how to navigate the awkwardness when they heard a voice from a few feet away.

"The tall one came in with a really long coat, let's just check if his coat's still here," It was the woman's voice.

There was no longer time for hesitation as Sherlock turned and pushed John's torso to the ground before rolling on top of him.

Although Sherlock had never actually experienced sex himself, he had just enough knowledge from the crappy TV shows that he had become slightly addicted to since John had become his flatmate.

Sherlock pressed his lips against the flesh of John's neck, and then pressed them a little lower, and a little lower. He trailed kisses down to John's collarbone as they waited to be caught, then down John's chest, and then to his navel.

John knew that he should not be getting hard, but he couldn't stop it. He told himself that it had nothing to do with Sherlock. That he would have reacted the same way no matter whose mouth was touching him. He was lying.

Sherlock was about to run out of room to kiss when the door finally opened.

"Oh I-" The woman cut herself off.

Sherlock rolled his head towards the doorway, the corner of his lips still touching John's abdomen as he forced a shocked and embarrassed expression at the sight of the other couple.

As John stared at them like a deer in the headlights, not having to fake his embarrassment or the blush on his cheeks, he managed to stammer out, "We were just-"

"No, we were-" The woman tried again as her and her husband continued to stare in shock. "... So sorry."

The pair turned and left. The door closed behind them and then there was just the sound of their faint footsteps fading away.

A triumphant smirk formed on Sherlock's lips as he rolled his head back to look up at John, his bottom lip was still touching John's chest as he said, "I told you it would work."

John opened his mouth, but couldn't even form a coherent sentence. He couldn't focus on anything other than the way that Sherlock was looking up at him. That and how much he shouldn't be enjoying Sherlock looking up at him from that angle, especially not as much as he was.

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