"Can you just save the yelling for later?" The man hissed back. "This isn't exactly the place. Can we just go back the rest of the way inside and have this conversation later?"

"No," The woman replied. "You go back in alone. I need to get some air. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Fine," The man grumbled back at her before walking away to go find somewhere to sit.

Just as the woman was about to go turn the corner, Sherlock saw her pull her cell phone out of her pocket.

"I'm sorry, but we should really get going," Sherlock said to excuse them from the table of people that they were sitting with. "It's starting to get late."

John wasn't entirely sure what Sherlock had noticed, but he was sure that something in that conversation had miraculously clued Sherlock in on something important, so he just quickly smiled and said goodbye before turning to head towards the exit with Sherlock right beside him.

Once they were in the hallway, Sherlock raised a finger to his lips before quickly and quietly leading them down the hallway towards the front lobby.

Sherlock sat down in a big chair and John followed his lead by sitting in one of his own.

Sherlock spotted the woman talking on her phone just outside the window and he subtly watched her as she did so.

After a few minutes, the woman walked back in and passed them without even noticing that they were there as she headed back towards the event.

"Come on," Sherlock said, eagerly grabbing John by the hand to pull him out of his chair as soon as the woman had passed.

"What?" John asked, clearly not understanding what Sherlock was excited about. "Did you hear her talking?"

"No," Sherlock said as he dragged John through the doors, still holding onto his hand. "But I did see her hide something in this fake plant."

Sherlock let go of John and dug around in the dirt for a couple of seconds before he found a thumb drive.

He held it up and grinned at John triumphantly.

"Very good," John commented. "So she must have been calling someone to tell them that she was leaving it here."

"Probably," Sherlock replied, deciding not to point out the fact that he had figured that out long before.

"Well then we'd better get out of here before whoever it is shows up looking for it," John suggested.

"Good point," Sherlock said as he headed out onto the road to hail a taxi.

Once they were in the taxi, Sherlock gave the cabbie Mycroft's address instead of theirs.

Although Sherlock less than enjoyed the company of his brother, he did like gloating in front of him and he wanted to show off how quickly he had figured out that it was suspect two's wife. Besides, the sooner that he got rid of the thumb drive and told Mycroft, the sooner he could go back to pretending that he was an only child.

Instead of knocking on Mycroft's door like any normal person would do, Sherlock chose to break into his brother's house instead.

"Do you have to show off the fact that you can get past my security system every time that you come over?" Mycroft asked once he spotted his younger brother.

"I'll try to come over even less if it upsets you that much," Sherlock retorted.

"What happened to you two?" Mycroft asked, looking between the pair's rumpled clothing and mussed up hair suspiciously.

"Long story, I don't want to be near you for long enough to tell it," Sherlock responded.

"Well did you figure out which man it was?" Mycroft asked him with a frown.

"Neither," John answered for his friend. "It turns out that it was the American's wife."

"The wife?" Mycroft asked, clearly confused.

"Yes," Sherlock said insistently. "Do try to keep up. ..Is it that hard to believe? She had access to all of the documents as well and could easily frame her husband to have no one suspect her. Well no one but me."

Sherlock smirked proudly.

"So do you have the documents?" Mycroft asked seriously, clearly not as amused as Sherlock was.

"Here," Sherlock tossed a thumb drive out of his right pocket towards his brother. "And we found her hiding this one for someone else to pick up."

Sherlock grabbed the second thumb drive out of his left pocket and tossed that to Mycroft as well before turning around to head for the door.

"Well aren't you going to at least stay for tea since you're already here?" Mycroft tried.

"Can't," Sherlock said over his shoulder as he continued to walk. "I've got really important detective stuff to do."

Although all three of them knew that it was a blatant lie, none of them made any mention of it as John followed Sherlock out of Mycroft's front door.

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