Soul's Sister (Death the kid love story) chapter 1

A girl with white long hair,Bright red eyes wearing a Tank top,a blue cardigan, short shorts and white and blue into DWMA Looking for soul 'eater' saw him talking to a girl with blond pig tails and boy with blue hair and a black haired walked up to turned to her and soul's eyes widened."S-Suki is that really you"soul said walking up to her."Who else would it be dude"Suki said smirking showing her sharp hugged her tight."Soul whose this"The blond asked."Maka,Black star,Tsubuki this is my little sister Suki Evans"Soul said turing so everyone could see was a at least 2 inches shorter than soul,She had somewhat large breasts and she wore a Heart locket around her neck."Wow soul your sister is hot"Black star got infront of Suki protectivley."Come on bro keep your cool"Suki said."Fine,anyway what are you doing here"soul asked."Well lord death invited me to attend this academy so i can find a meister and become a death scythe"Suki explained."So your a scythe like soul"Maka Nodded."Soul grab my hand"Suki grabbed her hand and her other arm turned into the knife part of a Blue and Black Scythe and then the rest of her turned into the face reflected on the knife art of the scythe"Pretty cool huh"Suki nodded."And the handle is a gun,so cool"Black star transformed into her human form."We should Get to class"Suki said."Whose your teacher ours is professor stein"Maka said."I have professor stein too"Suki all walked to class sat ext to each The kid sat next to had his breath take looked at her Red eyes,Beautiful snow white had a clear complextion and her smile was just breath felt eyes on look to her right and she was staring into yellow eyes."Hi im Suki whats your name"Suki said smiling."I-I am Death the kid But you can call me Kid"Kid said trying his best to fight down a blush."Well Kid those White lines on your hair are adorable and i see your a symetrical person"Suki Loved her didnt mind him beind she'd be ever a reaper wants he'll get."Just then Professer stein walked in."We have a new student,she is a weapon,her name is Suki evans"Professer stein announced."Suki please come to the front of the stood up and walked infront of the the boys had nosebleeds,including professer glared at them Just sat in patty was being ll the boys got over their nosebleeds Suki st back down and professor stein class he asked Suki to stay back for a minute."Suki this will be your meister"Professor stein said as a pik haired boy came from behind him."M-My name is Crona"Crona said."Hi im Suki and i LOVE your hair"Suki said."She's Hot"said the demon in Crona's black blushed."ill see you tommorow"Suki saw kid witing for her outside."Hey kid"Suki said running towards him."Hello Suki"Kid said."Do you wanna...get some thing to eat together"Kid asked."Sure id love to"Suki walked to a sat down at a table outside."So kid are you a weapon or meister"Suki asked"I am a meister those 2 girls you saw were my twin weapons"Kid said."Cool"Suki said sipping her talked and ate until nightfall."See ya tommorow Kid stay cool"Suki said as she ran to soul and maka's knocked on the answered."Soul's been worried dont worry ill try and and hide you till he's not angry anymore"Maka walked behind Maka"Suki i know your behind Maka"Soul inched out from behind walked up to her and hugged her tight."You had me worried Suki"Soul said."Same old soul"Suki said hugging Soul back.