A/N: This is a little different to what I've done before. I'd had a few requests after uploading Chapter 38/39 of 'Wet' to delve into Emma's mention of being a Catholic School Girl. This fic acts as a tag to the longer story- basically it's a little smutty escapade I didn't get round to including at a logical point- but can be read on its own too.

I have included the relevant small sections of Wet at the beginning here in italics for those of you not familiar with the story. If you've read, it or aren't bothered about the context, just skip down to where the font changes from italics to regular.

(Wet Chpt. 38:) "Seriously, I'm lying here, fucking naked in your bed, and you're still going to call me by my last name?"

The Mayor licks her lips, enjoying for a moment the words the blonde growls; the simple fact that yes, the Sheriff is lying naked in her bed. 'Fucking naked'.

Fucked naked.

Groaning inwardly as she suspects some of Emma's crass sense of humor may well be rubbing off on her, Regina smiles wickedly down at the Sheriff.

"It really bothers you doesn't it?"

"Yes, and I'm guessing that's why you do it?"

"Oh, it's one of the positive side-effects most certainly, dear, but I don't see why it should irk you quite so much."

"Because my name's Emma?... Miss Swan is what they called me back in the system."



"Your foster parents called you Miss Swan?!"

"No, of course not, but I didn't live with them for all that long! No, in the foster home."


"It was sort of like a convent kind of thing; weirdly religious with a bunch of 'fathers' and 'sisters' but not exactly the variety I was after."


(Wet Chpt: 39:) "My, my, a little eager to get naked for a convent girl?"

As soon as the words leave her lips she regrets them; knowing the Sheriff well enough to suspect she is less than accepting of jokes at the expense of her childhood. However, yet again, Emma surprises her, offering a coy wink as she pulls the elastic from her hair and shakes out her curls in a way that causes the brunette's breath to hitch audibly.

"Well, you know what they say about convent girls..."

Regina lets out a low laugh, taking a step towards the blonde so that they stand nose to nose.

"No... What's that, Miss Swan?"

The Sheriff's salacious smirk lingers a moment longer before it disintegrates into a lopsided grin as she shrugs her bare shoulders amiably.

"Actually, I have no idea... I just hear we feature in porn on a fairly regular basis."

The brunette lets out an unguarded giggle which feels foreign in the air between them, shaking her head as she regards Emma with a raised brow and bemused grin.

"My mind is positively racing with images of you in a little habit, clutching your rosary..."

"I wasn't a fucking nun! And it wasn't really a 'convent' convent, it was just supported by the local church and we had to attend Sunday school-"

"-My mind is racing with images of you struggling to bite your incessant tongue through Sunday school, then... In a habit... With nothing underneath..."

"My fifteen year old self would be thrilled she was the star of such fantasies!"



"...Then let's begin."

Regina gives the younger woman a brief kiss on the cheek which catches the blonde by surprise in its tenderness, before stepping back and adopting a rather malicious expression. She is still not one hundred percent sure Emma wants to do this, but the Sheriff has agreed to go along with it and that's about all she can ask for from her.

She imagines the younger woman will have suffered a second wave of doubt upon donning the outfit she now wears- is, in fact, surprised she hasn't had to physically wrestle the blonde into it- but then again, she should know by now that Emma isn't always as irritable as she likes to come across. The Sheriff likes to bicker at her and roll her eyes, but underneath it all the brunette has found the younger woman really does like to try and please her.

However sarcastic her tone may be while doing it.

And it really is a magnificent ensemble on her; twenty dollars or not.

Standing with her hands on her hips, she allows her gaze to fall on cheap, synthetic fabric: short tartan skirt, long white stockings and a skimpy white shirt. She herself has managed to procure a suitable ensemble from within her own wardrobe- tight black pencil skirt, silk blouse and suit jacket- but she'd had to send the blonde off to go find her outfit; Emma owning no such items even close to the ones she wears now, bent prettily over the Mayor's desk.

This all started yesterday, when the brunette had stalked into the Sheriff's Station to find the younger woman balancing on the back legs of her chair with a bottle of beer resting on the table in front of her. It had been long after hours- Emma claiming to be catching up on some paperwork, when they both know she was simply giving her apartment a wide berth after a small altercation with Mary Margaret over David- but the Mayor had relished the opportunity to berate the blonde for the inappropriate beverage on her desk.

Mainly due to the fact that when her dark eyes had fallen on the bottle, Emma had looked authentically guilty; something both rare, and inexplicably alluring to the brunette.

She had scolded the blonde, her excessive display of incredulity earning her a slow grin as it had dawned on the Sheriff that Regina was milking the opportunity to toy with her rather than being truly furious as her tone would suggest. Her grin had led to the Mayor stalking up to the desk to stand in front of her- cupping her chin in slender fingers- and speaking silkily as she kept them nose to nose.

"You think this is funny?"

"A little..."

Emma had admitted, going on to mimic the brunette in her tone, cliche dirty-talk rolling easily off her tongue as she had looked up at the Mayor in amusement; asking her with a burlesque widening of her eyes if the darker woman was going to punish her for her misbehavior, adding in a few 'please Miss's to cinch the role. The twinkle in her eyes had faded somewhat upon taking in the predatory darkness gracing the brunette's fine features, leaving her clearing her throat and taking a nervous sip of the accusatory beer.

The bottle had been plucked quickly from her hand, Regina growling at her wickedly, calling her an 'insolent little bitch' which might have garnered a reaction of fury if not for the fact scarlet lips had crashed hungrily against her own as the darker woman had climbed lightly into her lap; the harshness of her breath telling as to how this little scenario was affecting her.

Giggling shakily, Emma had teased the woman straddling her with the playful query of whether such scolding and discipline was a turn on, enquiring hotly into the Mayor's dark tresses if chastising a good little catholic girl was getting her wet.

She had shrieked as Regina sent them both toppling off the chair, laughing uncontrollably- much to the Mayor's bemusement- from her pained heap beneath the brunette, until skilled fingers had found their way down to the crotch of her jeans to play over the rough denim maddeningly.

She's willing to bet the darker woman was indeed turned on by the idea.

They had discussed the matter a little less heatedly- in more ways than one- later on when the Sheriff had slipped in through the back door to the Mayor's mansion after Henry had been put to bed. Sitting in the stark light of the kitchen overheads, she had cocked her head to the side curiously as the brunette spoke silkily of a small game she wished to play.

The fact that she was even asking for compliance being a huge step not lost on either one of them.

Regina had felt a little unsure divulging such a specific fantasy to the blonde- a fantasy she blames wholly on the younger woman in the first place- too used to Emma's sarcastic remarks to feel entirely comfortable sharing such personal desires.

She had received a kind audience however, the Sheriff listening to her silently as she had sipped delicately at a small tumbler of bourbon. Coming to the end of her little suggestion, Regina had raised a well-shaped brow and requested a response, and Emma had grinned a little sheepishly and mumbled she'd never actually really done 'the whole role play thing'. The younger woman's tone, while a little shy, had been light- pleasant- and the Mayor had relaxed back in her seat upon coming to the delicious conclusion that with a little persuasion, she may just be able to rectify this little gap in the blonde's repertoire.

As it turns out, getting Emma on board took only a slow kiss with the Sheriff pushed up against her kitchen counter, but the changes to their relationship had forced Regina to pull back- slim fingers toying with silken curls- and ask whether her wish to explore a fantasy deriving so inarguably from the younger woman's past was really, truly, okay with her.

She had asked the question only once, and Emma had merely shrugged awkwardly- hardly the most reassuring reaction- but she imagines the blonde would have let her know if her request had been too great.

She hopes so anyway.

And so now, here they stand- Emma having managed to source out a suitable outfit with a healthy dose of irritable sarcasm- with the fire crackling merrily in the hearth and sweet cider hot on velvet tongues.

Moving forward to stand behind the blonde, Regina runs her hand appreciatively over the short pleats that cover the younger woman's ass which sticks out pleasantly in her current position with her forearms braced on the desk.

"Do you know why you're here, Miss Swan?"

Her tone is harsh and biting, her stilettos beating out a sharp rhythm as she stalks around the table to face the Sheriff. Emma hangs her head quickly, her long hair covering her face, and the Mayor has a sneaking suspicion the younger woman is trying her best not to laugh. Paying her companion's awkwardness no mind, she simply takes a seat opposite the blonde, her proximity causing her breath to play softly over golden tresses.

"I asked you a question. Answer me."

The Sheriff looks up at her slowly, her eyes glittering with giddy tension, but she relieves the brunette when instead of laughing or rolling her eyes she whispers with a nervousness that makes this all deliciously real.


"No what?"

"No... Miss?"

"No, Madame Mayor."

"No, Madame Mayor."

Dark eyes glittering dangerously, the brunette leans forward so that her lips brush against the younger woman's, Emma's dusky lashes fluttering closed.

"I can smell alcohol on your breath, Miss Swan... Have you been drinking?"

"I...No, Madame Mayor"

Regina raises an eyebrow appreciatively as the blonde shakes her head, thankful that the Sheriff is putting her own effort into going along with this. Closing the distance between the younger woman's lips and her own, she tastes her slowly, gently pushing aside long curls that get in the way and tucking them behind the Sheriff's ear, mindful of the glasses she wears.

"You're lying, dear... I can taste it on you..."

"I... I just wanted to try it after I saw you have some... Please, I'm sorry... I won't do it again."

The brunette pushes herself up from her seat, denying the overwhelming urge to break character and compliment the Sheriff on her acting; Emma's tone uncharacteristically sweet and quiet as she casts her eyes demurely down. Brushing such fancies aside, the Mayor moves back to stand behind the younger woman, smirking as the latter wiggles her hips a little, presumably to ease up any cramps in her legs as she remains stood bent over the desk in a pair of high, black heels.

"Oh, I daresay you won't Miss Swan. Not after I teach you a lesson."

Finding the back of the blonde's smooth thigh, the brunette runs her palm up beneath the short little skirt the paler woman wears, flipping the meagre material up over her ass to reveal plain white cotton panties. Regina catches her bottom lip between her teeth subconsciously, the Sheriff's underwear never being something they had discussed for this little scene, but the younger woman has come through with flying colors so far as she's concerned.

Skimming her fingers lightly across the seam that runs high up over the blonde's left cheek, she brings her other hand down swiftly onto rounded white cotton, smirking as this earns her a small jerk from the Sheriff. Moving so that she stands directly behind Emma, she runs her index finger slowly up the younger woman's inner thigh until she reaches the barrier of her underwear. Continuing her exploration, she touches the blonde gently over the soft cotton covering her sex, leaning forward so that she can whisper into her ear.

"For one who claims to be sorry, your insubordination has left you rather excited... Or is it the promise of punishment that has you dampening your undergarments, dear?"

She chuckles huskily as Emma's cheeks blush a deep scarlet, the younger woman closing her eyes and mumbling quietly.

"I can't help it, Madame Mayor, it's what you do to me..."

Regina finds herself once more desperate to call the Sheriff out; yearning to know whether or not the blonde's words are part of her act or whether Emma simply tells her the truth. She decides to let vanity prevail and assume the latter. After all, the younger woman has a similar effect on herself. Running her hand back up over pert flesh, she toys with the waistband to the Sheriff's bikini briefs teasingly, her eyes lingering on the lean muscle of the blonde's thighs as her stance has them tensed and flexed.

"That sly little appeal will get you nowhere with me, Miss Swan. You have misbehaved, and for that you must be taught a valuable lesson in discipline."

She pulls at the younger woman's underwear coyly, dragging her panties slowly down until they flutter the rest of the way lightly to rest around her ankles. Kneading exposed flesh thoughtfully, she repeats her earlier sharp slap with a little more force; her hand leaving a faint red mark on alabaster flesh. Emma makes a small noise in the back of her throat and the Mayor smiles approvingly.

"Are you ready to accept your punishment, Miss Swan?"

"...Yes...Madame Mayor."

Regina nods slowly, dark eyes flickering over to the item she has left resting against the chair. She has left it out on display purposefully, hoping that Emma would have clocked it upon entering the room, giving her the opportunity to beg out should she need it. The blonde has said nothing about the slim wooden meter rule patiently waiting to play its part however, and the Mayor decides to trust that things are all ok so far.

Plucking the rule up deftly, she weighs it pensively in her hand before resting it gently against the younger woman's backside. The Sheriff shivers at the contact, but makes no audible protest, simply remaining dutifully in place with an anticipation that is almost tactile.

When she first brings the slim wooden stick down, the Mayor does so across her own palm, the loud smack this results in causing the blonde to jump nervously, her knuckles white as her hands form fists on the table. Stroking a soothing hand through silken curls, Regina hums quietly before bringing the rule down with measured force across the pale flesh of the Sheriff's left ass-cheek.


Emma's cry is high and unguarded, and drinking in the red welt that mars pale flesh the brunette hesitates uncertainly until she is sure the younger woman is simply playing to her character. She imagines the small cry of pain was indeed real, but she also suspects that if the blonde was at all unhappy with her current predicament, she would let it be known quickly and violently. As it is, the Sheriff merely shivers as a well-manicured nail traces the mark to her pale skin and hangs her head so that her long hair pools on the table.

Repeating her disciplinary action to the younger woman's right cheek, Regina allows herself to use just a little more force, eyes glittering with curiosity as she admires the darker, angrier mark her ministration results in.

"Have you learnt your lesson?"

She stands with the rule raised in preparation, her breathing heavy with excitement as a slow smirk finds beautifully full lips when the Sheriff remains silent. Bringing harsh wood down swiftly in three sharp bursts, she wets her bottom lip with her tongue as her actions garner her another low whimper. Running a soothing hand over reddened flesh, she dips her fingers down between the Sheriff's thighs to check if their current activities are affecting Emma as sensationally as they are affecting herself. The wetness that greets her intrusion has her smiling sordidly.

"Well, dear?"

"Yes, Madame Mayor."

Low. Husky. Breathless.

Regina smirks, offering the younger woman one last light tap on the ass before pulling her to stand up straight, the blonde's eyes flashing with gratitude as her cramping leg muscles are finally given some relief. She turns to face the Mayor slowly, her eyes wide and watering from the smarting sting to her bare flesh and her lip caught childishly between sharp white teeth.

"I'm not so sure, dear..."

The brunette tucks long tresses affectionately behind the younger woman's ears, inexplicably aroused by the knowledge the Sheriff is bare beneath the scrap of the skirt which has fluttered back down to cover her sex, despite having seen, touched and tasted the prize now hidden to her many times before.

"I think, Miss Swan, that you are perhaps just a bad girl... A misbehaving little harlot with cheap liquor on your breath and sin on your tongue..."

Emma shakes her head with feigned innocence, her green eyes large and regretful.

"I can be good..."

Not that you don't enjoy the sins committed by my tongue, Regina.

She wants to say something witty about the brunette's curious remark, but knows it will ruin the innocent little girl act she is striving to uphold. Instead, she steps forward so that she stands almost flush with the Mayor and speaks quietly with her eyes cast to the floor.

"Please let me redeem myself..."

Oh god, do people really say things like that and not want to puke their guts out?

Her apprehension as to her cliche wording is apparently a solo venture however, as the brunette shivers with anticipation and flicks her hair back coyly.

"Very well, Miss Swan... Come over here and show me just how sorry you really are..."

A small twitch touches the Mayor's lips and Emma is willing to bet most of what she owns that the darker woman is having a hard time trying not to break character and offer her a more sarcastic, witty reproach and smile. Waiting patiently for Regina to pull herself firmly back under control, she obeys when the brunette beckons her over to the high-backed chair that sits opposite the fire, coming to a halt as she awaits further command.

The Mayor takes a seat gracefully, proceeding to look back up at the blonde cooly as Emma regards her with open curiosity. Offering no further guidance, the brunette adopts an icy tone and simply hisses


Realising that it's her turn to take initiative, the Sheriff lowers herself down slowly onto her knees; the cold stone of the floor brutal against prominent bone in a way that is inexplicably delicious.

She pushes up the expensive fabric of the darker woman's skirt slowly, allowing her palms to graze smooth flesh purposefully. When she has black folds raised high up the Mayor's thighs, she glances up playfully and offers an alarmingly innocent smile. Flashing her own teeth in a predatory manner, Regina spreads her legs slowly, slipping forwards in the chair ever so slightly to allow the younger woman better access.

Skilled fingers sweep gently up the sodden lace of her underwear before the offending item is tugged swiftly away and strong hands come to rest on her inner thighs, pushing her into a deeper stretch.

She lets out a low noise of approval as the blonde's sharp tongue tastes her delicately; fighting her body's natural urge to close her eyes as she strives to maintain eye-contact with the Sheriff who looks up at her innocently over the top of her glasses. Regina is unsure whether it is the pleasing visual this creates or the deeper thoughts racing chaotically through her mind as to the fact it is a rare treat that Emma offers her this kind of expression and intimacy that has her writhing back against the chair, running her hands through her own silken locks as her breathing becomes harsh and labored.

Slender fingers come up to join the Sheriff's tongue in action and the brunette cries out quietly as she moves her hands down to cover the blonde's as she reaches a shuddering climax, her thighs shaking uncontrollably as the younger woman continues her sweet torture mercilessly.

"Oh god..."

Reaching down to pull the Sheriff gently up and onto her lap, she pets long curls clumsily, running her other hand up beneath the cheap cotton of the paler woman's shirt to rest on the warm flesh of her stomach as she speaks into the sweet hollow of her throat.

"You're a good girl, dear, you're... You're a good girl."

Emma laughs huskily, leaning down to capture scarlet lips with a smile.

"Let's not go overboard, Regina. I have a reputation to uphold after all..."


The brunette slaps at her thigh lightly, but adopts her own satisfied smirk as she remains sat with the Sheriff in her lap for a little while longer.

Eventually tiring of the younger woman's full weight pinning her down, she pushes her off gently, instructing her to stand and guiding her to face the other way with her hand. She lifts the short skirt the blonde wears curiously, wetting her lips as she studies cruel red marks lining well-toned flesh. Stroking her index finger softly over the worst of the offending welts she frowns before allowing tartan pleats to fall back in place.

"Does it hurt?"

"No... Not really. Just stings a little is all."

"You're sure?"

"Yeah, it's all good."

"And what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Are you all good?"

"If I said no, would you spank me again?"

The Sheriff grins cattily, her eyes sparkling in amusement. Deciphering the Mayor's cautious expression, she sighs, leaning back down to capture swollen lips.

"I'm fine. Really."

Regina smiles, running a playful hand up a slender thigh to earn herself a surprised gasp and a low chuckle. Leaning back to regard the blonde coyly, she cocks her head to the side and smirks evilly.

"Good. I'm glad... But let's see to your war wounds anyway."

"Uh... Ok? What are you going to do?"

"Oh, Miss Swan, if I told you that it would spoil the fun!... But I do think a few ice cubes may be in order..."