Regina watches the blonde, undetected, from the doorway and allows herself a small smile. Her instincts should have her marching into the bedroom- her bedroom- and demanding the younger woman explain who in the hell told her she could make herself at home on the bed. As it is, she simply leans against the doorframe and watches the Sheriff's stockinged foot- at least the irksome woman has had enough sense to remove her heels- as it bounces lazily; one leg bent, the other slung over at the knee and flexing teasingly with each small flick of her ankle. Emma lies on her back propped up against the pillows, playing absentmindedly with a strand of her hair, and the Mayor muses that she doesn't look to be in any sort of pain at all.

She's willing to improvise.

Pushing herself from her vantage point, she raises an eyebrow at the blonde as she makes her way gracefully into the room, the younger woman glancing up at her curiously over the top of her glasses.

"What's that?"

"I told you; desist with your questions all the time and trust me."

"Oh, because I haven't shown you trust already?! I mean come on, Regina, you-"

"Miss Swan, does it not occur to you that I might just perhaps wish to return the favor? I am capable of giving and not just taking..."

"I never said-... I know that. Of course I know that."

"Good. Then roll over onto your stomach and shut up."

The Sheriff rolls her eyes at this, causing the brunette to sniff irritably, but she does as she's told with no further quarrel, even giving the Mayor cause to smirk when she fusses primly with the pleats of her skirt to make sure her ass remains suitably covered.

As though I haven't seen that soft, pale flesh a dozen times before...

She supposes that's one of the things that draws her so to the blonde; Emma remains intriguing to her for the simple reason that she seems completely unable to comprehend the fact that what they are partaking in is a 'relationship', however loose the term may be. Each time they find themselves alone together she still seems as though she is a little surprised that such things should be happening. The thought usually frustrates the Mayor, but when it comes to their sexual exploits, she finds it strangely endearing.

Perching delicately on the bed, she places the item she's carried up with her onto the nightstand and swats at the Sheriff's bare thigh with a withering sigh as the younger woman leans over to inspect it.

"What did I just say?!"

"I didn't ask you anything!"

"No, but you were peeking."

"I know! I was taking initiative. Working my way around the little conundrum you dealt me. Thinking outside the box. Taking ma- Hey! Quit hitting me!"

Regina rolls her eyes at the blonde's incredulous cry, tugging at long, tousled hair for good measure. Struck with a sudden flash of inspiration, she smirks wickedly and pulls on the Sheriff's left arm until the younger woman holds her hand out obediently with a confused frown. The brunette slips off two of the thin bands that seem to permanently reside at the blonde's wrist- just one of the items she uses to cover up the curious small tattoo beneath- and snaps them over her own hand. Climbing lightly onto the bed and straddling the Sheriff's hips, she parts the younger woman's messy curls fussily and scoops them up to sit in high pigtails. Catching on to the continuing cliche of her current ensemble, Emma grumbles irritably, rolling her eyes as she remains propped up on her elbows lazily observing the headboard.


"Look at me."

Tweaking one of the blonde's pigtails to coax her into looking over her shoulder, the brunette wets her bottom lip as she smiles evilly, leaning forward to hiss in the younger woman's ear.

"Oh yes, seriously, dear."

"Whatever makes you happy, Regina."

The Mayor chuckles at the Sheriff's bored sigh, nipping at the sensitive flesh below the latter's ear to garner a slightly less nonchalant response. Slipping her hand blindly beneath the blonde, she snaps open the buttons of her shirt with some difficulty before wrestling the offending item off; Emma wriggling about clumsily in an attempt to help her. With the flimsy white cotton finally free from pale, sparsely freckled flesh, Regina smirks, snapping one of the younger woman's bra-straps smartly.

"Oi! I thought you were supposed to be 'soothing the pain' or some crap like that? You wanted to play Mistress, remember, not irritating little schoolboy-"

The blonde gasps as slender fingers wrap themselves gently around her throat and she remains rigidly still as scarlet lips murmur into the soft flesh of her shoulder.

"If you have a problem with the way I play games, Miss Swan, perhaps you should find some other way to keep yourself occupied... Don't tell me how to play my part..."

"But you're-"

"- Beginning to wonder if you deserve my attention at all with the way you seem determined to misbehave?"

Emma frowns, trying to decide whether or not the brunette is speaking to her in character or whether she really is getting frustrated- a little rich given the circumstances, to say the least!- but unable to come to a concise conclusion. Opting for an answer that should appease either scenario, she leans her head back a little- a submissive gesture she wouldn't be caught dead doing for anybody else- and speaks softly as slender fingers caress the pale skin at her throat.

"I apologize... It won't happen again."

Regina smirks, her teeth grazing the younger woman's shoulder; inwardly amused at the thought of just how long that promise is going to last once they are no longer in the bedroom... But then, she supposes another part of the Sheriff's charm is her unruly nature.

Perhaps 'charm' isn't quite the right word.

It is though. For some inexplicable reason, she finds Emma's rather chaotic mannerisms to be oddly enticing. Not that she'd ever admit such a thing out loud, let alone to the woman herself.

"Very well, dear."

Sitting back so that she no longer leans over the Sheriff, the Mayor reaches for the tall green beaker she had bought with her upstairs. She grins maliciously as she catches the blonde cock her head to the side, imagining- correctly- that Emma had assumed the cup contained the promised ice cubes, and is thus confused at the lack of telling clinks as it was moved. Plucking her prize silently from the cup, she places the container back on the nightstand and simply waits, watching the delicate flutter of the Sheriff's ribs as her breathing hitches in anticipation.

Regina moves without warning, dragging one of Henry's cherry popsicles slowly down the groove of the blonde's spine, delighting in the startled yelp the younger woman emits. She moves gently from her comfortable position straddling the Sheriff's hips so that she settles over her thighs instead, while following the glistening trail of juice that trickles down the blonde's back with her tongue. Smirking as Emma shivers beneath her, she sweeps her tongue back up to the younger woman's shoulder blades and nips at soft flesh.

"What is th-"

But the blonde bites her tongue, remembering her promise to stop asking questions.

"What is what, dear?"

"... Nothing..."

"Good girl."

Fingering the cheap material of the blonde's skirt, the brunette flips the scant fabric up to cover the small of her back and reveal the marked flesh of her backside. Tracing one of the fading red lines made by her use of the meter rule with her fingernail, she spreads out her fingers and cups pert flesh in her palm teasingly. Taking the tip of the popsicle momentarily between her lips, she allows it to melt a little on the heat of her tongue before lowering the frozen treat to trace the bruised markings lining the pale flesh of the blonde's ass.


Chuckling huskily at the Sheriff's choked response, the Mayor continues her ministrations pensively, stopping every now and then to take the popsicle back between her lips.

Growing bored of her charade at playing nurse- a very obscure take on the role, she admits- her eyes flash with pure, sordid malice and she swiftly drags the frozen treat between the blonde's legs; unable to move it much once it sits between the younger woman's thighs due to her angle, but laughing richly as the Sheriff cries out and struggles to escape the contact of the icy popsicle against her heat.

She doesn't get very far with the darker woman sat across her legs.

Emma imagines if she had been lying the other way round, she would have been able to wrestle Regina off of her no problem; she is both larger than the brunette and stronger than her. As it is, with her abdomen pinned flush to the bed and her reach compromised by her position, the darker woman is able to keep her completely at her mercy with little difficulty.

And, if the wetness that coats the back of her thigh is anything to go by, then Madame Mayor is enjoying the fact immensely.

"Re-Regina! You're going to get the juice all over your damn sheets! I'm s-serious!"

The darker woman chuckles at the blonde's hitched attempt of an appeal. She has little interest if the juice gets onto her sheets at this present moment in time, and has a hard time resisting the urge to ask the young woman thrashing beneath her if she has ever heard of a 'washing machine'. Instead, she merely applies a little more pressure on the stick of the melting popsicle to garner a beautifully uncharacteristic high-pitched shriek.

"Oh, well if you're s-serious then, Miss Swan..."

Regina mocks sweetly, before letting out her own cry as the Sheriff finally succeeds in her frantic thrashing and manages to flip herself around onto her back; narrowly missing sending the brunette tumbling from the bed. Catching slim wrists quickly, Regina leans forward over the blonde and speaks soothingly.

"Okay, okay, stop now."

Emma glares at her but remains still as the Mayor removes the spent popsicle- really just the little wooden stick now- and tosses it back in the beaker. She smirks down at the younger woman victoriously as the Sheriff rubs her thighs together uncomfortably as though the ice still remains. Slipping a finger sweetly between the younger woman's legs, Regina smiles at her wickedly, raising an eyebrow.

"Cold, dear?"

"Fucking freezing!"

She flashes her teeth at Emma's ill-attempt at looking angry and leans forward to brush her lips against the blonde's.

"Well, I'd better warm you up, then."

Moving gracefully down the bed, the brunette taps at the Sheriff's thighs, smirking as the younger woman spreads her legs with a look of apprehension. Showing Emma her empty hands with a grin, she catches a droplet of pink juice as it rolls lazily down a pale thigh and brings it to her mouth.

"No more where that came from, dear, I promise."

Emma huffs irritably, but lets out a small gasp as the Mayor lowers herself and uses her tongue to trail spilt juice gently.

Regina works slowly, cleaning off the blonde's inner thighs meticulously as the younger woman remains lying obediently still with her eyes closed. Finally satisfied that the Sheriff's thighs glisten with nothing but the wetness of her tongue, she moves her attention to the pale woman's heat, tasting her delicately as she watches the lean muscle of Emma's thighs twitch at the welcome intrusion.

"Getting warmer?"

"... A little..."

Smirking at the younger woman's nonchalant murmur she nips sharply at the sensitive curve at the very inside of the blonde's thigh, soothing abused flesh instantly with her tongue as green eyes shoot open and neat white teeth catch at a pleasantly pink bottom lip. Dragging her nails softly up toned flesh, Regina returns her attention to the blonde's heat, working slowly and occasionally allowing her fingers to come into play.

Looking up as she senses movement from above, the brunette's eyes flash lustfully as she watches Emma wrap her hands tightly around the ornate spindles of her headboard. Taking this as a sign she should speed up her ministrations, she curls her fingers expertly and brings her tongue to where the younger woman is most sensitive, smiling at the hissed expletive this garners her.

The brunette catches the Sheriff's thighs as they suddenly jerk to clamp around her, pushing at taut muscle to keep the blonde's legs splayed prettily as she waits for the younger woman to come down. Watching as the the rapid movements of the pale woman's chest return to a relatively normal pace, she moves so that she lies flush on top of the Sheriff, cradled between her thighs.

"So, dear, what was it?"

"... An ice lolly?"

"Hmm... I'll give you half a mark for that answer."

"What do you mean!? I-"

Regina smirks, cutting off the blonde's words with scarlet lips and letting the younger woman taste herself on her tongue. Finally, when she needs to come up for air, she looks back down at the Sheriff and raises an eyebrow.

"... A cherry ice lolly?"

"Very good, Miss Swan, full marks for you."