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As they squeezed past the crowds on Platform 9 ¾ , Hermione had a blissful feeling that this year, everything would be peaceful and normal once more in their lives.

Hermione, Harry and Ron were starting their 7th year, finally free from Voldemort's tyranny. Though the wizarding world was at peace once more, its heroes had suffered, losing many of their near and dear ones.

Though Hermione's parents were safe from death eaters, they were killed in a Muggle plane hijack in Perth, Australia with their memories modified. Ron lost his brother Fred, the obnoxious and boisterous twin they all loved. Harry was still grieving in the loss of his beloved godfather and near-uncle, Sirius and Remus. After the great battle, they all shifted to the Burrow, and slowly moved on from the numerous deaths.

As she was thinking this, she spotted tall and slender Draco Malfoy amongst the crowds. He sneered at her. She sighed to herself. Some people wouldn't change; prejudices and opinions intact. Well, what a pity he returned to Hogwarts this year, to torment and annoy the Golden Trio to no end.

Harry, Ron, Ginny and she boarded the Hogwarts express. The rest began to search for an empty compartment, while she strode purposefully towards the Heads carriage. She was made Head Girl, and mysterious McGonagall had said that the identity of the Head Boy would only be revealed when she began to travel to Hogwarts.

Well, she thought, as long as it wasn't Malfoy, she could deal amicably with the other Head.

Obviously it is Malfoy, she realized as the aforementioned person strolled lazily into the cabin at the same moment when she was entering. She groaned to herself. "Just my damn luck, to get paired with the evil git", she muttered.

"Well well Granger, who knew the bushy-haired mudblood would be so eager to be with me, literally, pushing herself on me?!" he drawled elegantly. "But, my sincere apologies, I do not associate myself with filth like yourself, I don't want to get tainted with your germs, do I?" he smirked.

All she wanted to do was to then and there reach out and slap that infuriating smirk right off his pale face. But of course, she had to control herself. Wouldn't want to set a bad example to the other students, would she?

She instead contended herself with the idea that she could strangle him in his sleep, since they shared dorms, and retorted," You see, Malfoy, not everybody is as unlucky as me to get placed as the Head Girl alongside cockroaches like you. Oh, and for your information, if you'll rewind your memory, you'll see that it was you being the usual arse you are, and therefore barging into the compartment while I was getting in."

She smirked gleefully to herself when her comment was rewarded with a death glare from Malfoy.

As her earlier words struck her, she was filled with horror. Living with Malfoy, and sharing dorms! "Really, how much worse could my life get?" she thought exasperatedly.

Well, she had no choice in this matter; either she lived alongside the slimy ferret or return her Head Girl badge. And that was something she was never going to do. Why, she worked her head off during all her years in Hogwarts, just for this position! She wanted to show that muggle-borns are no less than purebloods in any means. Especially to bigoted Pureblood families like the Malfoys.

She immediately remembered that N.E.W.T.s were only 8 months away! According to her schedule, she was getting behind, since she hadn't touched her books until now. She drew her Advanced Potions textbook from her bag, and began flipping through it, occasionally staring into space, occupied with thoughts.

There was something she was certain of- this was going to be an extremely long year.

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