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~ Raaga-Malfoy

Draco grabbed some Floo powder from a tin on the mantel piece, and threw the powder in the hearth. As soon as green crackling flames erupted, he put his face in the fireplace, shouted "Malfoy Manor" and waited for his Father's study to appear.

Soon, a majestic room came into view. There, in a plush armchair was seated Lucius, who was busy completing some Ministry paperwork.

As he heard the Floo alarm ring, he turned to see Draco's face appear in the fireplace. "Why is he here on a school day?" he thought to himself.

Nearing him, he said "Draco. What brings you here today?" without a betraying a hint of emotion or surprise.

Draco responded with an equally cold," Father. Nice to see you again. I have come to ask you of some advice. If it isn't a hindrance to you, that is."

Raising an eyebrow in amused curiosity, Lucius said, "You have come to ask me of advice? Very well, then. But do explain the matter."

Draco steeled himself against his father's reaction to the news, and began narrating the incidents of the past few hours. All the while, he kept his head well down, and when he ended, he looked up to see Lucius's face contorted with fury.

What had the boy done? Here he was, trying to set his son's life, when that incompetent fool went round ruining everything, thought Lucius furiously.

"Are you insane?" hissed Lucius, with icy rage in his voice. "Here I go about, trying to make this transition easy for you, and what do you do? You go off and insult the person who is your last chance at life!"

"And what should the insult be about, but her heritage! After spending 6 years at Hogwarts, you should at least know whom to insult and what to say! Uptight Gryffindors, especially people like her, don't like being called cowards." He added with grudging admiration, "With what happened to her here, and how she reacted, I would hardly call her a coward. And with that insult from you, she would have obviously blown up!"

"Draco, you must understand- the Mudblood is a girl, and females never forget about such matters easily."

Though he kept a cool appearance, hearing his Father's words made Draco feel all the more dreadful and anxious.

Finally, having grown restless due to this lecture, Draco bit out, "YES, Father. It was quite rash of me to do so. My apologies. But then again, in what way can I possibly make amendments? I was unable to think of a satisfactory solution. And I very much do value my life enough not to let one argument end it. So…I would be glad for any suggestion you might make."

"Well, with the damage you've caused, we have to do something, don't we", sneered Lucius. "And for that, I suppose there are certain steps you could take to win the Mudblood over again."

"I have thought about something as well, Father" said Draco. "Granger is surely not one to be lured by gifts, or anything of monetary value."

"Absolutely correct, Draco" replied Lucius, "that tactic can only work with most Pureblood women. If only your destined Mate was someone like the Greengrass' daughter, your bonding would have been so much more convenient!"

"That is true. But as my cursed luck would have it, I'm stuck with Granger. And the only way we can win her over would be with those noble, saintly values that she gives so much importance to" said Draco with barely hidden disgust.

"Ah, but that's where you're wrong, son. What are Slytherin traits for, then? In this case, any step we take should be with utmost caution and any action taken should be with careful planning. We only show what she wants to see and believe. But to fulfill that, there is no need to lower ourselves to the Mudblood's level and actually implement those values. With just a bit of cunning and adequate preparation, we can achieve everything we need!" said Lucius with a traditional smirk in place.

As he was speaking, Draco began to feel all the more intrigued. Finally he asked, "Father, do share that ingenious plan you have in mind. What are you planning to do?"

After he heard the plan, Draco did feel quite a bit calmer than he felt before.

But oh, little did they know who had been listening to every word they spoke, but Hermione. Definitely the last person they would want knowing about their devious intentions…

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