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"I won't leave," He reiterated before catching my chin in his hand and tilting my head up. Locking my eyes in his gaze, he leaned down and kissed me. I responded instinctually, just as all Halflings do to our mates. It's impossible to not. I knew I was a goner. I was going to stay because, until he left, that's all I could do.

Stay and hope the heartbreak later was worth it.

Kain POV:

"I won't leave. I decided you'd be my mate a long time ago," I told her. "I'm not letting go of you." She just looked at me in disbelief before losing herself in her thoughts.

"I won't leave," I said again before grasping her chin in my hand and tilting her head up to stare into her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her, feeling her lips respond immediately. But I could tell there was no heart behind her actions then. I knew that I had won though. At the moment that was what mattered. I had so much time to convince her that I was as much hers as she was mine. Right now, all I needed was to make sure she stayed and didn't run off to get a Level E to kill her… That and get her to eat her food so she could get healthy again.

He held me close as I ate my Okonomiyaki. I had to give him props, the seafood and vegetable pancake was good. Between his presence and the food I felt better about the whole Kain-Is-My-Mate thing. I felt ok about it before, well better than ok really, but he seemed so loving right then that I couldn't help but be content. He rested his cheek on the top of my head and drew circles on my hip where his hand lay with his thumb. His other rested on the inside of my leg on my thigh. Honestly, I wasn't sure if this would turn sexual. I kind of wanted it to and it would be fairly easy for him to turn me on, and he had no qualms about showing me exactly how much he wanted me earlier. But I just wasn't sure. I finished the last of my Okonomiyaki and got up to go downstairs and find the kitchen but he pulled me back into his lap, taking the plate from my hands and setting it on the desk beside us.

"Nope," He said simply. I looked at him in slight confusion and he added to his statement. "You aren't moving from this room for a while." He said, nuzzling my neck affectionately.

"Kain-" I began but he quickly cut me off.

"Nope," He said again, holding me tighter. "I like having you this close to me." He skimmed his nose along my jaw line and nuzzled my cheek while stroking a hand down my spine. I couldn't help but let out a purr of pleasure, my tail flicked back and forth on the bedspread and my ears perked up. He pushed me back onto the bed and lay down next to me, propping his torso up on his elbow and his head on his hand. He moved his eyes across my torso in an approving gaze.

"I also like having my scent and clothing on you," He stated. "More proof you're mine." I raised an eyebrow at him.

"A little possessive are we?" I asked sarcastically. He grinned and leaned down to nuzzle my neck again, inhaling our combined scents.

"Damn straight," He murmured before biting down in a loving manor. I whimpered in pleasure.

"Kain," I said in a half plead. "Don't."

"Why?" He asked. "Is it because you think you enjoy it too much?" I flushed when he hit the mark dead center and he chuckled lightly before biting again, a teensy bit harder, once again causing a pleasured whine to escape me. He pulled me closer into his arms and continued to nibble and suck on my neck, drawing more moans and whimpers from my body as he left the skin wherever his lips touched sensitive to any sort of contact. Tingles of excitement shot through me and I whimpered again in want.

"Not yet," He said while stroking my sides. "Not until you're sure I won't leave you. I won't just take you as my mate if you still believe I'll abandon you." I whimpered again slightly but didn't make a move otherwise. He knew me too well, despite my being there only a few days. He could already read me like a book. I pulled his head down to mine and kissed him.

When he leaves, at the least I'd like to have good memories to hold onto while I'm waiting for death. I thought. And when he doesn't you'll have the rest of your life to enjoy this, enjoy him. My more optimistic side said. As much as I would love to think like that, my history would mean my inner pessimist was probably right.

Funny, I though after a moment. This time I just can't seem to care. I shrugged it off. Here in his arms it was easy not to doubt so bad, to the point where I just want to jump him and claim him as mine without worrying he'd leave. I wanted him to take me, make me officially his. I wanted to make marks on him to show the world he was mine.

So why don't you? Both sides asked together and a mischievous grin formed on my face as I snuggled closer, tracing the plains of his stomach with my fingertips, loving the way he fought a shudder at my light touches.

"Kain," I whispered, nuzzling his neck. "Who said I still had doubts?"

Kain POV:

"Who said I still had doubts?" Akemi asked in a seductive voice while nuzzling my neck, her fingertips tracing my abdomen. I fought back a shudder and the urge to take her, consequences and my own words from just a few minutes ago be damned.

"You did half an hour ago." I reasoned.

"Maybe you changed my mind," She replied. Her feather-light touches on my stomach going too low to be innocent. She tilted her head up and purred in my ear. "Maybe I want to pick up from where we left off before Aido interrupted us so I can finally be with my mate."

I couldn't fight the growl that escaped me as I pinned her shoulders to the bed. In an instant I was hovering over her with my legs on either side of her body and my hands beside her head. I leaned down and kissed her hungrily but didn't let my control slip.

"You still doubt me," I rasped in her ear. I saw it in her eyes, a tiny bit of her that was still unsure of herself and of us. I lifted my right hand and stroked it from the tip of her soft, furry ear and down her neck to trace the unbuttoned portion of my shirt and down the valley where it dipped to reveal more cleavage than I would allow anyone other than myself to see.

"Only when it's gone," I said firmly as I moved to kiss her again. I felt her moan beneath my lips and I used that opportunity to slide my tongue into her mouth to play with hers. It started a battle for dominance; I let it go on, amused by the playfulness, before taking over. I began unbuttoning the shirt, sliding it off her shoulders and looking at her bare torso with appreciation. "When every bit of doubt is gone, then I will."

I watched her squirm under my gaze with lustful yet embarrassed eyes. A blush formed on her cheeks as she went once again to cover her perfect chest. I growled and grabbed her arms, pinning them to the bed.

"That's the second time, Kitten," I said. "One more and you'll be punished." I released her arms and they shot to cover her very exposed self, blushing darker. I smirked, anticipating this response.

"Bad girl," I whispered as I reached to the chair where the unused tie from my uniform was. Despite rarely wearing it, it does have its uses. I wrapped it around her wrists quickly and pulled them above her head to tie her to the headboard. She whined and squirmed at this, I just smirked again, tracing the barely visible veins in the front of her neck; covered by tender, ivory skin with my finger.

"Kain!" She whined. Despite her protests I knew she didn't dislike it. I could smell the sweet cherry scent of her arousal pooling, between her thighs. I was glad; she knew that of the two of us I was dominant, and she didn't mind one bit.

I put my left hand back on the bed to hold me up; my right slowly started sliding to her shoulder, trailing down to cup her bare breast. She whimpered and writhed beneath me again in want. My own arousal was made harder by the softness of her skin against mine and her little whines.

"Kain," She said again, pleading this time. "Please!" I knew what she wanted but I continued to tease her anyway. I carefully moved; straddling her still but sitting back, making sure I didn't put my weight on her small frame. I cupped her other breast and began kneading them between my hands, her breathy whimpers becoming louder. I was glad I made sure to lock the door this time. No one would interrupt me playing with my little kitten. Not this time.

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