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Seth's POV

The only thing I remembered about La Push was the rain, the pouring torrents of water that only rarely let up to reveal the seemingly endless blanket of clouds.

I sighed as I leaned back in my seat, watching the rain that had been going on for almost three hours beat against the windows of my mom's car. The owner was currently inside, buying some snacks since there were no restaurants until Seattle. My mom loved food, which was surprising considering how skinny she was, and was forever eating something.

I ran my fingers through my black hair, wishing that the rain would let up so I could see the forests. I loved the woods, they were so dark and mysterious, but I hadn't seen anything but water, rain, and the occasional bug that flew into the windshield. I scanned the parking lot of the small store as the rain let up for a moment, revealing that my mom's car was the only one in the small space of concrete, unless, naturally, someone was hiding one in the woods that surrounded the building.

I reached down and began rummage through the snickers bars, used tissues, and fast food bags that littered the floor, looking for my iPod. Not finding it in the first ten seconds of looking, I decided that I would just watch the rainfall for the next few hours that it would take for my mom to make her selections.

As I rustled through the papers one last time, a picture suddenly emerged. In it, I lay sleeping in the arms of a massive man I knew only too well, his arms wrapped protectively about me and his face buried in my hair. A stab of pain went through me as I saw, written in the corner with whiteout, Emmett and Seth ;). The picture had been taken almost a month before today, the day that Emmett and told me that he was meant for me.

Love. So incredibly powerful. So beautiful, so terrible. Capable of giving joy and of giving pain. The greatest paradox in existence.

Moving the picture aside, I saw another lying underneath it, a picture of the Cullen's.

Before I continue, I should probably tell you about the Cullen's, what they are, what they do, and why I knew about them.

The Cullen's were vampires, but not just your average run-of-the-mill "vlah, I vant to suck you're blood" vampires, no, they were special. For one thing, they had skin like granite and had absolutely no heat source, meaning that they were as hot or cold as their surroundings. And they are perfect, beautiful, I mean, as a way of seducing their prey.

Carlisle, the oldest, was the leader of this sort of group for special vampires, ones with extra powers in addition to the usual indestructibility and immortality and being incredibly sexy. He ran it with Esme, his wife, and Emmett and Rosalie, his two adopted vampire children.

The four of them were fairly normal as far as vampires go, slightly different but all pretty much the same as any other vampire that glitters in the sun instead of vanishing in a poof of smoke and dust. It was the remaining vampires that were the most deadly and the most in need of help. Carlisle had trained many vampires, keeping them on a diet of animals instead of humans since it helped them find better control of their gifts.

At the time I had discovered them, there were only three members, Edward, a creepy mind reader who could somehow see past Rosalie's bitchy attitude enough to fall in love with her, and Jasper, who could feel and control people's emotions, and his mate, Alice, a vampire that could see the future and who was the smallest and most endearingly annoying of the group.

I ran my eyes over their faces, remembering when I had first met them.

The way I found out about them was this, Emmett, the biggest and strongest of the coven group thingy, didn't have a mate and was over two hundred years old, so he was allowed to pick an innocent human and bite them, changing them into a vampire that would stay with him forever.

Emmett picked me, for some reason. Though why, I couldn't even begin to fathom. I was normal, even plain, with my light brown skin and black hair that Alice, always fashion conscious about her friends, had insisted on cutting it into a sort of spiky disarray that made me look less like the geek I was, I guess. Not that I could see anything special about myself. I was just plain old Seth Ephraim Clearwater, local nerd and ex-boyfriend to a vampire that had almost raped him a couple of times during their make-out sessions. Nothing special.

Leaning back into my seat, I glanced, once more, over the area, only to freeze when I saw a very familiar, very large figure appeared on the edge of the woods to my right.

I sighed once more and unbuckled myself before opening the door.

I stepped out of the car in silence as the rain began to fall again, soaking me in an instant.

I glared down at his shoes, refusing to look at him.

"What do you want, Emmett?" I spat, trying to make my voice harsh and cruel and not finding any success.

"You know what I want, Seth, I want you to come back with me," His voice was gentle, but there was a tone in it that suggested that he was ordering me to come back.

I snorted, finally looking up into his face, so beautiful and perfect like I remembered it, he even had that line of whiskers that clung to his jaw line. His usually curly dark brown hair was wet and dripping, his clothes soaked, revealing his gigantic muscles underneath. One thing about Emmett that I didn't like was his size, I only came up to the middle of his chest and his biceps were bigger around than my leg. It made kissing him very uncomfortable when I had to stand on something or he had to bend down to get to my lips.

He looked hungry; his eyes pitch black against his icy white skin that I knew was harder than rock, both with pain and with need for blood. He had been starving himself, and this made me angry, furious that he should be starving himself for someone as worthless as me.

"So you're saying I should just abandon my mom and go live with you?" I snapped, clenching my fists in anger as his smell reached me, even stronger in the rain, making me want to just give in and throw myself into his arms like I had done so often.

There was silence between us, as there had been at every stop from my old town to here, always quiet because we both knew that was exactly what he meant.

When Emmett had found out that I was moving back to La Push, the one place they weren't allowed to go for some reason, he had gone crazy, practically destroying their house. Jasper had been paralyzed by the force of his pain and anger at being separated from me. I had tried to explain that since I wasn't changed, Emmett could just pick another mate. He had refused, and actually kidnapped me once, but Edward tracked us down. Since then, he had been under guard, forbidden to see me. After me and my mom left, though, Carlisle was forced to let him go, if only to try and convince me to come back willingly.

Since then he had come around every time we stopped, trying to convince me, even by threatening to kill my mom, but I wouldn't. I knew him too well, knew he was to loving and good-natured to hurt anyone, let alone someone as important to me as my mom.

But I had explained, I wasn't going to abandon my mom, no matter what.

"Seth," Emmett's deep voice was soft as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my body against his icy cold granite-like form, "Please, I'm begging you, come back with me. I need you."

I sighed, wishing that I could just give in to him like I wanted to. But I couldn't.

"I'm sorry, Emmett...but I can't. I'm all my mom has left."

There was silence as I turned and opened the car door, pausing long enough to say: "Stay away from me." The words stung as I began to climb back in, unshed tears burning my eyes.

Then, I felt a large, cold hand grab onto my arm and turn me around to where I was staring at his white t-shirt that showed his ripped body.

I stared straight ahead, until I felt his hand lift my chin to where I was looking up into his eyes.

"I know you don't mean that, pup," he said, his blue-eyed gaze soft as he looked lovingly at me, making me nearly cry when he used his nickname for me, "and even if you did mean it, I wouldn't listen, I'm too much of an ass and I'm not stupid enough to not try and get you back."

Finally, the dam broke and I flung my arms around him, sobbing into his chest as he pulled me against him.

"Why can't you come with me?" I sobbed, rubbing my face against his body, trying to absorb as much of his scent as I could.

"I told you babe, I can't tell you, it breaches the treaty and other shit like that," his voice was gentle as he ran his cold fingers across my neck, causing me to shiver.

Then it was silent except for my slowly dying sobs.

"Baby?" Emmett whispered, leaning down until his lips touched my ear.

"Hmm?" I half gasped, half sobbed as he nipped gently at my earlobe.
"Promise me that you won't forget me."

I laughed, though there was nothing funny about it. "How can I?" I whispered as I pressed my lips against his chest, "You're too much of an ass for me to forget."

Emmett chuckled, running his hand down to my ass and giving it a loving and possessive squeeze that made me gasp with pleasure.

"And," he continued, pulling away and looking down at me for a moment before leaning in until his lips were inches from mine, "And that you'll text me or call me every damn day or else I'm coming over there and dragging your tight little ass back home, no matter what the fucking treaty says."

Then he kissed me, his lips, soft unlike the rest of him, molding into mine in a way that was familiar and alien at the same time, his lips dominating mine almost instantly as he slid his hand up from my backside and sliding it into my jeans, gripping my bare ass in his freezing hands while he ground his massive erection into me, the tips of his fingers brushing my hole, making me moan into his mouth. Then, right when I needed air, he pulled away, only to run his lips along my cheek and kiss my neck, licking and sucking on the skin in way that I knew would give me a hickey, marking me for the last time until we met again in god knew how long.

Then, too soon he straightened, his look pained.

"You're mom's coming," he whispered, leaning back down and kissing my forehead, "and she'll probably want to know what your boyfriend is doing here when he's supposed to be in Mexico on vacation."

I didn't say anything, wanting to savor this moment.

Finally, he gave me one bruising kiss that took my breath away, then whispered, "If you ever need help, Seth, I'll know."

"How?" I whispered.

"It's just a certain...talent that I have."

Then he whispered, so low that I could barely hear him, "I love you Pup, never forget that."

And then he was gone.

I felt the tears come back into my eyes and turned, getting back into the car as my mom exited the store, walking back over to the car.

I had gotten myself into this, by staying with my mom instead of staying with my boyfriend and his supernatural family, so I would try to keep my spirits up until I saw him again.

Plus, it wasn't like something bad would happen to me in La Push...


Sam's POV

The pack was horny.

Not that this was unusual, we were always struggling with our hormones, but it had never been this intense.

A girl walked down the street with a notebook in hand, her brown hair pulled up into a bun and thick nerd glasses, her pale skin showing up against her dark blue sweater that showed the outline of her breasts, soft and round.

With a whimper, Embry collapsed to his knees as the thought struck him, phased, and grabbed hold of his cock, rubbing it hard to try and get relief from the intense needs that were wracking our bodies.

At the mental image of a girl with just the barest hint of cleavage, I felt my cock swell, aching for pleasure. It was insane, no, it was driving us insane. We needed to get rid of whatever was happening to us that made us. So. Damn. Horny!

It wasn't like we could just get laid, Paul had tried that after the first urge for pleasure had come around, and he had ended up in the bathroom puking his guts out. He had said he couldn't explain it, but having sex felt wrong, like he was betraying something or someone, and he made himself sick.

We had all tried it, but nothing worked, we all felt sick afterward and hornier than ever. And the killer part was that it wasn't just the image of a naked woman or watching porn or something like that gave us boners that never seemed to go away, it was little things like a girl with a conservative polo on that just barely showed her breasts and we need to run for the woods to take care of business.

I had had the pack members still in school pulled out since there were just too many girls for them to just ignore them. When they did, the boner kicked in and they would have to go to the bathroom. Jared had actually tried to jerk off in class when the girl next to him had brushed her leg against his. He had almost gotten away with it, except when he came; it was all over the girl's leg.

I phased and collapsed to my knees, listening to the sounds of moans coming from all around me.

"Thanks a bunch, Embry," Jacob panted from behind me, the sound of his cock slapping against his thighs revealing that he, like me, needed relief, "the rest of us saw that."

I glanced around me as I gripped my own cock and began to pump furiously, trying to rid myself of the ache in my balls, the need to cum. Sure enough, all around me were the pack members, all in different positions but all doing the same thing, pumping their cocks like their sanity depended on it. Which it did, since it was like ignoring an itch right next to where your hand is, it drives you crazy knowing how hard it is not to just get rid of it.

"Sorry," I heard him groan as I collapsed onto my back, completely naked, just trying to finish myself so I could try to get a patrol done. If I had been gay and happened across us, I probably would've thought that I had died and gone to heaven, seeing six very large and sexy naked men, jerking their extremely large cocks and moaning like they were filming a porno.

All I could say was thank god there hasn't been any vampires around, or they could have killed us while we pleasured ourselves.

With a final groan, I came, a moment of relief filling me as the "itch" as we'd come to call it, was satisfied. Then, like always, it came back, not as strong, but still there at the back of my mind, waiting for me to think of anything remotely sexual so it could spring to life again.

"I can't take it!" screamed Quil as he suddenly flung himself at Embry as he lay on his stomach, just barely recovering from his orgasm, flipping the younger male over and shoving his cock into his ass.

Embry groaned as Quil began to pound him furiously, his back coated with the dirt that had stuck to his back, the younger male arcing his back submissively to Quil's furious ravishing of his body.

We all stared, frozen, unable to look away as Quil grabbed Embry and flipped him onto his side before collapsing next to him and continuing to pound him, lifting the younger male's leg up for better access.

I watched in shock as Quil increased his pace, ramming into Embry a jackhammer, groaning out how tight Embry was as the latter screamed out in pleasure and pain until he came, causing Quil to shoot his load into Embry's ass.

They lay there panting while we all tried to look away but couldn't. Suddenly Quil sat up, looking around down at his pack brother in horror.

"O-Oh my god," He shouted, looking like he had just seen his best friend raped, which he kind of was, "Embry, I am so-" Embry shook his head, cutting his brother off.

"It's okay," he croaked, looking like he was still in pain, "the itch is gone."

We all stared in shock.

"It's gone?" whispered Paul, looking like someone who had just been told the world was square.

Embry nodded and sat up, looking more excited but still in pain.

"I think," he whispered, touching the bruises Quil had given him gingerly, "That having sex with another werewolf helps."

There was silence. Then Paul said, "There is no way I'm having sex with another guy."

Unfortunately, he was proved wrong as, at the word "sex," the boners returned, causing Paul to sigh in defeat and walk over to Jared who was already using his fingers to stretch himself somewhat. This just went to show how desperate we were for relief.

I tried to clear my head, trying to think of some form of dealing with this outside of having sex with my pack mates. The dilemma was solved when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Opening my eyes, I looked over and saw Jake, looking embarrassed.

"Sam," he said, his voice awkward, "I'm not a virgin so you can be top."

I looked down at him, then at my boner, and sighed before gesturing for Jacob to get onto his knees.

"Who'd you lose it to?" I asked to distract him as I got down on my knees behind him.

"Jared, it was after he phased and he wanted experiment and we kinda lost control."

I almost laughed at the image of Jake before he became a werewolf, a tiny little kid being taken by Jared, a massive guy. It was just funny because Jake was supposed to be alpha, but he had let me continue being temporary leader until he felt himself ready to shoulder the responsibility.

I had never done this before, being with a guy I mean, but I decided to just follow my instincts and positioned my cock at his entrance.

"Tell me, Jake, how old are you?" I asked, trying to distract him.

"You already know that, I'm eighteen-"

With that, I thrust myself fully into him, groaned at the surprising relief that came inside of Jacob, who was moaning and stroking himself as I moved slowly, trying to get him to adjust. To my surprise, I was enjoying myself immensely. Jake was hot and tight and soft all at the same time, a combination that was like a massage to my dick, rubbing away the itch that had been clouding my mind.

"Harder, Sam," he gasped, moving his hips against my thrusts, "Make me scream."

Instinct was starting to kick in, my animal making me move faster, ramming into a spot that I could only guess was Jake's prostrate.

"So...damn...tight," I gasped as I began to move faster, loving the feeling of dominating the young alpha.

"You're so...big," Jacob gasped, rubbing his cock faster and moving his hips against me, trying to match my thrusts, his hole tightening around me.

Then, the welcome feeling of release came towards me, making every muscle in my body tighten.

"I'm..." I gasped, unable to finish my sentence.

"Me too," Jacob whispered, his hole tightening like a vice around me as he began to hit his orgasm.

Finally, we both howled and came, Jake first, me a few seconds later, my cum burying itself into his body.

I pulled out of him and collapsed beside him as he rolled himself onto his back, both of us enjoying the freedom from sexual tension.

Then it was silent, Quil and Embry had left at some point and Jared and Paul had finished just a few minutes before.

After we had caught our breath, I heard Paul say, "How long to think this will last before we need to do it again?"

I sighed.

I didn't know why it was only relieved by having sex with a pack member but...

"I'd be willing to do it again," Jacob murmured next to me, finishing the thought.

I winced as I realized I agreed with him, I'd be okay with taking Jake's ass again.

And that meant that the pack was screwed.

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