D: Disclaimed

Epilogue: 20 Years Later

Seth' POV

Forks Washington. It was once before I came here to visit ever since my life had changed. It was about a year after I had left when I joined the Cullens I decided I would go through the change. It was the only safe thing to do since my life was put in danger more than once. Those who knew that I was the only human that lived with the vampires threatened my life. Carlisle offered the pack to come here to Volterra to protect me, but I refused and told them I was ready.

The change wasn't something I'd like to remember. The pain was agonizing, and I don't think I could put Emmett through that once again. He felt horrible that he put me through it, and I did feel guilty for asking him to be the one to change me. But because of it, our bond had become stronger. The week of my change was a challenge, but after I had awakened from it, my senses heightened and my body felt a lot different. The thirst for blood was there, but not as strong as I thought it would be.

It came to Carlilse and the other's surprise that I had already adjusted my diet to theirs. Carlisle's theory was because I had been a shape shifter before, that it could have steered my morals to feed off of animals rather than any human came near. But that didn't mean we tested my strengths a lot. I refused to visit my mother until I was sure I wouldn't end up hurting her. It took me ten years to go through with it before I had made my return to La Push.

As promised, my welcome was permitted as I arrived at my mothers with Emmett by my side. I didn't know how to react as I watched my mother change over the years. She had aged, but still looked young and beautiful. It really wasn't much of a change to be honest. Neither had the pack. Sam eventually ended up with Emily and still remained a part of the pack, but now ranked as their beta as Jacob stepped up his alpha role.

Jacob stayed more focused on the pack, as now two of them had found their imprints. I had no clue of what an imprint was until they explained that they were lifetime mates for those who first laid on eyes on them. Quil imprinted on a girl named Elizabeth while Embry found his imprint in a girl named Bonnie. Then there were Paul, still a player from what I had been told, and two newcomers known as Brady and Collin.

With my quick stop, they hosted a celebration for my return and thanked me properly for my heroism. According to them, I was in their book of legends. The wolf who fell in love with a cold one, and saved us from the demons.

Today though, I wasn't so sure if that welcome still stood. I was nervous to see how everyone was. If my mom still looked the same. If life at La Push had changed much. If the pack was still active and still holding on strong? Who stopped phasing?

"Are you ready?" Emmett approached me from behind, his hands resting on my waist as he kissed my cheek from behind. I nodded and grabbed his hand as we made our way back to the reserve.

It was only us this time that returned. After leaving Volterra and starting our own lives together, we only returned to Italy once a year to pay our visits. Emmett had surprised me the day I agreed to marry him. With the small ceremony, and a promise to my mom that I would bring pictures to show her, we began our lives together. We travelled to Rio where Emmett had brought me to a private island he named after me next to the one Carlisle bought for his wife called Isle Esme.

We've been living at the Isle of Seth for the past eight years now, and to return here was a bit foreign. The house here didn't feel like home, just a getaway that I had hoped for. I knew I hadn't much time left with my mother, and I wanted to return before she left this earth. Now seemed to be the best time.

As we drove down the highway to La Push, I had noticed that there were more houses on the built on the side of the road as well as more businesses that opened. Mom's diner still stood and was now being run by Emily and Sam ever since my mother decided to retire last year. It made me wonder how my mom kept herself occupied during her free time. I'm sure that her new husband was keeping her company as I hoped he would take care of her. I hadn't mentioned that she found love in a man named Lyle.

He knew of the legends and soon found out about me. Ever since then, through the letters, mom told me that he looked forward to meeting me.

By the time we had arrived at the reservation, it brought a smile to my face to realize that the place had grown since I left. Houses were built further down and some on the hills behind my mom's.

No one seemed to notice our arrival, as everyone seemed to gather at my mom's house. I knew she would make a big deal about it and tell everyone I was coming. It was so like them to be throwing another celebration. I couldn't be upset with her though, as long as Emmett was here to enjoy it with me, I was okay with it.

The house had been renovated, cars parked in the driveways and all up and down the street. The night was almost settling in as I could see the lanterns being lit around the trees in the yard. Children could be heard running around and laughing, voices I had recognized were now becoming noticeable as I knocked on the front door. I couldn't help but smile as I was sure I could hear some of the children whisper to each other that it was 'The Wolf Pack Hero.' Something new to Emmett and I.

Of course my mother answered the door with a big smile as she practically hopped into my arms and wrapped hers around my neck, placing kisses all over my cheek. She began to tear as she muttered to herself that her baby was home once again. Just as I thought, age had finally caught up her. Her hair was salt-and-peppered; her face bore few wrinkles next to the crow's feet near her eyes. Her posture had even slowed down. She even reached to hug Emmett as she escorted us both in to introduce us to everyone we hadn't known, and there had been a lot of them to say the least.

Of course the food covered the table in all sorts, drinks were on the kitchen counter with people crowded everywhere we walked. I found it strange how everyone insisted on shaking my hand and bowing in respects, something I could never adjust to.

The familiar faces came as I followed my mother to the back yard. One I had seen in the pictures: Lyle, my mother's husband. He rather than shook our hand, gave us a hug and welcomed us back. I could tell the man was kind and took care of my mother as I hoped. It was kind of him to call me his son, even though I wasn't sure of it, I shrugged it off as I noticed the rest of the pack were here.

Sam held onto Emily as he approached me for a hug. They were now married and introduced us to two of their children that had been running around the yard with several of the others. Jacob wasn't far behind with a younger woman attached to his grasp. I was surprised when he told me he fell in love with her when she moved here not long after my last visit. They were already married with one son. She went by the name of Erica.

Quil and Embry stopped phasing a few years ago and moved away with their imprints to start their families. They hardly came home according to Jacob. Paul was the one who surprised me by settling down with someone I least expected. Brady.

Apparently Paul's actions made the teen jealous, and if it wasn't for Brady who threatened to leave the pack and move away to college, Paul wouldn't have manned up and asked Brady out. They've been dating for a few years now.

It was sad to hear that Billy's disease claimed his life as well as few of the other council members had passed along the years. It was to be expected, and I knew that eventually life as it seems, everyone I know here would soon leave this world too.

With the last visit, I said goodbye to my mom and the rest of the pack. I hadn't promised another visit soon, and I informed them that I wasn't sure if they would ever see me again. I may have been selfish, but I didn't want to continue living on and watching my family leave me before my eyes. I needed to break the connection and hopefully keep it in my head that everyone was waiting for me to one-day return back here.

As the years passed, Emmett and I had moved around to explore once again. Carlisle and Esme stood down from the leadership roles and handed it to the Denali coven and the Egyptian coven in order to move back to Forks.

We hadn't planned to until I received a letter from Jacob and the rest of the pack to return home for the last time. They had already been considered grandparents, and they wanted to have me close by when their last days would come. I only agreed because I did have regrets for not saying goodbye to my mother when she passed more than ten years before than.

The day we returned back to Forks, we returned to the manor with each family member. For the first time in years, we were all under the same roof. Edward and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, and Carlisle and Esme.

The promise we had made to the pack before they all passed was that we would remain here so that their future generations could phase and carry on their legacies just as they hoped. I found it to be quite the coincidence as I returned one day to see a pack of six wolves, all looking just like the same one as I first moved here.

I could have sworn that Sam, Jacob, Paul, Embry, Quil and Jared had returned in the form of their great great grandchildren. Each replicated their grandfathers almost on point. It was then I was sure that everything had come full circle, and maybe one day. Emmett and I would decide to join those who left us behind because there was one thing we knew for sure. If we had chosen to end our lives here, we would definitely find each other if we were ever to return.

But that would be another story.

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